Should Lakers sign Carmelo Anthony or Markieff Morris? | The Jump

Should Lakers sign Carmelo Anthony or Markieff Morris? | The Jump

Brian Windhorst, Scottie Pippen and Rachel Nichols of The Jump debate whether the Lakers should try and add Carmelo Anthony or Markieff Morris, if the Boston Celtics are the favorite to land Anthony Davis and what was the better trade: Nikola Mirotic to the Milwaukee Bucks or Marc Gasol to the Toronto Raptors.

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99 Responses

  1. J. R. Smith says:


  2. Nolay Austin says:


  3. Savanna Henry says:

    Morris no questions asked

  4. Peter says:

    Melo if you want to sell tickets.
    Morris if you think he can be part of your future.

    • pedro gates says:

      Miguel Jones wouldn’t say he’s useless but in this case I’d take Morris , melo should be in Miami or with the spurs in opinion somewhere where they just need him on the floor to score for 15-25 mins a game

    • El Fuego says:

      pedro gates melo not spurs type of player ??TFOH

    • Azbayar. Z says:

      Its all about Playoff rotation. Melo? sure he can score but on what price? Morris is great role player who could help lakers in my opinion.

    • Joshua Washington says:

      I would so prefer melo cause he was a franchise player in this league defensive liability or not Morris has never been the guy on a team. You guy judge melo because he didn’t do well with the knicks which is a bad organization from the start, the thunder where he was the third option and the team that even kd felt he could never win with, and Houston where he was coming off the bench trying 2 learn the team and even after he left they still continued to struggle for a bit. If there is anyone who can restore melo’s reputation it is lebron cause we seen him play with far worst than melo

    • Joshua Washington says:

      Also u don’t get rid of zubac if your just looking for a decent player cause if I had 2 pick I would take zubac and his upside over Morris any day

  5. Miguel Ramos says:

    Pippen’s voice sounds like he’s talking infront of a fan ?

  6. 10 says:

    Morris! Melo is like a 1984 Dodge Caravan; old, slow and bad on the eyes.

  7. Vu Truong says:

    The only LA team Melo belongs to is the Sparks.

  8. Robert G says:

    I’m still a Melo believer, but got dammit if he went to the Lakers and F’d up….. his legacy would take the final nail in the coffin. On the other hand, I think LA signing him would be his last chance at a potential ring lol. That would be great to see.

  9. KingNat says:

    Lol lakers planning on getting the wrong Anthony

  10. Uli Peterson says:

    Morris of course.
    The Lakers dont need another ball dominant player on their team.
    Melo should sign with the Blazers.

    • Roc Avarice says:

      +Colby Garnett First off, I didn’t insult you. Second, all you gave me was a bunch of hypotheticals and maybes.

    • Roc Avarice says:

      +Adrian Mora Ok then, just say that you don’t want him because your salty. Not because he would make your team worse.

    • Colby Garnett says:

      Roc Avarice these aren’t hypotheticals. He WILL either take minutes from Rodney, Layman or Harkless, and he WILL be a locker room/ chemistry issue because he has already voiced he wants to be a starter, and he wouldn’t start on the blazers

    • Roc Avarice says:

      +Colby Garnett Ok I see. I wasn’t aware that you had other players with potential to turn y’all into contenders…the Blazers are right there on the cusp of being one, I just think you guys have to take some chances because if not you might lose Dame or CJ if you don’t make THEM happy and then have to go into rebuild mode because you are a small market team.

    • Manzy Young says:

      Sign melo….. you have 3 potential playmakers in rondo, lonzo and lebron … melo can do wht he does in scoring…..

  11. DJ GOTT says:

    Wow so much disrespect to Carmelo 2014 he scored 62 points for new York .. now he can’t get a roster spot !! Crazy !!

