Skip and Shannon react to Episode 1 & 2 of Michael Jordan’s doc ‘The Last Dance’ | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon react to Episode 1 & 2 of Michael Jordan’s doc ‘The Last Dance’ | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Last night on ESPN Michael Jordan’s new documentary ‘The Last Dance’ premiered which highlights MJ’s final season with the Chicago Bulls. Hear Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless give their first impressions of the documentary and some of their biggest takeaways.

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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Skip and Shannon react to Episode 1 & 2 of Michael Jordan’s doc ‘The Last Dance’ | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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82 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    What did you think of the first two episodes of “The Last Dance”?

    • Matthew Crutchfield says:

      I don’t understand how Jerry could keep the team together paying Mike 30mil. Mike should have taken a pay cut.

    • Luis Gomez says:

      K no sorry to disappoint you but I’m considered to be a funny guy🤪😜🤪😜

    • Michael Garcia says:

      @half urban half suburban Of course , I totally agree with you !! 👍👍 , That’s why I said that Pippen was so underpaid and underrated , He was the one of the main reasons why the Bulls won all em’ championships !!

    • half urban half suburban says:

      @Awesom2beme lonestar I can’t take you seriously, lebron is a better passer, a better leader, and a better scorer. If Lebron decided to be scorer first like Jordan he would easily score more than Jordan. Jordan shot the ball more and only outscores lebron by like 2 points mostly because of free throws. Jordan was a more selfish scorer. Jordan berated his teammates and the gm. How is that a better leader? Jordan won defensive player because of hype and he never guarded his opponents 1st or 2nd options. He guarded weak offensive players and played the lanes to get steals. He wasnt the best defensive player on his team. Plus he is smaller so he should have more steals.

    • Michael Garcia says:

      @So Cool1 Haha , Mental weakness ?? , That’s why Jordan risked his career due to the early injury , When they told him don’t play because the Dr. said if that 10% kicks in , Your career will be over but Jordan , Kept it positive and well , The rest is history lol , I’m not trying to argue with you or anything but I’m just saying. This documentary is very interesting though lol

  2. C Moe says:

    They finally got something to talk about.

  3. Significant Nobody says:

    Mj needed pip and pip developed under MJ.

    Krause was horrible but he put together winning teams….and Jerry should’ve flexed his ownership muscle IF he truly wanted to keep that bulls team together.

    • Blade Brown says:


    • Sic narf says:

      John Yang Derrick Rose? He put together solid teams.

    • Branden Webb says:

      Sic narf John Paxton did that not Krause

    • 23kingwill says:

      @Conservative Vanguard a lot who don’t know it took Pippen years to grow to who he became and that because of Michael Jordan when he started to work with Scottie in practice and the off-season

    • John Khinda says:

      @Conservative Vanguard That’s not fair to Pippen. That’s part of the problem Jordan and Pippen had with Krause wanting to end the dynasty. He acted like it was all about the front office on why the team was winning and not the players. Fans do the same thing to Scottie. He was the perfect 2 to MJ. Maybe he could have lead a team to a chip if he left and spent his career apart from MJ. Players can grow and get better. Yeah, ok he might not have had shown certain attributes playing with MJ, like the ability to close, but he could have adapted them and his game could have grown more as the #1 option for a team. Just look how D-Wade played as the #1 option vs when he played with LeBron, how Steve Nash played as a Mav vs as a Sun, James Harden as as Thunder vs a Rocket. I don’t know if we saw enough of Pippen in his prime as a Bull(only 1 full season) and later as Rocket/Trailblazer to really make that determination.

  4. Myco Lorgeat says:

    Those of you guys that saw Mj play is so lucky, at least I saw Kobe at his peak

    • tony tonyt says:

      I was watching Lebron for 17 years

    • tony tonyt says:

      Dexter J Weaver born In 1994!

    • mgkicks23 G says:

      It was like watching a UFO i couldn’t believe it the 🐐

    • Ground Zero says:

      It was a beautiful thing to see. I saw him when the bulls came to seattle in 93.

