SpaceX just launched humans to space for the first time

SpaceX just launched humans to space for the first time

Elon Musk’s aerospace company, SpaceX, just successfully launched its first two people into orbit, ushering in a new age of human spaceflight in the United States. SpaceX is now the first company to send passengers to orbit on a privately made vehicle, and the flight marked the first time astronauts have launched into orbit from American soil in nearly a decade.

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103 Responses

  1. Verge Science says:

    What role do you think private companies should have in space exploration?

    • Wayne Slater says:

      @Robert2Real I recommend you reduce your use of psychedelics

    • Wayne Slater says:

      Give me a job so I can get away from the brainless inhabitants of this planet.

    • Kathleen Hensley says:

      Its a great idea..and I think a perfect answer to the question of the future of space travel. ‘earth is the cradle of mankind, but mankind can not stay in his cradle forever’ (not exact quote..) and also…. Robert Heinlein would approve..

    • Wayne Slater says:

      @atur chomicz Destruction is what youre hoping for? You want us to be helpless just like you?

    • Wayne Slater says:

      @Girard Perregaux The only unnecessary CO2 I detect is that which you exhale.

  2. H B says:

    Quarantine boredom turned me into an early bird. 😂

  3. Suman K.C. says:

    Sometime in future:
    TimeX just launched first human to past.

  4. Agnidh Ghosh says:

    Well, red or blue, this is definitely a proud moment for America.

  5. Soufiane Kharroubi says:

    Man each time I see a video like this I’m like…. Too bad we’re collapsing. Would have been great to see man on Mars or a Lunar base in my lifetime :’-(

    • Soufiane Kharroubi says:

      @Martin Shepherd I’m not talking about corona.
      To put it quickly =>
      – Climate change will create deep societal instabilities in the next 30 years.
      – Biodiversity is collapsing and no one knows how long before that will have serious effects on humans but judging by the fact that we’ve lost 80% of insects in Europe in the last 30 years only, I’d say we don’t have long
      – Energy and oil in particular il is at the center of our economies. Less oil means less GDP means problems. We probably reached pic oil in November 2018. Now all that’s left is the way down. And I would add that we can already see the consequences of a slowing economy => extreme right coming back everywhere, violent protests in all of South America, France + few muslim countries. The way down is not gonna be fun. But it will sure be interesting !

    • ZeloticMemes says:

      @Soufiane Kharroubi Protests also happen everywhere and in all times. Oil is not used in next gen tech as it use bio fuel and electricity, aluminium and much more, economy is a fictional thing in our minds that has happened because of poverty and will eventually vanish as in the near future nothing will take so much resources to manufacture.

    • ZeloticMemes says:

      @Soufiane Kharroubi It will definitely be interesting to see if humanity was right about the world ending I mean you know what they say 3 billion times is the charm

    • Soufiane Kharroubi says:

      ​@ZeloticMemes You make good remarks, let me address them. Biofuels have very poor EROEI and cannot merely cover our needs. Transforming all the fields in the world into colza to produce biofuels would amount to about 25% of our current oil consumption.
      Electricity is highly dependent on oil supply for the production of raw materials (extraction and refinement) to make the solar panels or wind turbines. Recycling aluminium, even though more efficient than extracting new one is still extremely energy demanding.
      I think you would enjoy watching my conference. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I have a master in engineering and always try to sources my data with highly reliable sources (IPCC, IEA, IPBES, WEO…). I also thought for a long time that technology would solve everything and it’s only after hundreds of hours of research that I came to the conclusion that collapse is happening (to my deepest regret). Check the conference and worst case scenario, you’ll have seen and interesting compilation of data about climate, energy and resources use. I don’t do it for the views, I have exactly 7 subscribers x)
      I don’t talk very nicely as it was my first trial but I think you’ll like the content.

    • Paul, Does things. says:

      @Niko Gruben You couldn’t sail across the ocean only 500 years ago. You couldn’t watch office space streamed to a tiny tv in your hand 15 years ago. We’ll be long dead but there is technology we haven’t even dreamed of yet. Don’t underestimate the ability of humans to do crazy things. NASA is actively working on an alcubierre drive. It’s only science fiction until we make it reality.

  6. Manfred Byron says:

    Let’s hope everything goes well

  7. TheHunterWolf says:

    Mission Impossible 7: Terminal Station … in the International Space Station
    Mission Impossible 8: Lunar Descent … on the Moon
    Mission Impossible 9: Red Terror … on Mars

  8. radius cubed says:

    I’m really glad they kept going with the launch despite the pandemic!

