Star Wars The Last Jedi Throne Room Scene in LEGO

Star Wars The Last Jedi Throne Room Scene in LEGO

Hey guys!

This is a LEGO recreation of (Spoilers) the death of Supreme Leader Snoke and Rey and Kylo Ren team up! This video was made with a lot of love and care and no matter how you feel about The Last Jedi remember to be civil in the comments!

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53 Responses

  1. Huxley Berg Studios says:


  2. The Innocuous Reviews says:


  3. Titototter YTP says:

    You keep removing this video

  4. Ki-Adi-Mundi says:

    I would say first but I would get first dislike.

  5. JayTheBrickfilmer says:

    Favorite scene from the movie by far. Also my favorite TLJ recreation by far! Great job!

  6. Red Cat Ninja says:

    Nice, the snoke character was kinda…. SPOILERS

    HALF baked

  7. The Block Show says:

    It’s like seeing this scene for the first time again :’) Β‘Great Job!

  8. ßeni Nagyúr says:

    Porg smiley (Β°^Β°)

  9. HoustonProductions1 says:


  10. ******* ******* says:

    This is the quality content I signed up for.

  11. Han Solo says:

    the force is strong with this one.

  12. Deegan Bodell says:

    Amazing, not a lot of Lego animators can do this, it’s what makes you a formidable and unique Lego animator. πŸ˜‰

  13. Space Biscuit says:

    Huxley Berg Studios…
    HUXley Berg…

    i crave death

  14. Frank Omatic says:

    Ok seriously….that was freakin amazing! I was so into it just watching i forgot it was only 2 min vid lol….

  15. Supreme Leader Snoke says:

    I always knew you were rather exceptional at making lego videos Huxley Berg but this one in particular is sublime the designs for my throne room are mostly accurate and my facial expressions are adorable you have got a true gift and I would expect NOTHING LESS than to see more entertaining and… SUPREME videos like this one in your future DONT FAIL ME!!!

  16. Skinny Zach Films says:

    Great job, Hex. Thanks for changing the title like I suggested. Also geez… And I thought the Emperor got aroused by evil.

  17. Joshua Hoge says:

    This is Great!

  18. Adam Ferry says:

    Wow! Trending! Nice job!

  19. Decent Catastrophe says:

    I freaked out when I saw you were on trending! Congrats

  20. DTinaglia Studios says:

    Well your channel is gonna blow up! Congrats man!!!

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