The SIDEMEN take on WINTER OLYMPICS #SidemenSunday

Sidemen Clothing:

Huge thanks to SFG Club, QUEENS • skate • dine • bowl and MEATliquor! Check them out here:


● Miniminter:
● Zerkaa:
● Behzinga:
● Vikkstar123:
● Wroetoshaw:
● KSI:

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67 Responses

  1. Danny Envy says:

    Do a Sidemen strictly come dancing lmao.. Ethan and JJ as a couple 😉

  2. Big Geezer says:

    This is Jeff he’s 0 years old let’s see how old we can get him to

  3. Faith B7 says:

    All we want for Christmas is a full 7 sidemen video playing either gta, prop Hunt, or pro clubs.

  4. Ameen says:

    I thought it’s a Sidemen leaving sidemen house video

  5. Ethan Lloyd says:

    Why does jj brush behind The curling ball as if it was doing anything

  6. Kelvin Swag says:

    I like how JJ was using the broom behind the curl

  7. francis delaney says:

    jj´s logic to sweep behind the curl hahaha, I can’t

  8. Danco13 says:

    I will never understand why jj was sweeping behind the stone and not in front

  9. IEatClouds says:

    I died when vik struggled to pick up the puck

  10. Annа I МАSTURBÃTЕ WАTСН VIDЕ0! says:

    ?his channel but I really would like to see?

  11. zervinio says:

    *i like how jj does the thing on the opposite direction*

  12. Grace Harte says:

    “He’s fat so I’m gonna go with Tobi,” funniest thing ever

  13. Mikkel Andersen says:

    Did any notice how JJ was using the broom behind the curl

    IM DEAD!!!

  14. Chatziafi0nis says:

    9:00 i mean its not the house vs the rest anymore

  15. SpoonHead Gaming says:

    5:13 Ethan in the background lmao he is getting 0 attention

  16. Matty Killick says:

    “Don’t Try This At Home” – Ye Vikk we all have an ice rink and curling sticks at home

  17. Adiictxd says:

    I’m so confused throughout the whole video

  18. KillerPlays Fortz says:

    Harry to ethan:go back
    Ethan:pick me
    Harry:na your still fat ????

  19. Kondrax T says:

    3:35 vik needs to lift more

  20. Julia I МАSTURBÃТЕ WАTСН VIDЕ0! says:

    ? I feel sorry for Ethan. Press F to pay respects for Behz??

    • ShOok Shishter says:

      Julia I МАSTURBÃТЕ WАTСН VIDЕ0! Thot, I see what your doing making appropriate comments to not get banned

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