Space Oddity

A revised version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity, recorded by Commander Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station.

Composition: “SPACE ODDITY”
Written by David Bowie
Published by Onward Music Limited

(Note: This video cannot be reproduced and is licensed for online music use only.)

With thanks to Emm Gryner, Joe Corcoran, Andrew Tidby and Evan Hadfield for all their hard work.

Captioning kindly provided by CHS (

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20 Responses

  1. Raul Deluna says:

    This is simply awesome. I guess we can all relate to different songs
    depending on our path in life.

  2. David Zamora says:

    Best astronaut ever!

  3. sorhin66 says:

    Needs more After Effects flares!

  4. Laurie-Shawn Borzovoy says:

    Available once again for all the galaxy to enjoy… Space Oddity in space.

    Bowie himself loved it, posting on Facebook that it was “possibly the most
    poignant version of the song ever created”

  5. Jason Chambers says:


  6. bugwubber says:

    Yay it’s back!

  7. Eng. Jorge Santana says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  8. Eng. Jorge Santana says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  9. Erick Cave says:

    If you haven’t seen this epic cover before, do so now. David Bowie called
    it “possibly the most poignant version of the song ever created.”

  10. Eng. Jorge Santana says:

    It’s back on YouTube!

  11. Emperor says:

    رائع اتمني العرب يوصلون كذا

  12. Francesco Fioravanti says:

    It’s back!

  13. rainandlightningguy says:

    Wow. Astronauts must have a lot of time on their hands.

  14. Michael Barclay says:

    So glad this is back!

  15. Neeraj Singh Chahar says:

    Here I am Again !!!

  16. len got says:

    guitar in zero g, yes

  17. Patrick The Reaper says:

    welcome back mother fuckers! Glad you got the go-ahead on putting this back

  18. Bevan Jones says:

    You are back, this is great. So happy about this. Promoting science and
    engineering should transcend the petty things back on planet earth :D

  19. Cauê Fabiano says:

    It’s so good to see you guys back to Space! :D

  20. Enrique de Miguel Dicenta says:

    *Versión revisada del Space Oddity de David Bowie, grabada por el
    comandante Chris Hadfield a bordo de la Estación Espacial Internacional.*
    *Cuando se grabó la versión se obtuvo autorización del autor y el editor
    para permitir su reproducción libre y gratuita, gracias también a la
    Agencia Espacial Canadiense. Transcurrido ese año el vídeo fue eliminado
    para cumplir con el acuerdo legal. Ese mismo día nos pusimos a trabajar
    para volver a obtener el permiso legal y poder volver a publicarlo. Pero el
    proceso legal es lento y ha de llevarse con cuidado. Hoy tenemos permiso
    para publicar durante dos años más el video, libre y gratuitamente.*

    Os recomiendo que la veáis.. es francamente buena..