Skittles: “The Portrait” w/ Steven Tyler. Super Bowl 50 Commercial.

Skittles: “The Portrait” w/ Steven Tyler. Super Bowl 50 Commercial.

Check out how Steven Tyler keeps the dream alive in this Skittles Super Bowl 50 commercial with special guest, Steven Tyler! Rock the Rainbow. Taste the Rainbow. #SkittlesArt

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20 Responses

  1. Justin Kay says:


  2. David Gittinger says:

    Haha so great!

  3. Sydney Street says:

    haha this is the best!!

  4. ~Steven Tyler is sick to death of your shit says:


  5. Tommy Laukkanen says:

    I am ok with this.

  6. Sherri Jorgensen says:

    Perfect Mr. Tyler! Rock on!!

  7. paul lang says:

    oh mama kin …. really? ??

  8. Lesa Eskew says:

    Anything Steven Tyler is in is amazing. So talented no matter what he does

  9. angielskimoimhobby says:

    I love this :D

  10. James Sherlock says:

    LOL. I remember when Aerosmith was the opening band for Mott The Hoople.
    Steven Tyler jumped off a rather large speaker and did a total faceplant on
    the stage. Wind must have caught him.

  11. Elias Filgueiras says:


  12. crueopie666 says:

    Gotta love Steven Tyler! <3

  13. Emily Swain says:

    “I’ve got minds to twist and values to warp” – the greatest/truest thing
    Steven Tyler has ever said lol lol

  14. KentuckySunset says:

    Better than his foray into country music !

  15. Conner Wilcons says:


  16. Virginia Steele (Aerodynamic Artist) says:

    I actually wanted Skittles before even this aired! Apparently if your
    favorite musician is in a ad for one of your favorite candies, you’re gonna
    want that candy so much.

  17. Son Goku says:

    what XD

  18. chumbbeater123 says:

    Wow now I know that Steve has always liked the rainbow in his mouth. I glad
    he showed his gay pride.

  19. Nadeshda Ney says:


  20. MrTwoShot says:

    That was strange