Squirrel at Phillies Game

Squirrel at Phillies Game

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20 Responses

  1. Jonah St-François says:

    Meanwhile no one gives a shit about the game going on lol, sounds about

  2. Red Mufasa says:

    An audience clapping at a squirrel jumping from a wire. U S A U S A U S

  3. dubtat says:

    You paid $200 for a ticket behind home plate so you could watch a
    squirrel?!?!?!?! This is why I don’t bring my girlfriend to games.

  4. JackCarver10 says:

    It disappeared into nothingness halfway down, wtf?????

  5. The Ry Guy says:

    The biggest crime is the vertical video

  6. Schmidteren says:

    favorite team loosing. fuck this shit i dont want to live anymore.

  7. stinknus says:

    Fucking life sucks, I’ll jump where all you bastards can see me.

  8. pietro91xzero says:

    why are they clapping? mericans, why you clap so much?

  9. Nicholas Birkhead says:

    There needs to be a public service announcement about ALWAYS filming

  10. Jeremy Groat says:

    -1 for vertical video

  11. FrankValchiria says:

    some pixelation make the squirrel to disappear but if you slow down the
    video you can see it land.

  12. TheMotherfer says:

    (In the squirrel’s head)


  13. Stunnish Entertainment says:

    #funny #humor #animals 

  14. John Lemus says:

    Its OK people, he was just looking for his Moose friend.

  15. SomeDooD555 says:


  16. backdraftvideos says:

    That’s it Maurice! I’m done! I’m jumping! And I want everyone to see it.
    Freeeedoooooooooooommmmmm…….*splat* damn it. 

  17. Trud0 says:

    that squirrel have nuts…big one

  18. Flappy Derps says:

    This tell all about baseball. A retarted squirrel is more interesting to
    all those watching.

  19. KeepItJedi says:

    That’s a tiny dog 

  20. Michael Nelson says:

    My bad guys.