State of the Union 2018 live stream: President Donald Trump delivers first SOTU Address | ABC News

State of the Union 2018 live stream: President Donald Trump delivers first SOTU Address | ABC News

The president discusses healthcare, immigration and the economy in his address to a joint session of congress.

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67 Responses

  1. Pogo Possum says:

    This SOTU address has reinforced my support of LGBT:


  2. Joshua Joshua says:

    Legalize freedom

  3. suthobay says:



  4. Matthew Cromwell says:

    God I love these comments❤️🇺🇸

  5. tyler pruneda says:

    ABC ous fake news. They just can’t help themselves you not trash talk even at this time, so they put it on the scroll.

  6. Gwarguts says:

    Proud to be American

  7. Kendall Thorpe says:

    If this speech doesn’t prove where the Democrats hearts lye I don’t know what does.

    • Alden O says:

      moondoogle Dude you do realize the Washington examiner is hard right? That’s like the CNN of the conservatives. I would take anything from there like a grain of salt until I verify it from unbiased outlets.

    • moondoogle says:

      Alden O does that mean they’re lying?

    • Alden O says:

      moondoogle no it means that they skew the truth. (Statistics may seem dubious if it’s not done right though). Look bro, what the media says is an exaggeration. They want you to fear and hate others so you can watch those political bs websites more and they just make more money off of you. MSM is dying so they just get a bunch of stories to keep people sucking in.

    • moondoogle says:

      Alden O not gonna argue that one.

    • paskowitz says:

      Go to the Museum of the American Indian in DC and report back to me. Read every piece of text. Look at every picture. You can conquer a people and treat them with dignity afterwards. That did not happen in the US. Don’t worry, I fully expect you not to give a shit. Enjoy your life at the lowest rungs of humanity.

  8. Greg M says:

    God bless Melanie, Donald and the all of the Trump family. God Bless America.

  9. Fergie Mcavoy says:

    Beautiful speech.🌹

  10. Hugo Morlett says:

    Trump 2020!!

  11. Mojo Risin says:

    President Trump: I salute you sir! Great speech. Loved when the camera showed the Democrats during the speech. They looked like rotting corpses.

  12. Tom Nelson says:

    Trump slammed his fist right into the teeth of the Democrats. He said he would…and he did. Love him or hate him, the numbers are up–waaay up. Watching the Dems eat crow was priceless.

    • Lauren Shriver says:

      It was HILARIOUS. Half of the room stank with stone cold hate and it really showed how most democrats are terrible terrible losers (I say most bc I’m naive and feel there has to be at least one respectable democrat in there)

    • Go Away says:

      Tom Nelson he has the lowest approval rating ever in history..they said so at The beginning of the video! The numbers are not up silly!

    • Tom Nelson says:

      Go Away — to quote a famous Democratic President, pervert and pedophile: “It’s the ECONOMY stupid”.

    • semen demon says:

      “The numbers are up—waaay up.”
      This couldn’t be more untrue.

  13. milyang9 says:

    Great speech!

  14. jay orndorff says:

    TRUMP 2020!!

  15. suthobay says:

    *Trump 2020*

  16. 94KX says:

    This is the most positive comment section I’ve ever seen. He did great at tearing the democrats apart

  17. Jaden Rodriguez says:

    I was wrong about trump

  18. MrRednexus says:

    I love it when he talks black and mexican unemployment rate is at record low, no person from democrats and black Caucasus should up to call for the minority. Didn’t they say they are the champion of the minority people? Looks more like slave masters now.

  19. Tampatec says:

    jeez save yourself 54 minutes because the Trump Speech Does Not start till 54:30 !? (you’re welcome)

  20. djpaulywood says:

    I’m sorry but this is what an American President does – Letting us know what is really happening in The Real America and what needs to be done to make this a better America – We can only be better than we were the day before.

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