    • Gallus Universe says:

      @James Allen that’s so true! I really don’t care about what those so-called pundits who never played ball say… all that matters to me is what the Goat himself(MJ) thinks. MJ knows who Kobe was: ” I don’t think I’ll lose, other than Kobe Bryant, because he stole all my moves…”
      When MJ speaks, you listen!

  5. Positive Energy,Real Talk Chris Myers says:

    I have never heard Shannon give MJ that much praise🤣🤣🤣

    • T RuFF's Home says:

      @Broc Truth I know but who really could do anything like Mike. I really just wanted to shout-out another Chicago legend. Watching Jordan in the air was like watching a smooth rap beat in human form. But D.Rose could do those layups.

    • TheRealist 811 says:

      @T RuFF’s Home Dr J, Penny, Iverson & D Rose are the names that come to mind when I think of players that made spectacular layups (could possibly include Kyrie and maybe Kobe), but Jordan was the most graceful of them all and his landing was always so smooth & balanced like a cat.

    • German Negron says:

      Me neither i can listen to it all day long 😂😂😂😂

    • King Markbarry says:

      @truthseeker89 for life

      You a idiot if you think that 💀🖕

    • CUBAthaGOAT says:

      West Coast Paranormal Investigators yea & Bron had to play Superteams in the finals by himself on MULTIPLE occasions.

  6. J P says:

    Jerry reinsdorf is really trying to play innocent when he is still hurting the franchise today🤦‍♂️

    • Electric says:

      @vincentrich – Banned But Not Forgotten Da Bulls are suffering the Krause curse.

    • meg says:

      shame no social media then. Today, Krause and Reinsdorf would’ve been cancelled. “Break up the team and play to a literal empty stadium the following season.” Fans would organize to not show up for a single game.

    • Arnold Kintu says:

      @J P lmao I’m not a bulls fan (rockets) and I know what you meant.

    • william carter says:

      J P Dude they’re horrible DA BULLS!!

    • michael cooke says:

      @Electric I just had to tell another dude those owners who deal evil an break up dynasty or run there organizations like it’s a toy they get cursed. 1( evil intent owners Krause bulls , j.jones Cowboys , Cleveland art model the Clippers owner NBA

  7. David J says:

    It’s safe to say that Jerry Krause robbed America, and the world. He should be charged with crimes against humanity.

  8. Michael Wood says:

    Jordon roasting Krause was the funniest part of the episode I felt so bad for laughing like I did

    • Jslowbro says:

      @Ahman Garth oh no I’m all knowing of Krause deserving the flame fam😂😂😂 what ain’t being said is he started the disrespect he honestly did. I was asking were they sure Michael n Phil were worse execs 😂😂😂😂

    • Jslowbro says:

      @Ahman Garth and yeah bruh you have to pay that man. Pip did wayyy too much not to be garnering better than 20 mil a year at worst

    • Satlav says:

      Michael Wood who is Jordon?

    • Ahman Garth says:

      @Jslowbro no cool to see somebody picked on and joked on. However, that’s something EVERYONE experiences in life. But he earned it. The documentary said in 97′ Pip was the 6th highest player on the team making 2 million. I swear that’s insane.
      Phil and MJ are worse execs. They’ve had no legit championship success.
      Last point, I’m done – I tried to imagine being in Krauss shoes. How do you not ride that level of Bulls success and not push it to the limit??? They legitimately had a chance for at least one more maybe 2 more rings. UnbelievaBull.

    • Jslowbro says:

      @Ahman Garth honest to goodness, if I’m not mistaken when Jerry got there he tried to throw his weight around. They haven’t said the HALF of what Jerry had said disrespectful my guy. You hate folks getting picked on but if I’m recalling right, Jerry made the bed he ended up in. You can’t come talking crazy off rip with no expertise and not expect to get disrespect

  9. Dollarize says:

    Low key Shannon believes MJ is the goat but he has to keep up the act for the benefit of the show, or he just won’t give up because Skip won’t stop with his Lebron obsession so Shannon has to defend the big fella

    • eugene kim says:

      agreed, imagine if they both said mj the goat, they would lose half their content

    • LeVelle Coley says:

      He thinks both are the Goat but he just like LBJ better cus he’s an all around player. Who wouldn’t want an all around player to build around?

