Stephen A. hilariously goes off on Max for changing take on Pelicans-Warriors | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. hilariously goes off on Max for changing take on Pelicans-Warriors | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith hilariously goes off on Max Kellerman for changing his take on the New Orleans Pelicans vs. Golden State Warriors NBA playoff series after Game 1.

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70 Responses

  1. AprilDeath101 says:

    Most halerious episode this year hahahahahaha

  2. Elias Khoury says:

    Green Smoothie Stephen😂😂😂

  3. tomoeltoro says:

    “I dont even need tuh SEEEEEEEEEE”

  4. afrikan08 says:

    0:06 ugh Molly laughs like that foreign guy from Family Guy

  5. Emerson Herndon says:

    Max hates when sas is right.

    • Kdog The Legend says:

      Who the hell calls him sas lol

    • Xviperkinggx says:

      Kdog The Legend many people who don’t wanna type out his full name lmao

    • Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl says:

      What it REALLY IS…is Max just don’t know shht about basketball. And SAS has told him this MANY times…on camera. He’s very correct.

    • Jon Swavyy says:

      lmao it’s the other way around, SAS is stubborn asf he hates admitting that he’s wrong

    • nam tombot says:

      Emerson Herndon at least max admits when he makes a mistake, Unlike SAS. Furthermore, I highly doubt that Max really gaf about SAS being right for once because he’s usually the winner in all of there debates anyway lol. I think what Max hates about SAS, is everytime SAS is wrong about something that max is right about, he always comes up with some bs to try and revise the narrative of hi prediction to make it seems as though he was wasnt wrong. Yet when hes right about something that Max had gotten wrong, he always gets obnoxiously egotistical and throws (how right he was) at everyones faces that hes right and there wrong as if hes never wrong. Its annoyong af because SAS doesnt admit to shit. Like damn dude, your a grown ass man wanting cookies on a national tv show. how professional is that? Grow tf up and be secure with who you are, not insecure with who your not. Be secure with the fact that you dont know everything as much as u think SAS

  6. tiger22 says:

    Been waiting for this

  7. tiger22 says:

    Breathe Stephen A Breathe lol 😂

  8. T-Rawbased says:

    I don’t even need to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee😂

  9. deharleyva says:

    Warriors look unbeatable again even without Steph. Talent + System + Effort.

    • Seal-65_gggg says:

      Nadav Oneplus what the fuck are you talking about. The warriors system is as dynamic as anyones. Great shooters are part of the system dumbass. Klay Curry and KD isnt a random bunching of players. They are all dynamic 3 point shooters that fit seamlessly in the Warriors system.

    • Ja Ra says:

      Seal-65_gggg that guy really said no system😹😹😹 funny how people act like they know shit.. I honestly know nothing about basketball tactics but it is clear as day that the warriors understand their roles and they’re moving all over the floor ALL GAME LONG. That takes some good coaching and willing and ABLE players. Because many players have the will to win. But the special ones have have the will and the ability

    • yungstarz13 says:

      And refs don’t forget about those refs

    • jessie urena says:

      deharleyva yes

    • caleb ivey says:

      Paul Robinson steph is the number 1 option in golden state and he is the system kd is a beast but he’s not even the mvp of his team

  10. Christian says:

    Undisputed is better than this show. Max is too predictable lol

  11. Greek Sun says:

    The pelicans are a better matchup for the rockets.

  12. ADAJ3 says:

    “I don’t even need to SEEE!” lmao

  13. Truth Hurts says:

    Max said mr. George Jefferson🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 Got’Em

  14. OFWGKTA001 says:

    Beetle Juice & George Jefferson 😂Shots Fired!

  15. Chris John says:

    The Warriors are still the team to beat. Kevin Durant, in my opinion, is the best player in the world & one of the most skilled & complete players we’ve ever seen. Add that with the best shooter we’ve ever seen with Steph, one of the best two way players in the NBA in Klay, & an energy force like Draymond & their depth. Nobody’s beating this team this year. This is a modern dynasty in the making. Their only weakness is suffering minor injuries each season

  16. Titanic says:

    When Stephen A smith start sounding like a 60 year old married woman who just got cheated on, you know he about to go in lmao

  17. king jofferyjoe says:

    “I don’t even need to seeeeeee”😂😂😂😂

  18. Rahul V says:

    Sas with that Wing span again. 🤣🤣

  19. It annoys me says:

    Stephen A. telling Molly to be an attentive moderator was not just a way to reign in Max—it was also a subtle way to remind her: “you’re just the moderator, so stay in your lane.”

  20. John A says:

    molly gets​ paid to do nothing, lol.

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