Should I Have a Baby?

Should I Have a Baby?

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When you think about it, it is very weird that most people get the choice of whether or not to create another another human being, but I’m very happy we live in a world where we do (mostly) get to make that choice. And, frankly, I’m not super good at decisions. Katherine and I can’t decide where to go for dinner most nights, let alone whether we want to un-alterably change our lives forever.

But now that I’ve been a parent for BASICALLY NO TIME AT ALL but while I’m still a little bit capable of remembering what my life was like before I was a dad…I just wanted to share some thoughts.

— Hank

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20 Responses

  1. Muh Indi says:

    People with high IQ like you should make more babies for the futur of humankind

  2. Scott Korin says:

    Kinda late to ask this question, Hank.

  3. Keeping In Touch says:

    So hank wants me to send him 378 olives is what I’m getting from this

  4. Just a lonely blobfish says:

    It’s your decision mate.

  5. Kate H says:

    I have always known that I do not want to be a parent. I truly hate people telling me I’ll change my mind, I’m 38 I am not going to change my mind.

  6. Hamza Azeem says:

    We need more people like you and John.

  7. emsmorningglory says:

    My first thought when I was the tile was “It’s a bit late to start asking yourself that question, Hank.”

  8. Meggan Grist says:

    this was the single most adoreable Hank video ever.

  9. Jayson Mcleod says:

    As a Canadian I love how universal the topics in vlogbrothers is. So much on YouTube is UScentric because most of the youtubers I watch happened to be from there and to be honest I don’t really care that your country is falling apart. It’s one of the reasons I find I am watching john Oliver less. I think he’s funny, but I don’t care about American politics. You know other than the impending world destruction

  10. Pearl Alex says:

    “Caring so much it hurts”
    *looks towards mom and dad*
    really? me? but i’m.. a shit head

  11. Heather Hardy says:

    I think it should be noted that obviously wanting a kid is not always enough. There are financial and social burdens that play into the decision for actually making a baby. These things, I feel, should always be said: “Don’t have a baby unless you are more than mentally ready”

    This doesn’t even get into infertility, which is what I have. Those added stressed make these kinds of videos extra hard. Regardless, I’m happy some people get to feel that joy. Even if I do not.

  12. Brooke Henry says:

    This was adorable. The singing ?

  13. Jillian Howell says:

    I personally do not want to have kids, and being a woman I’m always looked down on because of this. It’s very frustrating that people think that it’s fine when men don’t want to have kids, but that it is a woman’s job on earth to produce a child and that if you don’t want one, you don’t have any potential. It is a personal decision, I firs off have a lot of health issues that I don’t want to pass down to a child and will also become insanely more complicated once I put my body through a pregnancy. Also, I love the spontaneity of my life and the fact that if I wanted to I could just pick everything up one day and go somewhere else and with a child, you can’t do that. Thirdly, I have personally watched my parents loose 2 of their 4 kids prematurely and it is something I never, ever want to go through.

  14. Wolfgang Kenshin says:

    ADOPT! So many kids without parents…

  15. WheezyWaiter says:


  16. Its_ Me says:

    Crash course: Parenting

    I’d watch it!

  17. CAl3vara says:

    So I think it’s important to also point out Hank that while many people experience that super joy “this is awesome” love you are feeling right now, not everyone does right away. Postpartum depression exists for both parents and for parents that don’t immediately fall head over heels in love with their child, they can feel broken and horrified at their own reactions because everyone is supposed to have this magical baby experience.

    Having children is not cookie cutter for everyone and that’s the real magic of parenting. It’s not a recipe you follow to make good grown ups, it’s being tossed out of an airplane with a hang glider in the middle of a hurricane and finding the right current that gets you to land.

  18. ajsommer1 says:

    I got a vasectomy at 22, and one of the big reasons I don’t want kids is one I figured Hank would share, so I was surprised he chose to have a kid, and I’m sad he didn’t address it. There are so many things I want to do in my life that I simply can’t do them in one lifetime, and a child would make it even harder to do those things. Hank seems to be the type who also likes to do lots of different things, and having a child must get in the way of doing them. Surely over time there will be projects he wants to do that he can’t because he has to take care of the kid(s).

    I understand why parents don’t want to talk that way, since it can very easily come off as hating their kid (which is false, you can love them and still wish you had more time to do things), but the vlogbrothers seem to be pretty honest about their opinions. I suspect that the child represents a new project, and he just hasn’t run into this issue yet. I’d be interested to see if it does in the next 5 years or so.

  19. groovypullet says:

    as a Brit whose definition of biscuit is different from yours, I now imagine Orin as being very flat and crunchy with both eyes on one side. or maybe the edge?

  20. Naouta says:

    In the words of my neighbor when his son brought it up.

    “If you have to ask, then no.”

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