Southwest looney tunes

Southwest looney tunes

Southwest Looney tunes announcement, southwest cohearts, Zach Haumesser

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20 Responses

  1. Connor Rickards says:

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  2. DKoa says:

    Fucking cringe.

  3. flexor212000 says:

    aaaaaaaand fired.

  4. HufftyPuffty says:

    Well, someones getting a raise

  5. Brandon Clark says:

    why do flight attendants get 4 point harnesses

  6. electrodinobot says:

    Those impressions are terrible. Especially the bugs and porky pig. Please
    look up porky pig voice actor and look how hard to do the real one is.

  7. Shane Champagne says:

    Bah, you cynics can go fuck yourselves, and this is coming from a cynical
    person. The guy was just having a little fun, the passengers got a kick out
    of it, and those impersonations are at least 100% better than what most of
    you assholes could do.

  8. Mr.Tumbleweed says:

    If I had to listen to this after a long flight I think this would be the
    tipping point.

  9. TheJustinKelsey says:

    Yeah, it got old after 20 seconds.

  10. Bleach Drink Up says:

    is that really the guy who voice them ?

  11. BadMannerKorea says:

    Horrible impressions. It doesn’t surprise me though that this video ends up
    on the front page of Reddit. Reddit likes to upvote shit.

  12. Doug Robinson says:

    Give that man a raise!

  13. KingBatman says:

    absolutely perfect, then annoying.

  14. David Dietz says:

    Not dissing the guy but I cringed. To each his own…

  15. Shane Stahl says:

    oh my god I’d punch that fuckin bitch …

  16. Khizer Baloch says:

    Lets wait for him to ellen couch giving unlimited supplies of looneytoon
    cartoon subscribtions for lifetime and stuff

  17. TheCatLord says:

    jesus christ, another trending video with a vertical view. I’m done.

  18. Jiggly Nutts says:

    why tf r people calling it “cringe”? >.>

  19. Ronald Harper says:

    Here’s your next Mel LeBlanc!

  20. noel stoehr says:

    Why cant i get FA like that