Stephen A. gives Cowboys a 75% chance to upset Rams | First Take

Stephen A. gives Cowboys a 75% chance to upset Rams | First Take

Stephen A. Smith thinks the Dallas Cowboys have a 75 percent chance to beat the Los Angeles Rams due to their run game and quality linebackers to stop Todd Gurley. Stephen A. also pokes fun at Louis Riddick for picking the Chicago Bears to win the Super Bowl.

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95 Responses

  1. Eric Morton says:

    Damn now we’ll lose for sure ?

  2. Iceman GG says:

    Cowboys 20-17

  3. Tiito Motivs says:

    If cowboys win the big one SAS would probably quit ESPN lmao

  4. Curry MIXes says:

    Cowboys beating Rams in my opinion its just my gut feeling

  5. Lil Dagga says:

    Stephen A had to jinx it man damn oh well next season we got em fellas

  6. 1,000,000 subscribers without videos says:

    I give SAS a 25% to keep his hair

  7. mustafa allah says:

    Molly nobody cares what you’re head and heart feels

  8. immadog555 says:

    He is trying to jinx the cowboys

  9. Joshizzle2323 says:

    Cowboys all day! Stephen A you need the Cowboys to win. More ratings for your show.

  10. Mother Russia says:

    Stephen A tryna use reverse psychology to make the Cowboys lose since all his previous methods ain’t working

  11. Joseph Garcia says:

    Stephen A thinks he’s slick using that reverse psychology. It won’t work.

  12. Anfernee Tomlinson says:

    Molly, we don’t care what think about the game! Let these dudes talk! ESPN tell her to back off, e’rybody complaining

    • david kaye says:

      Aaaaand here comes the mob of pink and blue haired, over weight women’s studying, feminist, dike bitches to complain about bullshit atrocities. Comment sections like these are like decaying corpses to flies for those retards.

    • Dashahn Draper says:

      That’s the reason woman are protesting now for equal rights dickhead

    • Summer1899 says:

      Anfernee Tomlinson Go Molly! Tell them your intuition! Those guys are so rude not letting her talk. As a woman, it irks me when I can’t convey my thoughts in a room of egotistical man screaming and hollering their point. I feel for Molly.

    • jason kim says:

      abdallaha92 bitches like you don’t deserve my dick, y’all belong in the kitchen. People like you and Molly are destroying this show

    • tony matrisin says:


  13. jack malcolmson says:

    God please molly just shut up

  14. Yayrwe says:

    Molly~let Stephen get his 3 minute argument in without you interrupting him!!!

    We are here to hear Stephen and Max. Not Molly, Stephen and Max.

    This is getting annoying nearing unwatchable.

  15. Sergio Blanco says:

    Mollys voice is just soooo ewwwwwww

  16. Jovan SS says:

    Stephen A is trying to use reverse psychology to have the Cowboys lose.. 100%

  17. Pope On A Rope says:

    Molly has been extra annoying this morning. Why is she ever speaking when the guys are debating? WHY? ESPN needs to permanently replace Molly with Will Cain or Louis Riddick. These 4 have great chemistry. Molly messes the chemistry all up.

    • Big P Big P says:

      +Summer1899 yeah you need to get back in the kitchen

    • tony matrisin says:

      Cari Champion was better

    • Jordan Hill says:

      +The Big Bronkowski u get it

    • Summer1899 says:

      Pope On A Rope Shut up, you are so rude! Women like football too! I can debate about football and cook a delicious meal while at the same time getting my point across about a team I have an opinion on. It irks me that men think women only belong in the kitchen. Seriously? I can convey my thoughts in a room of egotistical man all I want because I can. Good for Molly. I like her tenacity.

    • Summer1899 says:

      Big P Big P Without women in the kitchen men would starve and die of hunger while watching footballs.

  18. Shannon Sharpe says:

    I like how molly thinks she’s there cause of her sports knowledge ????

  19. Daniel Campbell says:

    1:20 Molly this hurt, Stephen A was building momentum ???

  20. Brandon Montano says:

    Can molly just stfu

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Brandon Montano Ive come to the conclusion that she can’t. She must have a medical condition where if she doesn’t interrupt every 5 seconds her heart will explode

    • Elija 'Ahmed' Rodgers says:

      And the completely ignore her sometimes and are not addressing her and she continues to talk. Strange behavior of late

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