SO DUMB! YouTuber Zoella Blamed In New Book Scandal and more

SO DUMB! YouTuber Zoella Blamed In New Book Scandal and more

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20 Responses

  1. Marcos Amparo says:

    I know Phil was going to be talking about the Oscars, so we all know that La la Land won Oscar in Best Picture, but Moonlight won the popular vote.

  2. Philip DeFranco says:

    I wish I did dun read real goods but den Zoella hurted my brain wit her wurds. Dis is mi storee.
    Hope you are having a great day 🙂

  3. MrEujoo says:

    J.K. rowling can go fuck herself

  4. Becca Dragon says:

    I would assume that kids aren’t reading well in secondary school because of a lack of proper motivation to do so and lack of help if they struggle rather than because the books aren’t challenging enough. To me there’s a lot of leaps made there, as far as I’m concerned, a kid reading is a kid reading and that’s better than them not reading at all because they struggled too much.

  5. Andrew Switzer says:

    I’m an educator. I would rather a kid read something no matter the “level” than nothing at all outside of social media, as over 75% of my students.

    We can’t all enjoy Jules Verne at 14.

  6. Retro Fury says:

    Can you make a video on h3h3’s latest video?
    He is still getting sued by this asshole because h3h3 reacted to one of his old videos.
    America really need to get their shit straight
    You can basically sue someone for farting in the subway

  7. Radio di Angelo says:

    I actually don’t give a shit about the first story aside that uncle Rick fucking Riordan has FOUR books in the top 10 and that makes me incredibly happy

  8. budemawa says:

    Betcha JK Rowling got butthurt about this and asked this “news outlet” to write about it lol ??

  9. darcity says:

    wow i haven’t heard zoellas name since 2013

  10. Kris Jai says:

    Really, if we’re going to blame an author for people reading poorly, it should be E. L. James.

    Also, Zoella didn’t start the dumbing down of teenage literacy. Stephenie Meyer did. XD

  11. AaronD says:

    YouTube is a rapidly growing medium and traditional media is falling off more and more each year. So now they’re trying to play dirty, and attack YouTubers with illegitimate clams as a desperate attempt to salvage their dieing medium.

  12. Wes Cameron says:

    I expect an apology tomorrow for the dozen times you mispronounced Warren Beatty’s name ?

  13. Senity says:

    I never liked Zoella, she always seemed basic to me

  14. MrStripyHead says:

    wow 11 million subs and ive never heard of her

  15. Katerina Malfoy says:

    Maybe kids suck at reading because parents don’t read to them anymore. When I was little my mom would read a few books to me a night, most of my friends parents did the same for them. Now I see my sister hand her two year old an iPad before bed and leave him to watch TV and put himself to sleep. Blaming a Youtuber because your kid sucks at reading is so preposterous. Great video though!

  16. Wyrld Wyrm says:

    The only solution to this issue is for her to start “The Zoe Elizabeth Sugg School for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Want to Do Other Stuff Good Too”

  17. CDN salsa says:

    Americans are the biggest snowflakes in the planet! no other country or people are easily triggered than those in the USA.

  18. Erik M Foss says:

    “Hmmm… It seems the literacy level of graduate students are dropping.”
    “That’s not good! Are the schools not doing their job right?”
    “No, no. That’s not the cause of it at all!”
    “Oh? What’s causing it, then?”
    “A YouTuber wrote a book.”
    “I see. That makes perfect sense.”

  19. tehharu says:

    When I was busy in school, I read the shittiest books. I was at college-level reading when I left middle school, but in high school? I was tired, I was taking too many classes, I was busy in clubs, so I read a lot of time waster books. 0 challenge, little plot, generally poorly written happy ending machines. I just wanted something brainless to do in what little downtime I had.

  20. thelittlesweet says:

    This is SO dumb!! At least the kids are reading SOMETHING

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