  12. Wally says:

    her necklace was shining like a mf

  13. James Taylor says:

    This AD shit going to go on for a min and we all going to be tired of it! Yea we know Celtics can make the best offer but if he’s telling Celtics he won’t sign they won’t give up much up for AD.

  14. MrRay says:

    The Bucks have the league’s best record, possibly the mvp in Gianns, a max salary spot open for the summer. But all you wanna talk about is a 10th place team in the western conference smh.

    • DracariaEntertainment says:

      +MrRay yes im a subscriber. Im not stupid enough to live in trump land so i dont get espn on tv. So i subscribe to espn here on youtube. As well as FTF and SFY and S&S and Cowherd. If thats funny to you then cool. Have a goodnight bro. Im going to get some dinner

    • old Detroit89 says:

      DracariaEntertainment yeah people just like the narrative of no ones talking about this or that team at the end of the day its Milwaukee bro it’s only so much you can say , Lebron controlled the media in CLEVELAND! what did you expect when he went to LA lol

    • joe magwood says:

      ESPN been talking about the Lebron & the Lakers all year they upset they didn’t get AD

    • Josh says:

      Bruh have you been to Wisconsin? NOBODY going there son

    • Hazel Dela Cuesta says:

      u guys who love other teams should just accept the fact that lebron is in another level of being superstar ane more are interested on what is happeninh with the king. u just have to deal with it. u alwayd have a choice not watch or listen

  15. J T says:

    Who gives a flying f about the Lakers. TALK ABOUT OTHER TEAMS

    • Carlos Henao says:

      Death Rider Boyz lol what in the world are you even talking about? And loosing? What are we talking about your vagina or something its “losing.” Relax buddy and have a good day no need to get worked up over LA.

    • Death Rider Boyz says:

      +Carlos Henao Carly, I’m talking about the disgrace – which is the city of Los Angeles. A modern day child sex abuse capital of the world. What are you talking about? When la is gone, like Rome in medieval times – we will not mourn you degenerates. You will go in history, like ? down the sewer drain. Bye Felicia

    • StopbeingabitchAndcomeon Stopbeingabitchandcomone says:

      J T someone’s mad ????

    • Wutterya Dewin says:

      The other teams are stale and boring

    • yeeluvspizza says:

      Yeah, let’s talk about the Hornets! The Hawks! JT is one dumb ass.

  16. Deadass Facts says:

    My baby Rachel emotional asf today???

  17. ThisIsRiseTV says:

    Morris over melo… who is writing this joke? Bunch of nerds

  18. Young YALL' A says:

    Rachel Nichols is very annoying after a while

    • Jesse Parsh says:

      krlm2280 not sure what you were watching.

    • Jesse Parsh says:

      You must just hate women because she does fine.

    • deepak prabhakar says:

      She was the reason BEADLE was pushed out of SPORTS NATION. Can’t stand her long opening essays and soliloquies. She will not be removed from the broadcast, or asked to change owing to the following reasons facts:

      1. Rachel NICHOLS is married to MAX NICHOLS – son of the late great Hollywood Actor / Oscar Winning Director MIKE NICHOLS.

      2. She is the Daughter-in-law of Diane Sawyer who served as writer and assistant to President NIXON’s WH PRESS SECRETARY during WATERGATE SCANDAL and further had long been suspected as DEEP THROAT. After all that nonsense she moved to ABC (American Broadcasting Company) in 1989. Since then holding a good deal of sway in the decision making end of things.

      3. Both ABC and ESPN are owned by the same corporation THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY. The sole reason why NBA PRIME TIME Games are played across both networks as Affiliates. The Jump is commissioned under ABC but run on ESPN.

    • iiam_ RomieRome says:

      She just be doing wayyyyy tooooo much like settle down an just talk sports less gimmicks

    • James Chappell says:

      ya shes annoying as hell

  19. Lorenzo Jones says:

    I get that feeling that Rachel & Brian don’t like each other

  20. james taylor says:

    Y is Rachel going off on Brian lol ?

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