Sixteen-Year-Old Allegra Miles Sings Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody” – The Voice Blind Auditions 2020

Sixteen-Year-Old Allegra Miles Sings Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody” – The Voice Blind Auditions 2020

Allegra Miles performs Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody” during The Voice Blind Auditions.
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NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season’s blockbuster vocal competition.

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The four-time Emmy Award-winning musical competition series “The Voice” returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete in the show’s newest season.
Nick Jonas, the multi-platinum Grammy and Golden Globe Award-nominated recording artist, actor, songwriter and member of the preeminent group the Jonas Brothers, joins acclaimed coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton as they return for Season 18. Carson Daly returns as host.

Sixteen-Year-Old Allegra Miles Sings Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody” – The Voice Blind Auditions 2020

The Voice

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63 Responses

  1. King Sass says:

    She got a lot of tricks and her voice is just ear candy should’ve been 4 chairs she’s amazing

    • Ron Swanson says:

      Not a fan. This recent style of strained, fake breathy singing is so annoying and overdone. She sounded like a voice recorder playing back in slow motion.

    • Mizuka Young says:

      @R2K That isn’t really true at all. He doesn’t go for all black singers cause Kelly, Blake, and Nick gets them too. How about Maelyn and Katie? They are not black and John won with them. He also turned for other white singers that wasn’t in his genre either like Marybeth was country and picked John who was perfect for her.

    • Atv says:

      Yea… no. Not a four chair turn. You can hear that she is trying too hard

    • Lm T says:

      @I Feel Like Yeezus definitely not trying hard.

    • James Tyler says:

      @R2K that’s been the norm for every black coach, alicia keys and Jennifer Hudson would NOT turn for white singers.

  2. Poett ! says:

    “YOU BETTA SANG!” -Jennifer Hudson

  3. Dallas B says:

    Nick just got a ticket into the finales and possibly the winners circle!! This girl is amazing!🔥❤️ Team Nick is STACKED!!🥇

    • almarjyou says:

      Don’t forget though. You battle your own teammates still. So if you’re gonna make strategies. You pick the coach with lesser talents.

    • Dark Magician says:

      Dallas B fr

    • Lee Allen Beal says:

      @Nicky D she probably will win never know

    • Penny K says:

      @almarjyou I don’t think that matters. I think it’s all up to the public’s like or dislike of a singer. They win by votes from the public. Not the judges. Hoot won last time because more voters liked him and his style than all the rest. These singers that scream riffs never win. Not enough people want to hear a screamer doing lengthy riffs . They want a pleasant to listen to voice. jmho I think this gal has one if those pleasant likeable voices.

    • almarjyou says:

      @Penny K by votes only in the finals

  4. Rangang Pass Anal says:

    As Nick is the youngest the other judge look at Nick as a small boy…😀

  5. babyhilts says:

    She’s giving me huge Sara Bareilles vibes.

  6. John Smith says:

    Nick : You can have my jacket !

    The girl : say no more!

  7. jslacson says:

    I want to hear her sing Wicked Game. She has a haunting quality that I think would make that song special.

  8. Nothing Nothing says:

    One of the best covers of the song… voice. Kelly——she was right…..shades of Brynn here. She should get at least into the finals. 👍👍

  9. Vishal Radhay says:

    She could win this… but Kelly might have been the best option to do that. Her voice sounded just like Brynn’s and Kelly really helped her grow throughout the competition and gain more control over her voice.

  10. Laura Arnette says:

    Nick:Starts taking Jacket off you can have my jacket

    Allegra: “giggles” i choose Nick 😂

  11. wolf sun says:

    Legend says she still keeps that jacket in her closet to this day.

  12. Stussy says:

    She got nick’s jacket guys i watched it on tv 😂

  13. Talei Karavaki says:

    Kelly was right. She does sound like Brynn. She’s sort of followed Brynn’s rendition of the song too. BUT her tone is unlike anyone. She’s great

  14. Audrey H says:

    She immediately reminded me of Christina Grimme (miss her so much). I hear some kind of auto tune or microphone enhancement or am I imagining it? She’s cute and Nick has a great team so far!

  15. Amanda Lu says:

    Kelly: “I got jackets”
    Nick: “You can have my jacket”

    Haha..oh Nick.

  16. Putthearith THARY says:

    “Losing to Adele is a pretty good win.”
    So True.

  17. Marquito says:

    Who said 12-year olds don’t have heartbreaks.Ask Nick Jonas.

  18. Adnan A says:

    She’s got a rich voice and so much vocal control. Real talent.

  19. BevLovely says:

    She’s probably another nickjlover

  20. Erriane Justine Enverga says:

    OKAY BUT DID HE GIVE HIS JACKET??? Coz if yes, she’s really a lucky girl

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