Steelers vs. Buccaneers Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2018

Steelers vs. Buccaneers Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Week 3 of the 2018 NFL season.

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86 Responses

  1. Anfernekius Schultz says:

    why does it sound like there are more steelers fans at tampa bay

  2. Spike Spiegel says:

    McDonald did an Almighty Push on Conte.

  3. SMajor CMGTeam says:

    Conte was out rest of the game. They had to remove his body and clean the crime scene up.

  4. h.a S says:

    Almost no run game. Fitz *had* to pass leading to those ints.
    Them Bucs need to get somebody at RB.
    You can’t expect Fitz to pass all day, is he paid the RBs salary too? πŸ˜‚

    • Melo Drama says:

      +Michael yeah you didnt even read my comment once again. Not gonnna waste my time anymore on you bud. I basically answered ur question twice. Put it this way, besides james conner, who do yall have thats good? Bell? Wrong. Some dudes who probably arent as good as conner. So when conner goes down and gets injured? Do yall have a run game then? Yes or no? Then with this, you can see why our run game is the way it is.

    • john boone says:

      you gotta admit the pass on the 1 was a bad idea , you have to use your running back , yea he might get hurt , the problem with not using him is you may not get a post season

    • Daniel Boyer says:

      Exactly like dude throws twice as much so he’s gonna get twice the interceptions πŸ˜‚

  5. Love Techno says:

    NFL is ruined. Too many penalties and QB wearing pink skirts out there that can’t be hit too hard.

  6. Andrew P says:

    Not a fan of either of these teams but why the hell would you punt with 2 and a half mins left when you’re down to Pittsburgh? Sure they had two timeouts and the 2min warning coming up but one first down means game over. Seems like they would’ve been better off taking the chance on 4th down.

  7. Daniel Ceballos says:

    Was this tackle football or flag football..damn like every other play is a flag thrown

  8. B K says:



  9. Mr. Hiroshi says:

    Great game, big Ben still got it. Fitzpatrick a great backup, love the poise to keep chucking after throwing a handful of picks.

  10. swat22camden says:

    8:57 wtf is number 97 doing? fall on the damn ball

  11. ES ES says:

    Steelers Offense on fire! But we still need better defense, especially CB and LB…

  12. redwing644 says:

    At 8:57 yup crawling is definitely going to get you the ball


    His evil twin has returned! The Bi polar twins Fitzmagic and Fitzception reunited tonight to guarantee a win for the dysfunctional steelers thanks to that atrocious pic 6 thrown by fitzception. Fitzmagic’s efforts while close were futile due to his evil twin fitzception returning tonight.

    • ryan jenkins says:

      Don’t worry they will be lucky to win 9 games

    • Pass_the_M says:

      what are you even talking about. lol they still almost won with no running game and no defense. without Fitz they aren’t even in this at the end.

    • trajan hercules says:

      ECHICAGOBEARSDBZ Dude! STFU Fitzpatrick played a great game. You gotta play great to do what the Buccaneers QB did last night. You brainwashed by the TV.

    • Rahzel Mickens says:

      Fitz was great he threw 2ints that was his fault well really one the first one poor job by the o line second one miscommunication and the last one was fitztragic


      +trajan hercules 1.No! 2.This fitzception and fitzmagic at their finest, you really thought this was going to last all year give me a break!

  14. Tastyquicksand says:

    Kinda funny how Bucs fans are happy with this lose while Steeler fans are upset with this win

  15. MaxPro says:

    The rest of the NFC South be like, “thought so”.

  16. Trucker_Pete says:

    One of the greatest stiff arms I’ve ever seen. Defender was manhandled and put down like a boy who got in the way. A beautiful thing.

  17. Matthew Eats. says:

    Next year its gonna be flag football

  18. The Fate of Slate says:

    This video has 401K views. This is significant because Vance McDonald just made somebody set up their retirement plan

  19. Nathan Moboto says:

    I hate the new roughing the passer rule. What is the point of getting to the QB then???

    • 1998nic0lopez says:

      Nathan Moboto Basically pro bowl rules smh

    • Nick The First says:

      I get it for safety but cmon They shouldn’t call it every time

    • Sam3231 says:

      Agreed. I would like to congratulate the NFL on giving us more things to be fickle about. One tackle the dude looked like he maybe had half of his body on the QB and it was still called for roughing the passer. And the dipshit announcers who’s job is roughly to help clarify things for a viewer, were still trying to say that’s the body weight rule! Am I even watching football anymore?

  20. Javian Johnson says:

    Bucs might make the playoffs. But this overall was a GREAT game

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