Some bad news

Some bad news

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  1. kurosai says:

    I wish Tyler all the best. I would really love to help out Jay’s family financially, but since I’m still a teenager with no job, I think all I can do is pray for them

  2. HelloTacoz 77 says:

    Rip Tyler’s Mom Cindy
    Rip Jay

    It is always hard losing a parent for both Tyler and Jay’s kids especially for how young they are. I have never lost a parent but sometimes I cry just thinking about it. I can’t imagine what it would be like. I know it’s hard and maybe it might get harder but in the end it will always be easier.

  3. nagiasweetnice says:

    R.I.P. Tyler’s mother wish u many peace & prayers! ?

    • I don’t like Lgbt people says:

      nagiasweetnice watch my video on mark

    • Rafael says:

      I don’t like Lgbt people : Mark is a scum. “This is not about me” Right, I didn’t see him crying in this video- over a death. Wasn’t he crying every other fan vid? What a fake

      RIP to that woman but fuck mark

    • Marcus Smith says:

      @I don’t like Lgbt people seriously dude, wtf is your problem, simply because he gets a lot of money, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to pay bills/taxes, he spent money going to Cincinnati, buying games and props, etc for videos, AND he has other things he has to do. Two (from what i heard) AMAZING people have died and you pull an ImJayStation move and try to capitalize on this video and these tragedies and point out Mark’s wealth comparing to the goal of the gofundme page, people like you are the people i hate.

  4. Mak Bree says:

    I hope Tyler and Jay’s families know how much this community supports them.

    Rest in peace kind and caring souls

  5. Alexis D. E. Blake says:

    May Tyler’s Mother and Jay R.I.P. Condolences and Prayers ?????

  6. Violet H says:

    Rest in Peace Cindy-Tyler’s Mom
    Rest in Peace Jay.
    You were both loved and appreciated, so now you can rest easy. Sending all love to Tyler!

  7. Mason Lamonica says:

    R.I.P. Tyler’s Mom
    R.I.P. Jay
    They May Both Rest In Peace
    Wish Tyler And Mark The Best
    God Bless Them

  8. Aneta Faststreet says:

    love you i will keep suporting you <3 :::DDD

  9. DRW Playz says:

    R.I.P Cindy and Jay and best of luck to Tyler, his family, and all of Jay’s family.

  10. Max Bennett says:

    Why the actual F*** did people dislike this!?

    • Foxy Gaming933 says:

      @Finalboss711 They don’t kno about life they always play game game game then after thier parents died then cry why i was doing this and that *Sigh* people always like that one.

    • Sony Delha says:

      @Finalboss711 i mean I remember when mark’s niece died, and I soon got a horrid recommened video about this guy saying that “the shit was fake” and the niece was just a “bitch to get views and money.” There are also people that dislike for those reasons. I didnt even know till I saw that video.

    • Elite corrin Fan says:

      24k people did why?!

    • Karenni Boy says:

      Because dislikers have no life

    • Pibbles says:

      Elite corrin Fan correction 2.4k but now it’s actually 2.5k

  11. Tem Playz says:

    Tell Tyler I wish him lots of love. He must be in a really bad state now. I know how he feels, like legit.

  12. Takeawaylamb says:

    This touched my heart. I wish the best of luck for Tyler and Jay’s family.

  13. Infinite Lyfe says:

    ” Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light. ”
    – Albus Dumbledore

    • Luni The wolf says:

      Aw that made me tear up

    • TrudiumInfinite says:

      The Legend of Texas fu

    • Glitchy boi says:

      The Legend of Texas Pretty messed up man, this video talks about a mother’s death and another person who was a single dad who was shot down and killed, he’s just giving respects by putting a quote that fits with the video, and you just go on saying “Trying to sound smart? Scumbag.” No he isn’t a scumbag now if you don’t like it just ignore it don’t go hating on him because he just said a quote it’s a very stupid and retarded reason to say that.

    • adam onyx says:

      …………you are my favorite type of person…….”it’s our choices who show us who we really are, far more than our abilities”

    • Cjrberens says:

      The Legend of Texas dude don’t be negative in a moment like this this quote was to try and brighten the moment he did nothing wrong Tyler’s mom has passed and what you have done is terrible

  14. Bradford Webster says:

    Sending Tyler a chocolate chip cookie in the mail right now.
    Actually RIP Tyler’s mom and I wish Tyler and his family much love. And RIP Jay

  15. Umar Hamza says:

    Help is always need

    May God bless Tyler’s mom and Mr.Jay R.I.P

  16. 22skytiger says:

    2019 has become one of the worst years of all time.
    Rest in Peace Jay and Cindy. ??
    Prayers for Tyler. ?

  17. Jason Treloar says:

    Pass my condolences for both jay’s and Tyler’s family, May they rest in piece

  18. memelord kitten says:

    Happy birthday
    And RIP Jay and Cindy…
    And sorry I cant donate, im a kid…
    But I would donate if I could… ???

  19. Azalea Cardona says:

    R.I.P Jay?❤
    R.I.P Tyler’s mom?❤

    You both are in a better place ❤?

  20. Ri Brass says:

    All my love and prayers to Tyler’s and Jay’s family ❤

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