Simone Biles Stuns With New Triple Double on Floor | Champions Series Presented By Xfinity

Simone Biles Stuns With New Triple Double on Floor | Champions Series Presented By Xfinity

Simone Biles is the first woman in history to land a triple double on her floor routine at the 2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championships in Kansas City, Mo. part of the Team USA Champions Series presented by Xfinity.

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63 Responses

  1. blueberry smasher says:

    Like Simone said, US Gymastics need to do their job. She did her triple double part. Now their turn.

  2. Mrs Felix says:

    Simone Biles never disappoints?

  3. Fidel Palacios says:

    She’s unstoppable. Also, I love that she doesn’t do a double pike lol

    • Prison Mike TM says:

      @Erica Quint overdone. people do it because it’s relatively easy for its point value, and one of the simpler skills to do to meet composition requirements 🙂

    • Jo Momma says:

      @Prison Mike TM they dont do it because its easy, they do it because they cant do anything harder

    • Prison Mike TM says:

      @Jo Momma isn’t that…. basically the same thing ? they’re typically done at the end of the exercise where the gymnast wont have as much energy

    • Jo Momma says:

      @Prison Mike TM of course its not the same thing. Youll see a lot of gymnasts do a silivas and/or a double layout in their floor routine and that’s most of their difficulty. Usually even you see them only do a doubke layout, you could expect to see a double pike because there isnt a huge selection of E value skills to choose from. Also if the gymnast does both the silivas and the double layout, a double pike is a very safe way to end a routine

    • Mutingun Amun says:

      Double pike is nit her league

  4. Jennifer says:

    “Someone give this girl a crown” – Nastia LMAO! I agreeee!!!

  5. Jonas Jonsson says:

    Now the double double looks so ordinary lol…she just casually ran into her last pass ?

    • Cory Stajduhar says:

      After being able to do a triple double, a double double must seem basic.

    • Venessa Purefoy says:

      Cory Stajduhar she said the first time she tried to do a double double she accidentally did a triple double instead. She’s been able to do it since 2014.

  6. kirstie b says:

    i love how nastia is always absolutely blown away by Simone

  7. Trang Nguyen says:

    waiting for the day when simone competes a routine with all of the passes named after her that would be so sick

  8. Sao Pooh says:

    She makes it look like everyone should be able to do it – “…Don’t need the car this time. Think I’ll just do some tripple doubles down to 7/11 – Be back in a few minutes…”

  9. Minnesota Bound says:

    The hype from that male announcer is just great! “Keep making HISTORY, Simone Biles!” YES!

  10. delta2j king says:

    Don’t know a bit, nothing about this sport but I sure can tell greatness when I see it.

  11. agp9844 says:

    congratulations to the best ever gymnast in the world. I was and am still in awe of what we watched last night

  12. Scott Shaffner says:

    Power and poise incarnate… “enough medals, somebody give this girl a Crown!”. Indeed

  13. Linda Simms says:

    I just did a triple “Well, Damn, DAmn, DAMN!!!!

  14. helsinki says:

    I guess Simone was listening to Ice Cube’s ‘It Was A Good Day’ before she did this routine.

  15. Alexandra Simone says:

    She looks so healthy and happy with herself as she should be! Smiling at my phone through this whole rputine

  16. Alexis LaRock says:

    Still sad as what Larry Nassar did to these powerful women.

  17. D D says:

    I suspect gymnastics schools will see a huge surge in new students. Such an inspiration and especially for young black girls. Go Simone!

  18. Anthony Everett says:

    When corner mats get brought out in Simone’s routine, you know some bad-ass stuff is about to go down.

  19. YahudahThe LionKing says:

    “Simone has enough gold medals, give her a crown”, lol! I’m with that. ????✊?✌??❤️?

  20. Kelly Baitinger says:

    The triple double is at 0:20 for any of you non-gymnasticsy people.

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