Sora in Smash Bros. Ultimate! – REVEAL TRAILER

Sora in Smash Bros. Ultimate! – REVEAL TRAILER

Sora is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the final DLC fighter! Check out the reveal trailer.

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47 Responses

  1. Pandasu says:

    So does this mean that Donald is gonna be his echo-fighter?

  2. SuperRandomGo says:

    So he’s the final DLC character after all? I never thought it would come true.

    • AGG Sabcakes says:

      @NATEMAKESBEATSONYT lmao stay mad buddy we’re gonna enjoy the game you can just sit out and cry that his final smash underwhelming. Nintendo doesn’t owe you anything


      @Kromer but I never asked Sakura for anything … especially not this so that’s fine , did you know Sakurai probably doesn’t even read this comment section ??? Including your defense of him ? It’s weirdos like you that make him work endless hours on this game thank you for taking years out of this man’s life just so you can get what you want. What an entitlement you smash ass-hats have.


      @AGG Sabcakes another moron, if I didn’t ask for this… why would I feel something is owed to me ?? You morons expecting sora to be in smash that finally got it are the only ones who felt owed anything y’all been asking this for over two years … that’s a lot of amnesia nice mental gymnastics 👍

    • AGG Sabcakes says:

      @NATEMAKESBEATSONYT I’m not gonna entertain the mental retardation happening in front of me.

    • Kromer says:

      @NATEMAKESBEATSONYT Dude, all of that assumption from just five words. Are you so dense that you don’t even see the fact that you flailing about in the comments section paints a REALLY bad picture of yourself? You’re whining like a child over a man making a cool character for his fanbase, flipping out over five words, or anyone with any dissent towards your insubstancial mouth-vomit. Can you even read what you’re typing? It must be hard to, with all of that absolutely abhorrent punctuation. The dude owes you nothing, simple as. You’re the one complaining.

      Saw your other comment after, you do know what mental gymnastics are right? The very bounds and leaps that could’ve possibly brought you to the incredibly idiotic and double-sided conclusions you have come to. “Waaah, wah sora doesn’t look good!” vs. “Oh, wow I’m happy sora got into the game!”, that’s what this whole thing boils down to, and YOURE the one complaining like an entitled brat. What is wrong with you?

  3. JustJoshin says:

    Smash is absolutely the greatest crossover of all time.

  4. TheGrandRevo says:

    Imagine the amount of fucking legal crap Nintendo had to do for Disney to sign off on this


      @Memes Are KEEM “mad” lmao ok this is bare minimum and y’all are foaming at the mouth no moves from dream drop distance or inclusion of chain of memories both Nintendo titles no Donald no goofy 🤷‍♂️ and I’m salty for pointing that out. Y’all were salty for 2 years because he wasn’t in the game yet let’s calm down and take some constructive criticism without immediately calling it being a hater 🤡

    • Jack Craig says:

      @Beefaroni Bert kingdom hearts was literally an elevator pitch between a Disney Japan and square Enix exec, the game series is co owned by Disney: it’s literally in the logo shown at the end Disney owns Kingdom Hearts with Square it’s a crossover between the two companies

    • Date Kaname says:

      @Involten Disney has copyright over sora character.

    • Alex Jones says:

      @ZenoDLC I’m saying that in the Smash footage, the Kingdom Key *doesn’t* appear to have that keychain. It just has a dangling chain with not mouse ears on the end.

    • Star Frost says:

      @NATEMAKESBEATSONYT Uh, hello? The whole point of Smash is to bring everyone together no matter what it takes, and this is THE perfect example. Just as I thought, there’s always that one person who’s never satisfied…

  5. zant says:

    Marvel: “infinity war is the greatest crossover event of all time”
    Sora:”hold my keyblade”

  6. Brendan Stephens says:

    I wasn’t expecting this, but to be honest, this is actually pretty cool.

  7. Astro says:

    This is it. Smash Ultimate is officially complete. And I’m so glad Sora was the one to end it. But don’t be sad it’s over. Imagine all the hype plays we’re going to see with him.

  8. SammerGuy says:

    Even if there were no Disney characters, nothing can beat this game. This is officially the greatest crossover ever made.

  9. Randomguy92 says:

    So when can we expect a spin off game where mario is going around destroying heartless with a key blade :p

    • Blackheartzero, the Underground Song Critic says:

      Hell, he touched a Keyblade, he’s now able to potentially create and wield his own. That’s how it works!

    • austin cee says:

      Can imagine in the next kingdom hearts game, sora will travel to the mushroom kingdom 😃

  10. hecker says:

    I’m just surprised of how they even managed to make things out with Disney

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