So Much News, So Little Time: The Daily Show

So Much News, So Little Time: The Daily Show

Trevor lists the headlines he has no time to cover, including Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination hearing, Tomi Lahren’s suspension and Ivanka Trump’s new White House gig.

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20 Responses

  1. Junaid Gafoor says:

    Like this if Obama should somehow be President again

  2. Green Eyes says:

    Don’t let this video distract you from the fact that Donald J Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and now pretends to be the champion of the working class people.The same working class americans he has made a living cheating and fucking over.

  3. Dave SOLEMI says:

    But he still has time to tweet. Disgrace to America. America you played yourself. The world is laughing.

  4. Carlos Oliveira says:

    I thought Tomi Lahren was attractive until she opened her mouth

  5. Kameron Weismantle says:

    90% of republicans like to bark but as soon as they’re bitten they become the victims ctfu. i don’t feel bad at all i hope they get what they give.

  6. Khrystian Niyoko says:

    DAT Tomi joke on protest, gold, pure gold #dropmics ?

  7. Shyan j says:

    If only he was born in the US I would vote for Trevor as president

  8. Emily D says:

    Agreed. Why does Ivanka need security clearance for top secret documents when she has no official job in the White House?

  9. advancedkiller23 says:

    really this motha fucker gave his daughter a job at the white house? how are they letting all of this happen like come on trump is seriously now just trying to piss people off

  10. Isaac Rios says:

    So Ivanka can move in but Melania is still MIA at the WH? Guess we know who the real first lady is.

  11. Sarah Miller says:

    Ivanka, not Tiffany gets clearance. Where’s Melania?!? Ivanka will follow ethics rules, yet is getting a clearance she shouldn’t have; Trump’s administration has already defied Ethics Rules, why not add another – or a few hundred?… #Resist

  12. Daniel Arul says:

    As much as I love to laugh at this, I also want to cry for America.

  13. SourPatch42 says:

    Tomi Lahren looks like the girlfriend of the guy who always has dip in his mouth and drives a red pick up truck that has been lifted too much

  14. Abednico Modutlwe says:

    “Conflict of incest ” 5:22

  15. Never Nude says:

    Lmao it’s funny that US conservatives call others snowflakes when they get offended by Starbucks cups.

  16. KDGJ says:

    Conflicts of Incest????

  17. Luis Navarro says:

    “This is one of those stories that go so deep, nepotism, possible conflicts of incest”…….I love the daily show

  18. Best AI 01 says:

    Trump: Don’t mind me, just giving my own daughter a private office in the White House and security clearance so she can be one step ahead of her businesses’ competitors. Nothing to see here.

  19. T Cat says:

    Yeah the Tomi Lahren story goes to show just how hypocritical many conservatives can be, especially the “anti-pcers.” They constantly shame liberals, call us snowflakes, and intolerant of other viewpoints. Then Ms. Lahren says she is pro-choice because she thinks the government shouldn’t tell women what to do with their bodies and gets fired? I get she implied conservatives are hypocrites but stop being snowflakes and take some criticism lmao.

  20. Ian Hardin says:

    Tomi Lahren makes a good poinHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I’m sorry, something wouldn’t let me type that whole sentence. But really, how can Republicans say they want small government, but ALSO want the government to act as a morality police, stopping gay people from getting married and women from getting abortions and keeping anyone from worshiping the way they want? You can’t be a small government AND a giant church! I applaud her statement, I just wish it were at all genuine, and not just something she said because it’s been months since anyone talked about her.

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