Squirrel with no hind legs does handstand to get around

Squirrel with no hind legs does handstand to get around

My dad stumbled upon this weird little guy while walking our dog. It apparently was born with no hind legs or tail and now gets around by dong a handstand and walking on its front legs. Funky stuff.

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20 Responses

  1. Jeevan Mann says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if it was fake

  2. Trotters222 says:

    That’s some upper body strength right there!

  3. jimmy mc chardench says:

    what u don’t see is the bastard in the tree pulling up the squirrel with
    fishing wire

  4. Drizzy says:

    lmao what the fuck

  5. LiamClark23 says:

    You should keep it as a pet lol because surely a predator would be able to
    get it easy, as it cant escape?

  6. Lexically Ambiguityness says:

    poor hamster :((

  7. Dae Tru says:

    He’s imaginative, you’ve got to hand that to him.

  8. TheEyeKing says:

    Poor little bugger.

  9. throwaway says:

    ;__; damn nature, u fucking goofed

  10. Sara A says:

    I wish that squirrel will get help

  11. Harriet V says:

    I wanna squirrel but with legs

  12. Nathan Jacobson says:


  13. Exotic_GM says:

    Should have killed it out of mercy man!

  14. Kamakzie1976 says:

    Camera needs some repair

  15. Leonardo Films says:

    That’s cool!

  16. Steven Quartz Universe says:

    That moment when you realise the squirrels more athletic than you

  17. jalees ahamd says:


  18. Will Morrish says:

    Poor Squirrell

  19. Terry Revell says:

    Poor thing.

  20. AkatoshGaming says: