Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Movie Review

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Star Wars: The Last Jedi, starring Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson, Gwendoline Christie, Andy Serkis, Laura Dern, Kelly Marie Tran, Benicio Del Toro. Directed by Rian Johnson.

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98 Responses

  1. 11dark Knight11 says:

    Star Wars is overrated

    • Meep Is cool says:

      11dark Knight11 then get outa here

    • blackcobra1981 says:

      11dark Knight11 The last “great” Star Wars movies was New Hope and Emipre Strikes Back. Both movies came out over 35 years ago.

      Rest of the movies was either good, trash, or average

    • Rodrigo Aguilar says:

      Disagree, OT was great, prequels were bad and TFA was an embarassment, JJ really screwed it up with a nonsensical story that doesnt feel like a SW movie at all

    • jerrygodeep says:

      Rodrigo Aguilar the force awakens is basically a rehash of a new hope lol but it doesn’t feel like Star Wars

    • A normal Guy says:

      I don’t see Star Wars as the best thing ever. I see it as something to really enjoy and maybe have fun with it.

  2. d4rkcowg0d says:

    “Daisy Ridley is an amazing actress”

    and now I know to remain extremely skeptical for this movie… I usually trust your reviews but this is one of the few, after that line, that I can’t

  3. Bubble Buster says:

    Sorry, I can’t trust your opinion if you think Force Awakens was a good movie

    • Garbon Bobbotop says:

      It’s called an opinion, you have one, he has one, and I have one, and all of us have a right to have one. You can hate the Force Awakens, you can love it, but you can’t insult others right to have an opinion.

    • Jackson Begley says:

      If you don’t think TFA is a good movie, you must not have seen a lot of movies. If you don’t think TFA is a good movie, it must not take a whole lot for something to be “bad” in your opinion. It’s silly when people say “The Force Awakens is the worst film ever made!” while ignoring films like “Master of Disguise” “Glen or Glenda” “The Room” “Suburban Commando” “Judge Doom” “Batman & Robon” and, .. *cough… “The Phantom Menace” or “Caravan of Courage”
      So if you think “The Force Awakens” is as terrible as you think, you clearly haven’t seen enough films to know what separates a good cinematic experience from a horrible one.

    • DJ Harmonics says:

      J Switch Saying rogue one was trash is opinion. It was boring but it wasnt “trash”. TFA on the other hand was Trash.

    • Hipster Spock says:

      Bubble Buster force awakens was a great movie tho

    • DJ Harmonics says:

      Hipster Spock People who think TFA was a good movie just were not able to see what a lot of people see. Check out this video by Ponstory games video called “The Force Awakens is the wrost movie of all time”. It a great video and really points out what makes the movie terrible that you probably missed.

  4. Games of Benefit says:

    Chris let go of your Rogue One trashing! It’s better than SW:TFA!

    • G'morkins says:

      Rouge one has no soul or personality.

    • Billy Mclaughlin says:

      Sauron Merciful have you tried rewatching it? That’s when I realised it was shit, liked it but was somewhat underwhelmed the first time then second time wanted to kill myself up until the third act when Scarif and Vader save the fucking show.

    • Billy Mclaughlin says:

      Chris Schrijvers that’s the entire point of the films you fucking idiot, that’s what’s supposed to make it good is that you’re supposed to care for them yet it fails to do that THEN kills them and it’s supposed to be tragic, that would have made it a good movie but they couldn’t even do that. You are a fucking idiot because that’s literally the point of Rogue One and it failed.

    • The Rockingbird . says:

      Rogue One sucked. Characters were boring and uninteresting, editing and pacing was awful, and the only thing redeeming it was the third act and the Vader scene

    • ErringZeus says:

      They’re both boring

  5. Robert Jones says:

    Your George Lucas impression could also be a Rich Evans as Mr Plinkett impression.

  6. Andrew Anferov says:

    rey? maRey sue are always with open mouth and eyes. good choice lool

  7. stabilisedchaos says:

    They finally got to Chris
    He said Daisy Ridley is an incredibly good actress
    everyone has a price I guess.

