Spike Lee explains the incident at Madison Square Garden | First Take

Spike Lee explains the incident at Madison Square Garden | First Take

Watch Part 2 Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DinyLPaM1U0
Watch Part 3 Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcw_KB4eKHU
Spike Lee joins First Take to tell his side of the story about the incident he had with security and James Dolan before the Houston Rockets vs. New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden.
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58 Responses

  1. Mason. says:

    Max has to make sure everyone knows he’s “woke” every chance he gets 😂

  2. Vince McMahon says:

    This is why KD and Kyrie never considered the Knicks

  3. ThaClancyFam2 says:

    This has to be the last straw. Knicks fans should boycott until Dolan’s gone.

    • D A says:

      Geez and I’m a Mets fan too..please no

    • 47 til infinity says:

      Im tired of people saying boycott. This is not the 1960s anymore boycotting doesn’t work so stop saying it

    • j turner says:

      Why because they asked him to use a designated VIP entrance “repeatedly” (caught on tape talking to Dolan about it), yet he fails to bring this up in the First Take conversation and has the Audacity to say “I’m being harassed by James Dolan and I don’t know why” give me a break man. He simply didn’t listen to the organization, didn’t follow new rules they were trying to put in place and faced the repercussions. Why do you think he is on ESPN, making a tantrum about it? Because hes entitled man whose ego just took a big hit.

    • agthaog1986 says:

      totally agree….im not even a fan anymore but im completely disgusted wit the organization . this is part of why i left after al harrington left

    • nonchallant1 says:

      I’ve been saying that for YEARS

  4. Antonio M. says:

    Hey Spike.. “Boycott Sal’s”. Aka The Knicks. 🤬 🗑 ➡️ 🍕 🔥

  5. - Vthenumber9 says:

    ORRR he was big timing some new employee who didn’t know who he is, not everyone knows you Spike

  6. Antonio M. says:

    It’s never a bad day when someone shouts at Molly and calls her “my dear” condescendingly

  7. J.D. Mack says:

    Molly: Try’s to speak
    Spike: Let me finish
    It’s about time someone shuts her up

  8. Rick Harding says:

    “Also, when…” -Molly
    “Let me finish!” -Spike Lee 😆 😂 😝

    • BeastMode 21 says:

      She knew not to try that feminism BS with him. And the negative manipulative Feminism not the positive variety.

  9. DUANE DAVID DRAE Edwards says:


  10. flyaries says:

    “And they were hot garbage most of those 28 years” lmaooooo

  11. S C says:

    2:36 the moment Spike shutdown Molly. Just beautiful.

  12. ERIC Anderson says:

    Imagine Jack being treated like this at Staples , the interview would have been Oscar worthy , They Want ME in that seat , they NEED me in that seat !

  13. Javian Johnson says:


    • Oz loves coffee says:

      First Oakley now Lee 2 of the biggest Knicks icons around smh I knew the Knicks was trash but Max is right a fish rots from the head down

  14. seena96 says:

    “Let me finish” – what everybody should say to Molly

  15. Moetown says:

    At 3:22 that was the most NY “I don’t wanna talk about nufin” i’ve ever heard

  16. John FC says:

    Spike : “Lemme finish”
    Molly : “Ok” 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Abubakr Wally says:

    2:37 when he stopped molly from interrupting him Stephen A and max should do this Everyday

  18. QuatRxVersi IV says:

    Lmao 😂 spike lee has been angry literally all my life since I was old enough to kno who he is

  19. Sherard B. says:

    Spike: “Lemme finish”
    Molly: “Otay”
    Me: “This MF Spittin” 🤞

  20. Saleh Cheema says:

    Molly: let me—-
    Spike: LET ME FINISH
    Molly: ok

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