So Much News, So Little Time – Nepotism, Impeachment & the Freedom Caucus: The Daily Show

So Much News, So Little Time – Nepotism, Impeachment & the Freedom Caucus: The Daily Show

First Daughter Ivanka Trump gets a White House job, recently impeached South Korean President Park Geun-hye is arrested, and Donald Trump fights with his fellow Republicans.

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20 Responses

  1. Najik Nasimi says:

    super early first time, who else?

  2. Self Made Trillin says:

    Guest: Why did you offer me a piece of candy?

    Hotel Clerk: You said you wanted the best suite in the hotel

  3. Dave SOLEMI says:

    Ivanka now gets access to classified information, Jared is now an advisor. America is becoming a family business.

  4. capton spiderman says:

    u do realise if trump is impeached mike pence is president

  5. Another Made Up Internet Subculture says:

    Yo guys did you hear that Michael Flynn is looking for immunity in exchange for his testimony?

  6. Daniel Arul says:

    Anyone tired of winning? or we’re just losing “bigly”.

  7. Youni Abdul says:


  8. BTMFB says:

    Mike Pence will be a much better President! Y’all see Mike Flynn is ready to tell everything ??? he said fuck Trump I’m not taking the bullet for you???

  9. Patricia Hall says:

    ugh… it’s only been 2 months

  10. Estadocida says:

    america is the only country that turns where you pee into news

  11. Zoe Richard says:

    Look, I want Trump out of office as much as anyone else does, but I am almost more terrified of Pence.
    We Are So Fucked.

  12. vincentvangogodancer says:

    So many people give Ivanka too much credit for being a reasonable person. Bullshit- she’s just as corrupt as him- taking advantage and making millions off the taxpayers. The only difference is that she’s pretty and has a friendly smile.

  13. Storm VII says:

    Jackie Chan? No Trevor, Chan would look cool taking all of those guys on. Trump’s more like that one second grader that picks a fight with fifth graders and flails his hands the entire time.

  14. Stefan West says:

    Joke of a president, joke of a country…

  15. Scott Wilhelms says:

    I’m not against change so… #LockHimUp   I feel better it’s almost like I’m recycling.

  16. dudebladeX says:

    When he told me to imagine an impeachment of a president, I got the most euphoric feeling I’ve ever had in several years.

  17. kuwinsitall says:

    Trump has all Democrats against him. Moderate Republicans dislike him. Freedom Caucus is turning into an enemy. Independents hate him. If he doesn’t get impeached and removed from office, I could see his 1 term being the most dysfunctional in U.S. History.

  18. Zealot Wang says:

    How haven’t the American people impeached the Trump? He’s doing damage everyday.

  19. Oscar says:

    Am I the only one that really enjoys his Donald Trump voice

  20. Anurag Inania says:

    where are the American greatest minds at….
    I miss Obama

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