Spending 24 Hours On Top Of A Mountain

Spending 24 Hours On Top Of A Mountain


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57 Responses

  1. MrBeast says:

    Subscribe and the domino guy will bring you pizza

  2. Burner 1415 says:

    Mrbeast: 24 hours on a mountain!

    Chandler: *jumps off

  3. Riley Pena says:

    Mr Beast: Gives $10,000 to strangers

    Also Mr Beast: Doesn’t pay the pizza guy that hiked 6 hours to bring him pizza

  4. Ad Ya says:

    Any Youtuber: “It’s impossible to do a challenge”

    Mrbeast: “Hold my cash”

  5. 1000 Subs Without Any Videos Challenge says:

    Mr Beast: I will give you $50,000 if you breathe

    Chandler: *_I don’t feel so good_*

  6. 10k subs with no videos challenge says:

    That pizza guy is my new favorite character

  7. ramosjc11 says:

    Delivery guy:hello sir i got you cheese pizza

  8. baby G says:

    “I’m just bad at everything, so climbing is hard for me” ??

  9. Tyler Crooks says:

    As someone who works at dominos as a delivery guy, this is exactly how every delivery is. Jump through all these hoops, travel up a mountain, get stiffed and quit

  10. Thog says:

    “We have no food left” literally in the background of jimmys head there’s a full bag of tortilla chips

  11. ñêþ†μñe / / says:

    MrBeast: If you inhale first you get 50,000$!!

    *chandler: exhales*

  12. Jack Lier says:

    Me: Are you afraid of heights
    chandler: Nope
    Me: but ur afraid of chris
    Chandler:YES!! REEEEEEEEEEeee

  13. Egg with 10,000 subscribers says:

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly
    We want that pizza guy bacc

  14. BraylonCoolDude says:

    Who else felt bad for the pizza guy?

    Also I’m surprised that the pizza guy walked home in the dark

  15. FireEagle 1128 says:

    Jimmy: How far r u willing to deliver this pizza?

    Domino guy: yes

  16. Quentin Hill says:

    “How ya doin back there?”
    Chandler: *makes crow noise*

  17. Akasha Snow says:

    That pizza guy contemplated all of his life choices on the way up that mountain ???

  18. Sara Sakane says:

    I’m gonna spend 24 hours in a mountain.
    I’m gonna spend 24 hours in my bed ?

  19. Star_Playz says:

    “I still have more money to give away before I die!!!”
    -Mr. Beast 2019

  20. Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :* says:

    Man that pizza guy ……..
    He should be paid 30k for his dedication

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