Snow Cat – Simon’s Cat (A Festive Special)

Snow Cat – Simon’s Cat (A Festive Special)

‘A clever cat gets creative out in the cold!’
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Directed by: Simon Tofield
Animation: Emma Wakley
Clean Up: Setareh Seto & Nadia Hussein

Sound: Shrooty
Producer: Emma Burch
Executive Producer: Mike Bell
Production Assistant: Liza Nechaeva

Simon’s Cat Team:
Edwin Eckford

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Snow Cat was animated and cleaned up using TVPaint.

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20 Responses

  1. Keevi142 says:

    So cute! :3

  2. Patrick McDo says:

    love the videos!

  3. niktimofey says:

    Dog win…

  4. XboxOneFTW says:

    I liked the first half way more than the second half

  5. Nadine Key says:

    Lost the cat humour that made Simons cat funny

  6. Антон Григорьев says:

    Собаки всегда несут с собой только зло, один из самых поганых видов

  7. justholli says:

    This is sooo cute One of the best ones yet 🙂 Thanks for creating a great
    series :)

  8. Виктория Левицкая says:


  9. LockenJohny101 says:

    What is this dogs body temperature? that his piss melts the snow instantly!
    also the cat died, daym this is some brutal video….

  10. zloycc says:

    почуствуй себя лазерем – поссы на сугроб

  11. LordBloodySoul says:

    Wintertime = Funtime ^oo^ x3

  12. Magical Cunt says:

    No snow in Canada yet


  13. Chris Spin says:

    fucking dog

  14. Timmi 1 says:

    just dog -_- pee on everything hahah :)))

  15. dmndsol says:

    I love Simon’s Cat so very much.

  16. hilda Guadalupe Hernandez says:

    Porfavor haga otro vide de simon’s cat que se llame house cat porfi se lo
    digo al que invento simon’s cat gracias.

  17. blueberry desu says:

    I love the snow animation under cat’s paws <3

  18. Emii XD says:

    wow lol ?

  19. Jader13254 says:


  20. lobreddemon says: