Steph Curry Injured Knee At Playoff Game 4 VS Houston Rockets

Steph Curry Injured Knee At Playoff Game 4 VS Houston Rockets

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20 Responses

  1. Kennzeeboo Da Red Panda says:

    me when i try to whip

  2. Ryan Gibson says:

    Damn you Mario, back at it again with the banana peels

  3. GenericUsername#69 says:

    Admit it, you are only a Warriors fan because you jumped on the bandwagon
    of Curry. Why do you praise him? I hate basketball especially enNBA because
    it’s rigged for Lebron James. I find it suspicious how he manages to win
    two championships with a poorly managed team. The Heat were bad, Lebron
    James is not and never will be as good as Michael Jordan or Bill Russell. I
    ring it weird how people don’t talk about Bull as much as they do Jordan.
    Russell had 11 championships and Jordan had I think 3 or 4.. I like the NFL
    now that Brady got his suspension. Today is a great day for the NFL.

  4. TheAmericanJDM says:


  5. MajorInkPeoples says:

    I like how it cuts off right during the slow mo replay

  6. Greg Cunningham says:

    The psychopath in the audience screaming “Yah” once he falls down. There’s
    a special place in hell for that guy.

  7. issys russell says:

    MY BABY.!!!!!😩😩😩😩❤️❤️🏀


    If the Warriors can make it without Curry, then I will admit they the best
    team ever, but until that happens… Fuckem’

  9. Hunter Boyd says:

    First let me hope out the motha f*ckin Porsche

  10. OoHaZaRD7oO says:

    They did better without him that game is the funny thing though.. Down by
    half time but once curry was out they completely dominated

  11. Low Grit Sandpaper says:

    3k views. Trendy.

  12. Prime Time says:

    God aint given this nigga no breaks

  13. Macy Munley says:

    My poor baby😭😭😭

  14. Ryan Kruger says:

    Ha ha l, that’s why you don’t use your own shoe brand. Motherfucker
    deserved it anyways. thinkin he’s something special and shit

  15. It's football Not soccer says:

    Damn he got nutmegged and they broke his ankles…r.i.p gw fans. Soon there
    will be bandwagons of they don’t get curry back soon

  16. Slimbruslim Trio says:


  17. KingJoel Gaming says:

    Damn some one wasn’t doing there jobs how did they both slip like that

  18. J Bravo says:

    rp worriors band wagons

  19. SupplySide Jesus says:

    WOOSH! There go the sponsors!

  20. Lgd1993 J says:

    time for some flubber