‘Somebody’s lying!’ – Stephen A. reacts to Iguodala’s Warriors comments | First Take

‘Somebody’s lying!’ – Stephen A. reacts to Iguodala’s Warriors comments | First Take

Stephen A. Smith reacts to Andre Iguodala’s comments about how the Golden State Warriors handled his injury last season.
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90 Responses

  1. SedaW LoL says:

    Warriors already screwed over KD and Iggy. Klay need to take the Kawhi route until he’s actually healthy to play

  2. Javian Johnson says:

    Everyone chillin’:

    People minding their business:

    Me: 0:23

  3. steven rubio says:

    It all makes sense! Now i know why kawhi wanted a second opinion from his own medical staff, the NBA’s medical staff all around the league is questionable.

    • marquise carr says:

      steven rubio yessir

    • Paulafan5 says:

      Team doctors should be hired and paid for by the league; not the teams. They answer to the NBA and not any particular team.

    • MrMikelew2929 says:

      Kawhi absorbed a whole year of hate for that, now he’s on top. KD was in a tougher situation tho, brought on by himself. He felt pressure to play or he would’ve been accused of saving himself for free agency. Now he’s damaged goods. He’s still gonna get paid tho??‍♂️

    • MosesTrill says:

      steven rubio yk kd has his own medical staff too?

  4. Ray Shepherd says:

    I continue to learn new words when watching Stephen A. ???

  5. Block 9ine says:

    Iggy did what Stephen A. Was scared to do…Tell the truth about the Warriors Medical Staff knowing KD had injured Achilles before Tearing it

    • Twitch Degrassi says:

      Block 9ine what is exactly going on bruh, I’m so confused

    • lastname first says:

      Stephen A getting paid alot of bread to misdirect the true narrative of that Iggy interview on the Breakfast Club.Max Kellerman is becoming his clone

    • gfys says:

      He literally didn’t say that in the interview at any point, don’t use espn headlines as your news source

    • Block 9ine says:

      @gfys ik he didnt..he said they frequently lie about player injuries..my point being that they lied to Kd about his calf injury just as they lie to the public about other injuries as Iggy stated so Fuck Off

  6. powe lynn says:

    SAS is slickly trying to gve the warriors all the benefit while smewht questioning iggy. SAS, the company man supreme playing bth sides! Snakey moves.

  7. Adela Rangel says:


  8. Branden Howe says:

    “The calf bone is connected to the Achilles bone people!” Says Max talking down to the rest of us lmaoo ????

    • ForgotMyKeys says:

      LOL oh Max, you really stepped in the dog shit there.

    • TheRamstoss says:

      @TruMusic89 he’s referencing a damn song.. “Dem Bones”. Look it up. He knows they’re not bones.

    • TruMusic89 says:

      @TheRamstoss I know he’s referencing a song. He stays using that reference btw. It just doesn’t apply to the situation at all, so it didn’t make sense on top of the fact that he’s wrong lol.

    • GTR0K says:

      I mean your calf is connected to your Achilles, Damn.

  9. Paul Carrillo says:

    Molly you can switch gears with me anytime ? (with a straight face)

  10. Deso Uchiha says:

    So we’re going to ignore the fact Kawhi won finals MVP in New Balances ?

    • MosesTrill says:

      Schnell bruh why y’all act like kawhi did everything by himself? Stop overrating this man the warriors aren’t going anywhere and it looks like the raptors daddy Lebron will also be back

    • Chloe Welsh says:

      Deso Uchiha him winning as a piece of shit is a bigger deal than the shoes he has on. Fucking shoes.

    • GTR0K says:

      Deso Uchiha you in the DMV? Youre not wrong

    • Jerry Lockhart says:

      A Trashcan They’re for serious runners and he’s not the first nba player to wear them, so you have to be young ass shit not to know that.

  11. Jabari Williams says:

    Molly: ” He’s made $150,000,000 over his Career”
    Stephen A: Thats $75 million after taxes ”
    lol hahahahahahaha

  12. Bee Movie says:

    KD *gets hit with rasenshuriken*
    Warriors-“walk it off lil guy”

  13. PROJECT CADMUS says:

    Molly: Can I say something real quick?

    The ENTIRE Universe: (No)….SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

  14. Shifty422 says:

    5:02 Stephen a educating molly real quick on the side lmao
    Molly: “He’s made 150 mill in his career.”
    Stephen A.: “75 after taxes…”

    • Norman Williams says:

      It was a pointless comment, he mentions salaries all the time without adjusting for taxes.

  15. AverageBrino says:

    Molly still owes LAVAR BALL an APOLOGY!!

  16. EvilXGSR says:

    What tf does $150 mil a year have to do with his Achilles injury? lol shut up, you ain’t contributing.

  17. Neftali Carpio says:

    Molly: Can I say something?

    Stephen A: No and here’s why…

  18. Roman Spencer says:

    Can’t even watch this shit no more cuz of Molly.

    • Wormanatti says:

      Bro I feel you. She is beyond annoying how the brass can’t see it is amazing. Only came for the Iggy bit. I watch Fox sports rarely ever watch any show on Espn.

  19. Andrew Mullican says:

    Molly: Can I say something real quick

    Lavar: You can say something real quick anytime

  20. Ron Chu says:

    Molly Raising her hand…lol…. dude, can you please just shut up. Stephen A is still talking. My gosh.

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