Star Trek Television Logo and First Look Teaser Revealed

Star Trek Television Logo and First Look Teaser Revealed

At the CBS Upfront presentation at Carnegie Hall in New York on May 18, CBS unveiled the logo for the new STAR TREK television series within the first-ever promotional video for the highly-anticipated program.

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20 Responses

  1. GeekFurious says:

    Premiering on CBS… and then you’ll have to pay to see more episodes on
    this service you’ll only use for this show. No thanks.

  2. A.I. Privilege says:

    Can we go from Tv to big screen and back? Lets try it I guess.

  3. DagobertX2 says:

    Nice to see to get a new ST series, but I hope stars won’t look like that
    in it, looks so fake. I’ve seen better CG stars in computer games than

  4. TrekkieChannel says:

    Looks much too “JJish” to me. Also – new heroes, new villains? So it’s
    going to be “that” kind of show? What about “To boldly go where no man has
    gone before”?

  5. Polak wUSA says:

    Seems like a lot of destruction in space. I am scarred it is going to be an
    action show rather than a proper trek in space. I hope my fears are
    premature. I would really want to see inspiring and brain stimulating show
    full of intelligent dialog and excitement of discovery.

  6. Nomans Skyfan says:

    Thank god for the internet because I haven’t watched a show on television
    in years. Amen for everything televised online for free. X D

  7. L. Artemesia Challenger says:

    So, a bunch of starfields and a logo.

    Nope, still not impressed.

  8. Lee Rees says:

    I really liked Enterprise, the fact they were just starting out in an
    unfinished ship really gave you that feeling of exploring the unknown. The
    lack of the prime directive made for some interesting story lines. A lot of
    Star Trek fans rave about DS9 but if I’m honest that’s probably my worst
    show, all of the Bajoran religious episodes are boring, What’s more boring
    than watching religious ceremonies? Watching fictitious alien religious
    ceremonies. I only watch DS9 because I like Quark, Worf and Odo. Odo is
    easily the best character in the show and when the best character isn’t the
    captain then something is wrong. All of the other DS9 characters are either
    bland (Dax, Obrien, Cisco) or just annoying (Kira, Bashir, etc). O’Brien
    was good making the odd appearance in TNG as transporter chief but he does
    not have the personality to have a lead role, in fact I get sick of his
    pessimistic whinging personality. As for Cisco, compared to all the other
    captains he just doesn’t have the presence, he should have been counsellor.
    Voyager was amazing, as was TNG.

  9. Mr. Horseshoe says:

    11 years since the last trek series and they are re-using ENT’s failed
    gimmick of setting it in the past. Very disappointing.

  10. anonymous says:

    Wanna bet it’ll be all PC this time? Count on it.

  11. Mickel Ntek says:

    they better not mess this up.

  12. Bjørn Edvard Holmberg says:

    Is this Abrams Star Trek universe? If so, i hope they at least add some
    brain to it

  13. Brainspace Showcase says:

    I’m happy to see the prime Star Trek universe coming back in a new series,
    but having the events of a new show preceding TNG in the timeline is really
    not interesting to me. I’d rather it move the larger story forward and not
    just fill in the gaps between the existing shows. It’s just not as engaging
    when you already have a clear picture of the future outcomes. Ideally, I’d
    like it set in a post TNG timeline but near enough in the future to allow
    cameos of TNG, DS9, and Voyager characters. I’m willing to be wrong though,
    and maybe the pilot will knock my socks off.

  14. The Cinema Cowboy says:

    Too late. The Trekkies are here to suck the joy out of it. Trekkies: Can’t
    understand anything that isn’t pandering spoon fed dribble since Patrick

  15. Tony M says:

    Should be on Netflix instead of the old paradigm. Cancelled in 2 season’s.

  16. CASE says:

    Why are they agents of shielding star trek?

  17. Kierin Hale says:

    please dont be JJ verse it will kill trek

  18. JanetStarChild says:

    If this new series strongly emulates Star Trek: The Next Generation, then
    it will definitely have a great chance of being excellent.

  19. SH4D0WXR33CONt1 says:

    Star Trek is a ripoff of Star Wars

  20. Slarty Bartfast says:

    What was wrong with Star Trek: Enterprise? Absolutely NOTHING. You idiots
    canceled it. Maybe you’ll do better this time(?) Rick Berman and crew
    HONORED the tradition. JJ Abrams did NOT. Wise up. You can continue to pump
    out what you think people want to watch or you can listen to the actual
    fans of the series and learn. Your choice.