Sneaker Shopping With Gucci Mane | Complex

Sneaker Shopping With Gucci Mane | Complex

Gucci Mane goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City where he talks about weight loss, wearing sneakers in jail, and his days of drug dealing.

Stadium Goods:

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20 Responses

  1. Nathan Warrington says:

    Joe likes to act western but goes back home to his Punjabi parents moaning
    on why he isn’t a doctor yet.

  2. jaime cook says:

    gucci really got a motherfucking EA tattoo he wilin’ smh

  3. MrWoovieBeats MrWoovieBeats says:

    first guy i see pay with cash lol #GUUUUUCCCCIIIIII

  4. Rijobandz ひ says:

    Ya needa bring lil Durk on here or shit even lil Uzi

  5. Leslie Dixon says:

    Here before 2 million views

  6. Rico King says:

    gucci my nigga but we would’ve had to scrap if he threw the money on the
    counter like that, i was a cashier when i was 19 and that shit used to get
    me heated when they throw money on the counter when i got my hand out lmao

  7. mack davis says:

    Pretty sure they put way too many teeth in the Gucci clone.

  8. Yung Mid Blunt (It's A Knife) says:

    Joe has been dressing like a 2014 fuckboy for almost 3 years lmaooo

  9. Kratos says:

    5:12 noticed here that gucci got EA tattoo

  10. Legendary SuperSavage says:

    The only reason i sub complex is to see all the dope kicks people buy

  11. Sean Briggs says:

    guwop you my guy and all but hwy you got ya shorty shades on

  12. Waybachh says:

    Gucci funny as hell. Your total is 2500. That’s all and throws the money
    down while she was reaching for it??

  13. Jameel Khaliq says:

    he put all his business out he said “your off house arrest”?

  14. Rasmus Kellvig says:

    october 10 2017????? 7:15

  15. Abdi Ismail says:

    Wats the most someone spent on shoes on this channel ?

  16. Clorox Jericho says:

    gucci has low key the best teeth in the game

  17. Edgar Garcia says:

    Damn the girl so beatiful somebody know her name?

  18. 166mreli says:

    Now that GUCCI home, its over for you GUCCI clones!!!!!

  19. Chicken is Vegan says:

    They taxed the fuck outta Gucci mane, you can find those shoes on eBay for
    way less

  20. HEAT Ledger says: