I decided to upload this video even though there were a million bumps in the road!
My spray tan is a disaster, my setting spray destroyed my face, my hair is looking terrible! hahaha! but what can I say, this is life! Shit happens! I hope you enjoy!

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39 Responses

  1. Chelsea Gallagher says:

    Didn’t realise how much I missed your tutorials till watching this, you’re doing great girl💖

  2. Victoria Lowman says:

    Honestly, I learn more from your tutorials than anyone elses – you’re such a fantastic teacher!!

  3. Emily Malby says:

    No matter how ‘cancelled’ or how many ‘scandals’ this chick goes through I’ll always admire her capability to teach through a camera

    • BrendaFOBRocks says:

      im not a stan (i’m actually very critical of her actions) but i 100% agree she does GREAT tutorials. She explains things well and shows you what to do step by step

    • Bridget B says:

      She will always be the queen of tutorials. The most thorough, badass b around. I hope she continues again.

    • Lysol Disinfectant Wipes says:

      I missed her makeup tutorials sooooooo much. I was obsessed with her during the time when she’d upload a new makeup tutorial video every week. I remember the Makeup Geek days and she’d teach us how to do the most bomb smokey eyes everrrrrrrr

    • Claudia Lopez says:

      She should definitely consider teaching as an alternative to YouTube

    • Lizz Wilson says:

      Ikr! She just teaches flawless technique like no other🌞

  4. Clarise de Jager says:

    7:13 ‘a small amount’ continues to put entire tube on face. love that 😂🙌💖

  5. Kristin Amin says:

    Hahahah this is soooo beautiful…. this “simple” makeup look is my normal makeup look lol. You look beautiful jaclyn no matter what !!!!!

  6. Megan Ball says:

    😂😂😂 I’m dying “I’m not flipping you off…. unless you deserve it, then that’s exactly what I’m doing” hahaha!

  7. ALEXA RIVERA says:

    “Why can’t you be more like your sisteerrr?” 😂😂 Story of my life 😂

  8. Caroline Baker says:

    Can you imagine if someone came up to you in person and said “omg what happened to your face!” Flipping ruuuuuuude small sad people behind their keyboards 🙄

    • Sierra Marquez says:

      G.S Delancy she said when she gains weight, her face gets bigger

    • HawaiianStyle says:

      @G.S Delancy she gained weight….

    • It’s me says:

      Zoie – I have a huge scar on my leg from a 3rd degree burn and people will randomly come up to me and ask what happened, I’ve actually had someone say it looked like a shark attack too lol. It’s just so rude

    • TeenieBreenie says:

      Zoie yea I was thinking she just might be on prednisone cuz it helps a lot of stuff. I was on it for three years and it saved my life from losing my colon and it made my face puffy and I had a lot of people I didn’t know laugh at me and that’s sad for them. I’m jus glad she seems to be feeling better. She’s still beautiful.

    • G.S Delancy says:

      @HawaiianStyle thank you I’m not a frequent watcher and just wanted to know

  9. Nina P says:

    GIRL I’VE MISSED YOU! That’s the Jaclyn we have all been missed. So natural, so positive, so happy. WE LOVE YOU!!!

  10. Ashley Brady says:

    I have watched Jaclyn since the beginning and have stuck with her through everything she has been through. Honestly this is the most genuine I’ve seen her in YEARS! From beginning to end. She looks happier and healthier and I’m glad it’s finally shedding light in her videos. Jaclyn, keep doing what you’re doing baby because it shows!

  11. Sophia Bee says:

    I’ve missed your videos so much!! I don’t give a shit about what “controversy’s” you’ve been in, your videos are amazing, informative, and relaxing! Keep it up Jaclyn! 💕

  12. Kaylin Passmore says:

    it’s honestly so comforting seeing that even YOU can have makeup mess ups 😂 you look beautiful and your vibe is so comforting. xoxo

  13. missjuliafaith says:

    “I’m not flipping you off… unless you deserve it…” 🤣 God I love her. 🤣❤️

  14. Clearly Cristal says:

    I miss these videos where it was just you and the camera- sometimes when you have a crew in the room with you it doesn’t feel as intimate with your viewers like it use to. Please do more videos like this!

  15. Cn L says:

    You guys leave her alone about her face. She’s been such a inspiration to so many of us and I think honestly it could be undiagnosed Cushing disease I hope she sees this and looks into that. But be nice y’all she shares her heart with us let’s share ours with her

    • lillindz666 says:

      I agree. I commented also.. more in hope’s she would see and go get checked. This does look like cushing disease.

    • Purple Peggy says:

      I find her to be very entertaining. funny as heck. & I don’t care about the drama. I’m always excited to see a new video from her. 😊😊

    • Angie says:

      It’s a shame she gets shit over something as ridiculous as weight. I am pretty sure she has to take steroids for some medical condition, which makes you bloat like a balloon, and it’s first noticed in the face. If it is medical, that makes the comments that much more nasty.

  16. Alexandra Covington says:

    She’s bacckkk!!! ❤️ the way you’re talking crazy fast going about your makeup, and teaching techniques. It seems like you’re genuinely having a good time making this video!

  17. Lynn Fetcinko says:

    Jaclyn talks so fast I zoned out for one second and when I came back I was completely lost lol
    Loved the video! She’s so great at giving technical advice and she describes what she’s doing so well.

  18. Lucy Breeze says:

    Jaclyn: *showers herself in setting spray*
    Jaclyn 10 minutes later: this isn’t drying

    I’m dying here lmao (don’t mean to be shady, it’s just funny)

    • patriciajeanne2 says:

      I thought the same thing, too, and laughed so hard because I LITERALLY do the same thing every time I do my makeup. I spray myself like 10-20 times, and then I’m sitting there picking at myself in the mirror like “Gosh, I just don’t understand what possibly could have gone wrong…? It’s a mystery. There’s no answer.”

  19. Anna Grace L says:

    This video could of been called “Jaclyn being the most beautiful person on earth for 32 minutes straight” 😩😍♥️

  20. dreamingofsleep says:

    I mean this in the best way possible but this is the most “Jaclyn” video I’ve seen from you in so long! You’re an amazing teacher, it didn’t seem forced, you were just you and I loved it! Even when it went all wrong, it was sooo relatable! Love you girl! Thank you for being you!! 💖💋

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