Spectacular and sobering view of Hawaii volcano from above

Spectacular and sobering view of Hawaii volcano from above

Geologists warn that Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano might be primed for explosive new eruptions. David Begnaud got a view from a helicopter above one of the craters. Huge rocks from recent eruptions were scattered hundreds of yards away.

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64 Responses


    Sorry but corporate news automatically gets a thumbs down! Liars!!

  2. Worf says:

    No one cared who I was till I put on the mask.

    • Feelerino says:

      Worf you’re a big guy

    • Zarina Glushhenko says:

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    • Salil Bhatnagar says:

      Oh what about those STD ancestors of urs Worf?

    • Skeet says:

      because its PAYDAY

  3. crashweaverda says:

    4 years of collage. Neither Nora or the reporter know the difference between a gas mask and a respirator. So sad.

  4. Mariann Lowe says:

    you don’t know its true and not fake its not fake its really going on. then go there yourself. ninth degree. CBS thank you for wearing a gas mask . stay safe please

  5. Mr. Alvarez says:

    Gas mask not needed ALL HYPE! CBS 😆

  6. lindsay jones says:

    Air pollution and thousands of degrees lava flows causing global warming.

  7. meli sol says:

    he had that mask on too loose.

  8. Bradley Mosman says:

    Gives “Mother” nature a whole other meaning. Toxic femininity at its finest.

    • Spirit Angelfish says:

      Bradley Mosman You don’t understand what you are saying. This is Pele. This is her hula of creation. This is bringing out the love in people.

    • Hayley says:

      🤣🤣 truth

    • XLV Raisin says:


    • M.J. Leger says:

      I’m a female but I find your comment amusing anyway! But use another adjective rather than “toxic!” Women are chemically no more toxic than men! And Mother Nature has provided far more beauty than ruin! Think of that!

  9. jacker372 says:

    I would never sleep on that island, idk how some people are still there.

  10. Mikail Blakinnof says:

    Just leave damn😐😑

  11. NuxVom says:

    00:24 Aaaarrrggghh! It’s The Fly!

  12. Ed Jones says:

    *Life goes on… Just as with Hurricane Katrina and Chernobyl.*

  13. jim28fl says:

    So consider the obvious. If lava is no longer getting as high as it used to and leaking from places it usually doesn’t, something has plugged it from rising as it used to. What happens when plug clears? IDIOTS. GTF out of dodge like yesterday. Don’t cry for help, you were warned for weeks by mother nature. There is that huge cloud in your back yard of ash and the ground is shaking and burning to help remind you chose living on a volcano.

    • clint roberts says:

      god i hate idiots like you..you are an armchair scientist,geologist,historian,biologist,etc,etc,etc…you know more than anyone else and whatever is said they are the ones that are idiots and you have all the correct answers in your world.

  14. justin sakamoto says:

    It sent 30k feet of ash into sky

  15. COZ L says:

    What kind of idiot buys a house next to an active volcano?? hehe

    • John Kahananui says:

      Buying a house on the Big island is considerably cheaper than buying a house on any of the other islands due to the risk. I live in Kauai it’s pretty expensive to live here, but I would take a flood over volcanic explosions any day.

    • Shane Na says:

      Humility? That doesn’t even make sense in this context. Humility to who or what? Do you imply that I, a person born and raised here, is complacent to my surroundings? That couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s because I understand my home, that it’s fairly clear that I understand a shield volcano more than most, that I don’t run around in a panic. Lack of humility would be crying wolf, confessing to know what will happen before there is evidence of impending catastrophe. I listened to a report from usgs, read thier reports, watched up to date video and pictures from local people , I don’t need a CBS reporter with a ridiculous particulate filter on his face telling me about my back yard.

    • MrsClippit says:

      Coz,the whole state of Hawaii is a Volcanic region. It’s the price some of us pay for paradise.

    • Lx Beltran says:

      It’s the price you pay for living in paradise. Some people love destruction.😅

    • M.J. Leger says:

      I wondered that myself. I was in Hawaii when the “Big K” was erupting in the mid-80’s or early 90’s. But it was NOT the “big one” like now. I saw the red river of lava just off the trail and touched it with the toe of my shoe, rather stupid, but I used to have a terribly curious mind, still do, but have more sense now! (It barely stuck to my tennis shoe enough to cause a bit of smoke and I immediately put it out.) I cannot imagine how terrible this eruption is, with rocks the size of basketballs shooting way up into the air, and the vast area of fissures that are emitting fire and smoke — astounding! So many have lost their homes, sad indeed. But one must not be too surprised, that’s how Hawaii was formed in the first place, volcanoes rising from the sea floor, some taller than Mt. Everest!

  16. Marige OBrien says:

    I used to envy people who owned homes in Hawaii. No more. In fact, since there’s been volcanic activity since the 1980’s, I don’t even sorry for them… except for being so stupid.

    • Cheese Muffin says:

      Marige OBrien of course besides the people who were born there.

    • Shane Na says:

      Do you live in an area without any risk of natural disaster? I guess we could all live in Montana or something but that sounds cold.

  17. Thomas Morgan says:

    this newscaster could get cuckoo the year mask

  18. Pooter Man says:

    The mask is a particulate mask for like sand and dust not for sulfur dioxide what a joke

  19. Charles Townsend says:

    you need goggles too. That posion gas can get into your eyes.

    The authorties should have evacuated everyone within 50 miles and have not. If the roads get cut off there could be a huge death toll.

    • Jenna G. says:

      volcanoes give a lot of natural indicators that something is wrong with the volcano.
      people had plenty of time to evacuate if they were paying attention.
      haven’t you ever seen Dante’s Peak?

  20. Alan Peterson says:

    So if Hawaii blows off the map, are we back to 49 states?

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