Slippery Tag Challenge!!

Slippery Tag Challenge!!

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Hey guys! In this challenge, we run through a maze of slippery obstacles to see who can make it to the end the fastest! Towards the end, we play tag on a giant tarp that is covered with soap! What slippery challenge do you think we should do next? Let us know down below!

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40 Responses

  1. Felipe Lewis says:

    Do a slippery hide and seek challenge

  2. Karen and Sean says:

    This is one of my favourite videos
    Keep up the good work
    Also leave a like if Team Edge should do another parkour video

  3. Lily-Jo Hilton says:

    Today was the best day ever

    1. I woke up
    2. Met a cute girl
    3. Kissed the girl
    4.had an amazing dinner

    Now read again in the order 2 3 4 1

  4. Caleb Hochdorf says:

    Love your channel you cheer me up every video and with my stage three cancer you are helping me with it. Thank you, team edge.❤️❤️

  5. Ashley says:

    Bryan keeps falling ?? now he definitely needs the water shoes

  6. Nerty SK says:

    Yeees i almost again fall asleep and im dat best moment in tha bed team edge upload video so my sleep will be again shorter ??

  7. Audrey Caviness says:

    Love you channel so much. And can you make a vid about what happened to mat? ❤️?????❤️????? I am sick today and home from school you always make me laugh ?.

  8. Zeqir Gashi says:

    Great video I loved it when Bryan slipped so many times???

  9. Yaaqub Rahman says:

    When Brayan slipped i choked on meeeeee food of laughter


    Only 1% people is gonna read this
    but i hope your having a great day

  11. Bonn Price says:

    Totally watch you guys all the time with my kids! Thanks for the family time laughs!!

  12. Riyuco says:

    I love your editor! He’s really good and really funny❤?

  13. Chase Bergeson says:

    Me-Sees that vid was posted within a hour
    My thoughts- MUST COMMENT???
    My sister- What the he…. never mind

  14. Katrina Mabalot Bautista says:

    I love team edge aka Bryan,Bobby,Joey/J-Fred & Whitney

  15. Amanda Stapleton says:

    Finally finished tidying up after 2 hours and now I can relax and watch some quality team edge videos. Also it’s 00:15 as in watching this

  16. Tatum The Sporty Girl says:

    Lol sooo funny! That looks like it hurts tho! ? I pray that y’all don’t get hurt or sick ?
    God Bless y’all! ???

  17. Z says:

    Every time they fall or slide the one thing I think of is


  18. Makayla Vargason says:

    Number of falls….. Bryan – 20 J-Fred – 3 Bobby – 1

    Leave a like if Bryan is very clumsy….

  19. Lanie Dimapilis-Hinoso says:

    No Bryan Got hurt in this Video
    This is how many times bryan got hurt

  20. Moon Waffles says:

    Anyone else wants Team Edge to do the Transforming Objects into Kinder Surprise Chocolate Challenge??! I just did it on my channnel with a Coke Bottle! It’s sooo coool! ?

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