Statement by President Trump on Syria

Statement by President Trump on Syria

West Palm Beach, FL

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19 Responses

  1. Jeff Kuck says:

    Assad had nothing to gain by doing this.

  2. David T says:

    No war.

  3. alexander velinxs says:

    False gd flag why would Assad use chemical weapons when war was all but won?

    also where are the gloves?

  4. Ace says:

    At the very least, he could’ve just wait till there’s more information on whether the attack in Syria was caused by Assad or not. It clearly looked more like it was a false flag. I’m nervous at this point.

  5. planbenterprise says:

    Trump should not have fallen for that. Asad has zero incentive to do this. We’ve been played.

  6. fallingdownholes says:

    Trump you are a lying sack of shit, I regret putting in the effort I did to help your campaign. You fucked up.

  7. Antonio C says:

    What should have Trump done? If he ignores it, he’s accused of sympathizing with dictators and betraying America. If he uses military action, he’s accused of war mongering. Ask yourself, what you would do if you were in the presidents shoes?

  8. Anthony Fantano says:

    I’m disappointed in how Trump took the Rebel Terrorist’s Bait from the Main Media, Assad is the only likely Power at this Point that may turn away a Radical Islamic Syrian State, I was hoping that Trump wouldn’t change his mind, but as a Supporter I have been disappointed by Trump’s Mistake

  9. Pretentious Navel-Gazing says:

    You are now officially a punk bitch, just like your jew son in law

  10. shansangr says:

    False flag! My heart is breaking…Trump is being mislead or controlled???

  11. Anonymoose says:

    Trump has been duped by his neo-con cabinet members. Steve Bannon probably quit bc he got sick of their warmongering. They’ve played Trump here, now they have turned him into their bitch. Watch MSM start supporting Trump now for his “assertiveness” – their globalist paymasters will be very happy tonight.

  12. Colton says:

    Every Christian in Syria supports Assad, he is their best hope. I can’t believe you are reneging on your campaign promises Mr. Trump, I’m truly disappointed, I thought you were different.

  13. pizza party says:

    There’d better be a good explanation for this! nobody voted for you to provoke another war in the middle east, what the fuck happened to isis being the enemy! not Assad. oh boo hoo some Syrians got gassed. It’s not our problem! FUCK!

  14. Bex Fire says:

    What PROOF is there that Assad committed this attack? It makes no sense that he would do this, and I’m hardly going to accept the word of the UN _or_ US intel. Like many, I think this is a false flag or…

    So disappointed, as are many others who voted for you, Pres. Trump. The previous administration, with warmonger Clinton’s participation, only made things worse for Syrians (and Libyans) + strengthened ISIS. Why follow suit?

  15. Og Lio says:

    So this dumbass president doesn’t want to help Syrian refugees but wants to help Syria by bombing them??

  16. Wicker Mann says:

    Another war for Israel. Fuck it, I’m done. I voted against this shit and Clinton would’ve done the same thing. Voting is pointless.

  17. David Black says:



  18. Eric smrtmrn says:

    This is literally the first youtube video of Donald Trump I have ever disliked.

  19. W.O. Cassity says:

    I am appalled at this decision. As a Trump supporter, this crosses a line. How do you know the intel is good when the intelligence agencies have been twisting your administration into knots and working against you? This is what these Globalists have wanted all along! They want to get their pipeline through Syria and they have to depose Assad to do so.

    We the American people DO NOT WANT MORE WARS IN THE MIDDLE EAST!

    We agreed to take out ISIS. NOT THIS!

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