Star Trek: Discovery – First Look Trailer

Star Trek: Discovery – First Look Trailer

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Before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise there was Discovery. Now, one of the most iconic and influential global franchises returns to television with Star Trek: Discovery. The CBS All Access Original Series arrives this Fall.

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19 Responses

  1. S.Allan Preston says:

    LENS FLARE??? Come on guys…if you wanted to “polish” the look of Trek, then you should have gone post TNG. The canon freaks will have a field day with this.

  2. RecklessRon says:

    So tired of freakin prequels. Continue the storyline AFTER voyager. Lamesauce!!

  3. Split Screen Gamer says:

    If this is supposed to be part of the Prime timeline, then they are throwing away a ton of established canon. If this is part of the Kelvin timeline, most of that canon has already been thrown away. I love Star Trek and I’m a firm believer that story and content comes over nit-picking. That said, the other series have been good about following the established “rules” of Star Trek…even Enterprise with their explanation of different looks of the Klingons between TOS and TMP. I’m really hoping for the best. I’d love to see another great show like TNG come from the Star Trek “sabbatical” we’ve had and not a crash and burn like Enterprise.

  4. Aaron Bresky says:

    If you’re a true Star Trek fan you should at least give it a chance. How quickly we forget how bad the first season of TNG was.

  5. G says:

    So this female-led crew fucked up so bad that it led to two or three generations of only male leaders. Not just any male leaders but one James T Kirk a sex addict.

  6. Elton Wong says:

    Wait, which Kirk?? Shatner Kirk or Pine Kirk? Based on the tech in the trailer, I’m inclined to think Pine Kirk, but can’t be sure…

  7. TheGeekJones says:

    More lens flare!!! It needs more lens flare to show drama. CBS really wants to get their money for the green screen lens flare effect.

    “…returns to television”? I thought this was only going to be streaming.

  8. ThePromisedWLAN says:

    Gene Roddenberry continues rolling in his grave.

  9. Slappysan says:

    So I’ll be watching #TheOrville but not #StarTrekDiscovery. @CBS, you know you fucked up, right?

  10. Quentin Dooley says:

    Oh it’s the feminist Star Trek now I get it.

  11. Chase Rocker says:

    “Star Trek: Social Justice Warrior”

    But why is there still a WHITE guy on the bridge? Shouldn’t he be mopping floors in ten forward as payback for his patriarchal privilege? They better at least make him gay or I’m starting a petition…

  12. Saul Tauceda says:

    are they trying to piss off their fanbase?

  13. Macedonian_Pride 83 says:

    sorry it looks like overly cgi produced shit ,. nothing will ever touch TNG ,. and why is it most all black chicks faces look like straight up dudes

  14. Kami Amaya says:


  15. Pat Lusk says:

    No access for this mess…

  16. filthy casul says:

    17k views and trending, YouTube the fuck?

  17. Potatonomy says:

    II’Mm soo sorry ii likeit

  18. Nismo D21 says:

    Will be watching Porky’s Revenge instead.

  19. specie8470 says:

    Star Trek: Lens Flare comming to CBS ALL ACCESS FALL 2017 HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!

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