SNL Host Ronda Rousey Lets Beck “The Wreck” Bennett Try His Noggin Lock

SNL Host Ronda Rousey Lets Beck “The Wreck” Bennett Try His Noggin Lock

Ronda Rousey hosts Saturday Night Live on January 23, 2016 with musical guest Selena Gomez.

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20 Responses

  1. Colin Cobb says:

    If I was her I’d have to joke about the holly holm fight lol not just
    pretend it never happened

  2. peterpoop says:

    shes gross

  3. Bryan Garcia says:


  4. Ky Ariston says:

    I can’t stand that guy at the end of snl videos ?

  5. vansboy111 says:

    Holly is hosting SNL nice

  6. Robert Unsworth says:

    Beck is so hot wtf he is DADDY omg

  7. Aileen Salmeron says:

    that wwe comment is so true lolol?

  8. Aileen Avellaneda says:

    I just want to meet Ronda Rousey

  9. glitchysquad says:

    She’ll fuck holly next time, she was off that fight. You haters are
    mindless fucks that obviously doesnt know her past history. She’s overcome
    much bigger shit then ms holly

  10. Noe Camarena says:

    why is this EXPOSED chimp still famous

  11. Mike Glock says:

    she looks like peter griffin

  12. Alcancia says:


  13. Simo Harjane says:

    boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring allo allo holly holm!! where are you??
    we need some whipping ass here

  14. John Cho says:

    Hope she comes back an whoop Holly roid using ass.

  15. nyc nyc says:

    someone give her an apple for crying out loud!!!

  16. Malcolm Benjamin says:

    I’d still fuck her

  17. Sumeet Anand says:

    Not if holly Holmes down there

  18. Daniel Lockaby says:

    I love Ronda haha

  19. Alessandro Scuderi says:

    Unless she makes fun of herself getting KOd, her hosting will not go well.

  20. MJDHX says:

    Dem Guns!