SourceFed Says Goodbye: The Final Livestream

SourceFed Says Goodbye: The Final Livestream

Come hang with us as we celebrate SourceFed, SourceFed NERD, People Be Like and Nuclear Family on our Final Livestream!

Join us at 2pm PDT on into the night with Special Guests, never before seen videos, games and more!

From all of us here at SourceFed, Thanks and We Love YOU!!!!!

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20 Responses

  1. Kaidin Saikou says:


  2. melissa colon says:

    Wow I cant believe its actually over

  3. Alejandro Cifuentes says:

    Bye sourcefed 🙁

  4. Garrett Hedden says:

    I’m not closing the tab. It’s still a stream, it will remain a stream. Sourcefed will never be over.

  5. Eli Eshel says:

    S is for Sad

  6. Connor Vasey says:

    Who’s still weeping along with me?

  7. gasodu says:

    Is that a coffee machine?

  8. Stacy says:

    If the stream was 6 hours why is this 4 hours?

  9. Fullmetal Xeno says:

    Thanks for the laughs and ridiculous inside jokes ❤️

  10. Vix C says:

    Well what are we supposed to do now?

  11. raniely candelario says:

    Jesus i just saw all 6+ hours of this and still feel empy inside… pls help

  12. Fluffymagicman says:

    “This is the way the world ends
    Not with a bang but a whimper.”

    Goodnight SourceFed. Thanks for watching.

  13. Leroy Jenkins says:

    This is fucked. Screw Group9


    I was gonna say something bad about businesses and all that stuff, but I think it’s better to be happy about what you guys did and that you were able to end it on such a high note. Thank you all for the years of entertainment and inside jokes that none of my friends got. I hope the future is great for you all. – the viewers

  15. alensuino says:

    The company “SourceFed” has been closed, but it doesn’t mean their lives are over. Follow them! Look them up! Find their content and support them into the future!

  16. James Tasker says:

    R.I.P. SourceFed
    April 25th 2011 – March 24th 2017

  17. thewinterizzy says:

    Rest in Peace, Jonathan Gay.

  18. Purple Face says:

    This looks like a cool new channel. Subscribed!

  19. TheTravelingClatt says:

    Wow Im surprised how emotional I actually got while watching this.

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