    • WindTheBrave says:

      As we watched this incredible achievement of humankind today; it would appear as though many forget that the chaotic nature of space is FAR more dangerous than the relatively peaceful nature of the planet we inhabit. While this comment is mainly addressing my home country, America, I believe it’s fair to say that these are tough times for almost everybody all over the world. Whether it be the pandemic, the riots in America, or the rising tension between superpowers…

      All of these have certainly caused setbacks around the world, and the fear being experienced by many is most certainly justified in such times of chaos.

      In such times.. It feels as though the only place of peace is beyond our skies, with only chaos on the ground.
      In such times.. It truly seems as if the nature of humankind is far more vicious than the chaotic nature of space.
      In such times.. We are experiencing many setbacks with seemingly no end in sight.

      However, it is vital to remember that we’ve had many such setbacks throughout the history of humankind! It has been proven throughout that history, that humankind has ALWAYS managed to moved forward and rise once more in the face of adversity! From my perspective, this launch to symbolized the beginning of such a rise once more! While it’s only the beginning, this launch has demonstrated that despite the fear, chaos, and setbacks we are experiencing in such times…


    • Ian Dalziel says:

      I think it was to help stem Mr Trump’s Dem Panic…
      Any day you get to bathe in the Rocket’s red glare is a good day, right
      Though I thought it was a bit mean he didn’t take his youngest along
      Launch of the century – The Birth of a New Era, and all that, what’s not to like?

    • Ian Senpai says:

      JK Campbell off yourself

    • stratogustav says:

      Imagine corona going into the International space station.

    • radius cubed says:

      @stratogustav Wouldn’t be good but they did do a 2-week quarantine before the launch to eliminate that possibility.

  9. Louis says:

    Just watched the whole Livestream.. but when Verge science releases a video I gotta see it 🥰

  10. Ilane I. says:

    0:50 He lost his dinosaur

  11. Some Curiosities says:

    Welll… Guess that’s one way to social distance..! 😂😂😂

  12. Buster Brown says:

    Every time they say “Bob and Doug”, my mind hears “Bob and Doug McKenzie”

  13. Jay M says:

    I think what I find surprising is that this rocket has automatic “parallel parking”.

  14. Captures In Time says:

    They should stay up there, as the world ain’t doing so good rn

    • Michael Walsh says:

      CE Studios That is to Riffic. Space is the final frontier. What else is there to do?

    • Kjaermit says:

      @Lovro Linic But only america is a 1st world country…or apparently not.

    • Lovro Linic says:

      @Kjaermit yep but still other countries also have a lot of new cases per day like Brazil or Russia!

    • Miao Miao says:

      @urdoodoo54 actually if they were to have it. How are they going to survive without any medical help in the rocket. They definitely have to ensure they are all clear before going


      @Miao Miao they have emergency supplies in the crew dragon…watch the ilvestream and you’ll know more about what’s happening while they were in space…

  15. KawiileahXx X says:

    When he lost his dinosaur I got sad-

  16. Jacob says:

    Finish line first? No more like reach the starting line first.This will be the beginning of a new era of space flight.

  17. Jake Silverman says:

    thats cool and all but I think having ninjas protect the astronauts is a bit extreme

    • Benjamin Waliszewska-Lovegood says:

      In roscomos orthodox bishops did it. I’m not kidding they also blessed rockets and stuff

  18. -Solivagant- says:

    Soo basically:
    A ticket to space starts from 80 million dollars. Limited seats. Book NOW!

    (terms and conditions apply)

    • shinnidan says:

      You forgot the liability claus…if it blows up mid air…the company can not be held liable…and you life insurance will be voided, since you choose to strap yourself to a missile…😒

    • Trevor Phillips says:

      Mine was $100 ticket to mission space at Disney.

    • Richard Hotvedt says:

      one day it will be the cost of a round trip to another country, and most flights filled with blue collar workers and technicians on their way to work..

    • Живко Яннкулоски says:

      @Richard Hotvedt | Well, the primary reason why space travel is expensive is not because it’s hard, but because we have no profit from it. Once space is commercialised, and we start mining asteroids, and having space tourism and what else not, the prices will plummet.

    • Cedric Velarde says:

      Sign of waiver required

  19. PlumpyCock77 says:

    When my grandpa was young they’d have to walk ten miles through snow to get to the moon

    • tolya A says:


    • DeathBySeaToast says:

      Back in my grandpas day they’d have to walk through the gates of hell just to reach school. Your grandpa was lucky to live in such privileged times.

    • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ says:

      @DeathBySeaToast Damn dude my grandpas had to fight a horde of dragons and slay the Cthulhu just to attend school, snowflakes these days

    • RS Familia says:

      Lilu Dallas multipass

    • PlumpyCock77 says:

      @DeathBySeaToast lol

  20. slashDRAGON says:

    Sometime in the future:

    Pranking aliens with mah SpaceX home.

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