SpongeBob SquarePants “Sweet Victory” Performance ? Band Geeks | Nick

SpongeBob SquarePants “Sweet Victory” Performance ? Band Geeks | Nick

SpongeBob, Sandy, Patrick and Squidward give you all the feels at the Bubble Bowl when they sing SWEET VICTORY! ? Catch more SpongeBob SquarePants on Nickelodeon.

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66 Responses

  1. Nickelodeon says:


  2. Jev Miller says:










  3. Matias Lee says:

    – Stephen Hillenberg –
    He was always #1

  4. The Sloth Charmer says:

    Play this at the Super Bowl or we riot

  5. DCSportsFan says:

    Best scene in the history of Nickelodeon cartoons. Period.

  6. B-Radical Gaming says:

    This better be played at the Super Bowl in honor of Stephen Hillenburg. It’s now or never.

  7. bigsnake_inc-123 says:

    Is it safe to say Nickelodeon found out about the Petition?

  8. DomTheBomb says:

    Do this in this years super bowl

  9. Saint Candy says:

    One of the most unforgettable Spongebob episodes ever…

  10. ItsRedFusion says:

    Legendary! ?

  11. Dan Nigro says:

    Whoever’s the owner of the white sedan, you left your lights on.

  12. Acai says:

    I’ll forever hear Squilliam choking whenever I hear this song

  13. Star Giant Productions says:

    Please let this be the song for Superbowl 2019.

  14. TheEquus92 says:

    There’s a petition going around to have this played at the next Super Bowl in honor of Stephen Hillenburg

    It already has over 50,000 signatures, including mine

  15. Alec says:

    R.I.P Stephen Hillenburg

    Let’s pray that this song gets played at the super bowl soon.

  16. Quinton Reviews says:

    I’m not crying

    you’re crying

    • One Dixie Cup Just For You says:

      +Burned Edits He interjected his beliefs about Trump during a video about Jake/Logan Paul, refuses to speak to people who disagree with his own political beliefs, believes that those he disagrees with shouldn’t have a chance to humanize themselves (even though we’re all human beings), locks himself away in his echo chamber of thoughts to remind himself who he thinks is right instead of actually talking it out, and whined about Ben Shapiro being in a video with Pewdiepie even though all they did was look at memes. Some of which were even making fun of Ben Shapiro, who didn’t push his beliefs or try to enact an agenda. He was just there to have fun. But Quinton went on his little tirade saying that Ben Shapiro shouldn’t even have the chance to be humanized with such things. He’s an edgelord.

    • Sophia Killian says:

      as quoted by jay walker RIP CRETOR WHO MADE SPONGEBOB

    • Igor Swiniarski says:


  17. Mario, The Nintendo Mascot says:

    They need to play this at Stephen’s funeral. This or ocean man.
    Rest up Steph, it’s been real. You created a big part of my childhood and I’ll never forget you. SWEET VICTORY YEAH!

  18. Justin Y. says:

    You better play this in the next superbowl

  19. Matthew Villareal says:

    The 90 dislikes are all from Squilliam

  20. Christian Maracle says:

    If this doesn’t play during the 2019 Super Bowl, I’m gonna be disappointed!

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