Should all locks have keys? Phones, Castles, Encryption, and You.

Should all locks have keys? Phones, Castles, Encryption, and You.

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20 Responses

  1. Abdullah NF says:

    My password consist of several upper and lower case letters, numbers, and
    symbols such as the “@” and the “#”. It would take the bots way much longer
    to find the right combination.

  2. Michael Scott says:

    +CGPGrey fantastic video

  3. Cassie Elizabeth says:

    “420 Paper St” nice

  4. 1stgamerx says:

    Am I correct in thinking that grey believes encryptions are “unbreakable”?
    because I don’t think that’s entirely true.

  5. Crypto says:

    crypto wars

  6. Team Sesh says:

    Fucking cuck

  7. Edward Cortez says:

    Because Black Locks Matter.

  8. 00rphb says:

    such a backdoor key is evil, pure and simple. It is a violation that makes
    the encryption pointless, (as it is not really encrypted) and wont stop a
    real terrorist, as real terrorist will write their own encryptions anyway,
    meaning that the digital back door can only be used for violating citizens

    Now imagine the scenario with the man with the bomb, just instead of him
    being dead and he having the code on the phone, he is alive and have the
    code in his mind, is it okay to torture him to get him to talk?
    The answer of course is NO.
    There is no truly bad end, everyone wants something that is good, it is
    metaphysically impossible not to want what is good, it is however all to
    easily to use an evil means for an allegedly good end; and because all ends
    are inherently good, we can ignore them completely and focus only on the

  9. Alex Stelmaszczyk says:


  10. firewar28 says:

    10/10 zoolander refrence.

  11. Shlomo Shekelburgistien says:

    Grey, that ages of civilization chart looks like it could make an
    interesting video

  12. Francosteiner says:

    Its soooo seldom I thumb up a video – but here you go… “Angels can, but
    demons cannot….”

  13. Luigi95LT says:

    Great video! See you next year!

  14. JTCGiantz56 says:

    Use two factor authentication kids

  15. stinknus says:

    16 digit password randomly generated, long enough that brute forcing it
    would take forever, short enough that if I had to manually put it in I
    wouldn’t be overbearing. Password managers sound like a godsend but its
    fatal flaw is still the keylogger. One password to rule them all, means
    they only need one password to get the rest. So if you are really worried
    about that then two factor verification is for you. So even if you were
    unlucky enough to get keylogged by malware, They still can’t get in.

  16. David Smith 6510 says:

    If locks on doors “stop worries not burglars” perhaps CGP Grey would care
    to explain why burglars typically choose to come in by breaking a window,
    not by attempting to break doors or locks? Windows often don’t have any
    substantial locking mechanism.

    I don’t think Grey would make much of a living as a burglar.

  17. Cecil Henry says:

    What an absurdity. And a bow to state tyranny. YES locks should have keys
    that do not open. YEs people must have their freedom and privacy
    unadulterated EVEN if that means some lock is unbreakable.

    The human soul is sacred. What an unabashed worship of state power this
    video is.

  18. Teh Sweggy Koopa says:

    1:48 420 Paper Street.
    ‘Nuff Said.

  19. craigcaski says:

    Factorio @ 3:53!

  20. StrawB0ss says:

    Seraphim have six wings.