Spider-Man and The Avengers Team Up in This Marvel Movie Mashup

Spider-Man and The Avengers Team Up in This Marvel Movie Mashup

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Now that Spider-Man has officially joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we wondered what it will look like when he joins the Avengers in battle!

Edited by The Sleepy Skunk

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20 Responses

  1. luvgzus4ever says:

    Wow, scenes mashed up well, poor New York, always getting wrecked in

  2. Glen Wang says:

    1.34 – 1.50
    Bus Passengers: Thanks for saving us, Spidey! Say, how about we hang around
    Burger King and have a chat about… OH MY GOD!!! AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHH!

  3. miss ellie says:

    Andrew for Spider-man. Toby for Peter Parker

    I like both in my opinion.


    Spider-man does nothing in this trailer

  5. Fynn Spider says:

    So cool!

  6. James Bravo says:

    Marvel will make it right.

  7. Hanslay Boodoo says:

    DC vs Marvel? which one better?

  8. Antenox says:

    I don’t want Spider-Man if it means getting rid of the Hulk. Eff that.

  9. Frosty WoW says:

    Really wish Garfield was in the new Avengers movies… he did such a good
    job. I dont understand what Marvel is thinking… A THRID reboot?? WHY??! I
    am almost embarrassed for them.

  10. NitroGaming56 says:

    Cant wait to see this for real!

  11. Tchenky Antoine says:

    worse fan made trailer i’ve ever seen in my entire life it’s really suck

  12. Jett Stream says:

    am i the only one who would love to see another spiderman origin story? i
    kind of really like origin stories.

    either way i dont mind if we see a new spiderman, or an old one, i just
    hope this change doesn’t affect the MCU too much

  13. Alejandro Amaro says:

    Nice mashup!!

  14. Can't Stop The Madness says:

    Really awesome, but I wish you’d spent more time trying to colour correct
    the Spidey clips to match the Avengers ones better. It’s glaring how
    different they are.

  15. kingsol767 says:

    Nice mash up. TASM2 was a jumbled mess. Continuity requires Andrew be cut.
    They should start with a recently bit Spider-man to explain his absence.
    This is best route for Spider-man as a character. The mishandling of
    Spider-man was not Andrew’s fault, but the fix requires a fresh start.

  16. osamabinlaydle says:


  17. Andrew says:

    what would be the point of Iron Man shooting the rocket at Spidey for him
    to deflect it, when he could just shoot the worm monster directly?

  18. Marc Fried says:

    I can’t wait for Spider-Man joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I just
    wish Andrew Garfield could’ve be Peter Parker/Spider-Man for Marvel’s
    Avengers & Avengers: Age of Ultron. So I wonder who will be the newest
    Peter Parker/Spider-Man. 

  19. Mykola Poliščuk says:

    whoa.. ..

  20. James Israelson says:

    That gave me chills…