Sony PS5 Full Hardware Reveal with Games

Sony PS5 Full Hardware Reveal with Games

At the 2020 PS5 event, Sony gave fans their first look at the long-awaited next generation PlayStation 5 console and the surprise disc-less PS5 Digital Edition.

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82 Responses

  1. Vincent Lee says:

    Sony: “Play has no limits.”
    My wallet: “Alert detected”

  2. Wub Zy says:

    I don’t know why but it looks like an upgraded version of a Wii

  3. MR. X says:

    Waiting for this to release so that I can finally afford PS4

  4. Dynamac mc says:

    Imagine people looting Target and getting these


    Playstation: *introduces a new console*
    Me: nah, im fine with ps4
    Playstation: *introduces little big planet and ratchet & clank*
    Me: ok i need it, now

  6. Tahira Rahman says:

    PS5: the future is here

    Kidneys: Don’t look at me

  7. Master Panda says:

    Media Remote…

    Sold Separately For $999 Dollars

    • Mr. Pandapatan says:

      Master Panda hopefully they dont become like apple

    • Danny b says:

      Media remote makes no sense when you have a wireless controller 🤷‍♂️

    • Daniel Wilson says:

      @Danny b I have the Xbox media remote and it’s a much easier and smaller thing to use than the full controller (not to mention how much easier it is to accidentally pull the trigger or press buttons on a controller) I would imagine the advantage is the same in this case

    • SaMaD 72 says:

      Facts like apple

    • Danny b says:

      @Daniel Wilson yeah fair enough but would be a nice touch if they included it in a bundle instead of selling it for an extra amount

  8. intervention says:

    Damn I was still saving up for a ps3

  9. Andrew Angotti says:

    When double stuff Oreos aren’t enough

  10. DestDraco says:

    PS4: Looks like my toaster
    PS5: Looks like my WiFi Router

  11. C H says:

    Playstation: Play has no limits!
    Me: *My wallet sure does*

  12. sOUnerfan says:

    My wife catching me watching this at 5am: She looks hideous!

    Me: Well it’s a PS5, so.

  13. Peter Louis says:

    Me: Wow! It seems like a console in 2050.
    Sony: Thats why we gonna launch it in 2050.

  14. Oskar says:

    Sony: hey we got a new PlayStation
    Me: nah i am broke
    Sony: we got a LBP spinoff

  15. Not Adam says:

    See you in 5 years when the price drops

    • Joe W says:

      Spends 1k on a phone…

    • SaMaD 72 says:

      I’ll be doing that😁😁

    • Macximus Gabbriell says:

      @moose185 okay good then. But bear in mind I live in third world country so saving 50$ per month will take me a year until I can afford the PS5. CHEERS MATE.

    • moose185 says:

      Macximus Gabbriell sorry didn’t know that, I live in the UK in a job which pays average, so I’m not rich but through saving I could get it. I have a PS4 and PSVR so going to sell both of them towards it. I might need to spend maybe £300 towards it, if I start saving now I will have enough.

    • Macximus Gabbriell says:

      @moose185 damn I wish I lived in UK so I can afford it and PS4 has been around for like 7 years but I still can’t get one because of my financial problems. But either way I hope you enjoy it once you’ve got your hands on the PS5 mate. Maybe I’ll start saving now and hopefully I can get one someday.

  16. Lyricsed. says:

    Sony: We look for productdesigner for the PS5.
    Person: But i am an Architect.
    Sony: You are the chosen one.

  17. BendixCork says:

    The music sounded like some main characters sad death scene or something

  18. Miku Mayana says:

    RK900 : Who are you?
    PS5 : I’m you but a console.

  19. GTA 5 Moments says:

    Me: Me so cool who much is it

    Sony: We’ll give u a discount

  20. Aum Prajapati says:

    10% actually funny comments
    90% my wallet: nice try

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