  8. Alan Allos says:

    He gave this movie a B rating

  9. Adi B says:

    Conflicted…and deep character in The Force Awakens? What junk are you use to watching! He played an emo wannabe Vader. Carrie Fisher was just embarrassing as she tried to get through her lines of dialogue after years of doing lines of coke! I grew up loving Star Wars..The lens flared pile of dog crap offered up by Jar Jar Abrams The Force Awakens onwards is helping me to move on from that. Maybe I’ve just grown up and my tastes have matured. I nearly walked out of the cinema and I know someone who did. Going to take a lot to get me to hand over to Disney more money for this one.

    • Luftace109 says:

      Lol one guy disagrees with Chris and everyone tells him to get over himself. He makes valid points.

    • Minion Slayer says:

      Adi B Wrong Coke

    • Joshua Hogberg says:

      They’re not doing it because he’s disagreeing with Chris, on its own, that’s perfectly fine. They’re doing it because he’s acting like a massive asshole about it. In fact, most of the people in this comments section are.

    • Billy Mclaughlin says:

      Luftace109 does he? He is trying to say kylo isn’t a conflicted character? U less you’re absolutely retarded you can tell he is co fluted because that’s his whole character, he wants to live up to Vader but is pulled towards the light side of the force not the dark which makes him… *drum roll* conflicted! Also what the other guy said about IT star wars fans and the problems in ANH is absolutely soot on because I’ve been banging on about that for years because the OT fans are literally blind cunts who also don’t even like 6 that much and somehow will never admit that the first hour and a half or ANH is boring as shit and they just complain about ROTJ being too kid friendly, they literally couldn’t force the OT’s cock out their throats of they tried.

    • Ouch that hurt says:

      MetalliBucket There’s no shit opinion. He already mention tgat he’s no “true Star Wars fan”, he just grew out of it. I’m not a fan of Star Wars myself, I was just bored throughout these new installments. The first 3 originals were pretty good, but everything after that went from decently entertaining to outright awful.

  10. Chris Guerard says:

    Please please please review Tokyo Ghoul season 1

  11. Derek Cliff Crane says:

    sad it sucked

  12. Loganbb91 says:

    Really?…your going to reference rogue one as the movie that had throwaway Star Wars references? Did you see the force awakens?!?

  13. rosvel92 says:

    The Force Awakens cast gave a better performance, but The Force Awakens is so unoriginal that Rogue One is better for the sole reason of featuring an original story.

    • Some Crazed Nerd says:

      Original =/= Good, bro (*cough* the prequels *cough*)

    • Chris Stuckmann says:



    • rosvel92 says:

      Christian Di Leo Reviews Agree, and I’m not a The Force Awakens hater, neither a The Force Awakens apologist. To a certain degree, I hate to like Rogue One more.

      The most positive thing, I can say about TFA, is tha Daisy Ridley is the best protagonist they could have picked for the sequel trilogy. She was nice enough to write an instagram comment asking my girl crush if she would like to go to TFA with me. I really wish J.J.Abrams, would have given an original story to her and the rest of the wonderful cast, they deserved it. J.J. Abrams put Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and the rest of the cast in a film with an un-original story, and yet they along the rest of the cast, and they somehow made magic with literally nothing. I would go as far as say, TFA succeded in my opinion , not because of J.J.Abrams, but rather despite of him.

    • Stasss says:

      Rey actress has no idea how to act though

    • Charles Baylor says:

      Rogue One was so fucking boring πŸ‘Ž

  14. Shione Cooper says:

    *As of right now both Force Awakens & Last Jedi have a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes*

  15. extreme77 says:

    Rogue One is the best Star Wars non-original sequel ever #fact

  16. SOL-LIT X says:

    If you thought TFA was good than I can’t trust you.

  17. TiagoWazzup says:

    What about Han solo???


  18. Jar Jar Binks says:

    Captain Tarpals. Never forget.

  19. Elisha Long says:

    I saw a shooting star last night and wished…

    That it hadn’t illuminated the spot in my backyard where my parents were fucking πŸ™

  20. Pimp Master Broda says:

    In this, Yoda is not. Get fucked, Disney can.

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