Please watch till the end. Please don’t hate and give this a thumbs down. This is just a creative way to express whats going on with me. It you understand the meaning and figure out the video please let others know that might not understand. Love you peeps and im excited to make some crazy content!

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Ace Frehley
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20 Responses

  1. ROTMGFRO says:

    Well anyone else notice the smoke that jesse blew in the beginning (around
    36 seconds), I think he’s smoking the devils grass. Ayy lmao

  2. Joanna Elizalde says:

    Please Jessie please keep doing videos I love you and your the only person
    who has inspired me to always be happy no matter what happens in life
    please keep doing videos . And if jeana can’t accept that you have a
    daughter she probably doesn’t want you

  3. MadiPlaysSims says:


  4. kool kat says:

    I like it I get it and im…..really proud of u but if u didn’t like it and
    if it didn’t fill fun anymore…why didn’t u stop?…but it is ok im fine
    with whatever you want to do in ur new chapter PVP4LIFE SAAAAAANNN
    ily….do what U WANT to DO not what WE WANT U TO DO that is what caused
    this in the 1st place ❤✌?✌❤

  5. Its Stan says:

    4:20 suspicious :l

  6. Treefrog Johnson says:

    He’s running from himself

  7. Tman says:

    Not being harsh or anything but Jesse acts like he has it hard. He has a
    dream job as a YouTube with channels way over 5 million subs.. Some people
    are stuck with minimum wage working 60+ hours a week to keep up. I get that
    he broke up with Jeana but lighten up a bit and put your self in other
    peoples shoes.

  8. Christina Thomas says:

    I like that. It was a very artistic short.

  9. Gamergirl Joey says:

    um… was.. he.. wat

  10. Deandre Fowles says:

    y did u break up with her

  11. Sabrina Mason says:

    Luv that ur seeing through the breakup it’s really admirable for me

  12. PS04 MILAS. says:

    did he break up with his gf??

  13. Igne Daukauskaite says:

    Wait… If this whole thing (breakups,vloging ends) was just a big prank
    for peeps.Guys i still have hope :(

  14. Ali rosario says:

    Dope vlog

  15. CharCpps Paris says:

    That was so funny, so creative. Great job Jesse.

  16. Anthony Mastriano says:


  17. Minecraft Lover says:

    This is all I have to say………?

  18. Kevin Nieves says:

    bit more content like this every now and then?

  19. Random MarylinVids says:

    Well the end song in the vlog saids, I’m back.”

  20. Karan Naik says:

    This has turned into mcjuggernuggets