    • Victor Martin says:

      @LeVelle Coley that all around player is all good until u run into a killer like Mike or kobe. When u run into a killer/ assassin the game becomes different.

    • Jared Wilson says:

      That’s how these shows work….you have to play devils advocate & get discussions going, otherwise you wouldn’t have a show.

    • Jontae 1of1 says:

      You don’t know that lol

  10. Malcsteez Coon repelant says:

    MJ is definitely the goat. Jerry should’ve flexed his ownership, and Skip was creamin while watching this 🤣🤣

    • david vironet says:

      @Michael Pun thats why lebron had to call up bosh and wade. Jordan didnt call bird and say hey lets join magic in LA. That right there is why he’ll never be the GOAT.

    • Jay Hobbs says:

      @Michael Pun really lebron is 3 and 6 in the finals choked in the 2011 finals got whipped in the 2014 finals against the spurs and is on his 3rd team yea he’s the goat Lol end of the day 6 and 0 in the finals with 6 finals mvp’s beat 3 and 6 in the finals

    • Joey B says:

      Kamikaze Krush Exactly….both are undoubtedly the greatest players in a vacuum (just based off skills and athleticism) but Jordan’s mental toughness in the clutch is what allowed him to go 6/6.

    • Adam Turner says:

      Jerry didn’t want to pay an ailing pip

    • sunnyboy8644 says:

      @Michael Pun LeFlop Shames is a true CHOKER you meant.

  11. BALLKING says:

    The point of rebuilding is to create a championship team. Why rebuild when they were already a championship team! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆😡😡😡😡😡😡

  12. Ray Carroll says:

    Lol Uncle shay knows MJ is the goat lol he just says Lebron is the goat for the cameras and ratings. Also Lebron is probs paying him under the table to say he’s the goat lmao

  13. Tha Taurus says:

    Lol I dont trust nobody name Jerry after watching that

  14. meg says:


    *Reporter* “What’s the Bull’s biggest challenge this upcoming season?”
    *Michael* glances up at Krause office.

  15. chicagocold312 says:

    This was incredible, SHANNON HAS SEEN THE LIGHT…

  16. King Zande says:

    The quote that stood out “if you’re trying to maintain dominance over people, you can’t give them a chance to gain confidence”.

    • tony tonyt says:

      Larry bird ? Pistons back to back titles ? Lol the bucks ? Those guys had a whole lot of confidence. It’s easy to beat bums . The real competition Jordan never ever beat from 85-90

    • bronzedeuce says:

      tony tonyt he was still dropping 60 on them. Basketball is a team sport and MJ had no team.

    • Lucas Butler says:

      @tony tonyt Larry Bird call Jordan the closest thing to GOD. Once Mike got a team it was over.

    • Paul Han says:

      @tony tonyt Magic Johnson’s Lakers? Ewing’s Knicks? He beat the Pistons in 91 (swept em). The Jazz teams with Malone & Stockton? Plenty of competition.

    • DrezyDre16 says:

      It kinda sounds like mental and emotional abuse lol

  17. Thomas Latimer says:

    I can’t believe The Owner is still clueless he & Krause Disrespected Phil, the players & Bulls basketball damn shame

  18. Taylor Fox says:

    Imagine a player in today’s game retiring as a back-to-back-to-back defending champion, Regular season MVP, All Star Game MVP, Finals MVP, Scoring Champ and a member of the All-Defensive 1st Team. People talk like MJ was washed in 98’ – the man ran the table.

  19. SIKE Media says:

    Jordan: “Are those short pills or diet pills?”

    Me: *woah* dude

  20. Gerieu Pemberton says:

    “Scottie Pippen was so long and could slide so gracefully” PAUSE lol

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