Stephen A.: ‘I’d be shocked’ if Cavaliers win more than one game vs. Warriors | SportsCenter | ESPN

Stephen A.: ‘I’d be shocked’ if Cavaliers win more than one game vs. Warriors | SportsCenter | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith joins SportsCenter to discuss the Golden State Warriors’ win over the Houston Rockets in Game 7 of the Western Conference finals, saying “I’d be shocked” if LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers win more than one game in the NBA Finals.

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106 Responses

  1. Monque says:

    When Cavs win. It’s gone be insane lmao

  2. Masked Clasher says:

    Nobody thought the Cavs would win the 2016 championship, especially down 3-1. LeKing has been waiting for this, a rematch with the Warriors and KD. If anything the chance to play in the Finals should be a wake up call for the Cavs role players. The Cavs role players are more than capable to show up when their number is called, and when they do show up, Cleveland is a strong enough contender to pull a win. I strongly believe the Cavs can pull this series out. Anyone with me? #WhateverItTakes

    • Alejandro Velarde says:

      TK Etienne IF Lebron doesnt get tired?? He was already tired in the east conference finals lmao. He couldnt even stand at the ceremony after they won game 7. As much as Lebron will want to beat the Warriors, its not happening. And the worst thing about it, after Lebron loses in another finals matchup, people will continue to make excuses because “his team wasnt strong enough against 4 allstars”

    • Brandon Johnson says:

      Masked Clasher lol

    • Evil Patrick says:

      Masked Clasher Cavs won against NBA’s best defense in the Celtics. Warriors had so much firepower but their defense is not the same as last year because they ain’t hungry anymore and Iggy might miss the Finals. Don’t count out the Cavs.

    • Giorgio cartier says:

      agree because they didn’t last year with deron,korver,thompson and rj

    • Rodrigo Ruiz says:

      … Great Speech 4-0 Warriors

  3. ohhh yeahhh says:

    Something tells me they are going to rig the series im favor of lebron and make him win his 4th ring. just a bad feeling I have.

  4. :GAB : says:

    warriors at 5

  5. julian nicolas says:

    LeBron James is the best player in the world with out him the Cavs would be a 15 win team maybe 20 you can put LeBron on any of the worst NBA teams and they making playoff and finals,am a die hard Knicks fan but I root for LeBron James he is a very likeable person and very respectful an unbelievable role model for kids,I hate the Cavs but I’m rooting for James to win the NBA finals is going to be the hardest games of his life but if he wins the championship with that roster I don’t think there should be no more comparison with Jordan becouse LeBron passed him or at least tie for greatest

  6. Asher Warriach says:

    Stephen A is a clown. He’s been wrong all Playoffs. Cavs have a chance, they have LeBron James. That’s all you need for a chance… #WhateverItTakes

    • Zeki Daiki says:

      Also SAS is the one who predicted it’d be another Cavs vs Warriors rematch.

    • Krayz allarez says:

      zeki SAS is just a commentator always predict.. but almost all hes prediction is an EPIC FAIL the only correct prediction he made is GS vs CAVS in the finals.. he predict cavs will loss against pacers = wrong cavs wont get pass raptors = wrong celtics will win in 5 = and in 6 and in 7 = all wrong this SAS is more talk than actions he might the knowledge in playing BBALL but surely he cant play the GAME itself… dont under estimate a team unless they are not playing anymore..

    • Eduardo Cipriano says:

      Zeki Daiki He chose the winner of Bos/Phil to go to the finals and when the Rockets won game 5 we all believed the Rockets were going to lose because late 4th Quarter CP3 went down to a injury and then they escaped

    • LOHX Jeff says:

      Asher Warriach ok cavs have Leking,fkin gsw have KD ,Curry,Thompson and mabye young…how tf can can win?!

    • Mahmoud Elwelily says:

      your words are weird cavs already had lebron on their side last year in the final but they totally failed!
      maybe lebron is playing much greater this year but i see no way to beat this gsm team with these terrible players with lebron.It feels sad saying that but this’s the fact anyway.

  7. Charles M Rinehart says:

    Did Michael Jordan ever win a championship with a pedestrian cast?

    • Brandon Johnson says:

      Charles M Rinehart did MJ ever play in a game 7?

    • LOHX Jeff says:

      Grimmjow JaggerJack bro so?fkin pippen n rodman r all allstar caliber…lebron have who?klove?barely an allstar,kyrie?in Celtics…who’s left?traded for more garbage

    • Ch1cago-Sports-Fans says:

      hakeem the dream did

      and he won it in the west

      and he had to go thru rodman david robinson shaq ewing

      none of hakeems teammates made a all star game
      lebum could never win in the west without any allstars like hakeem
      he needed to run to miami before he even won a ring

    • Constant Domination says:

      therealist811 Less help??? What about Rodmam Kerr and Kukoc

    • Ahmad Khan says:

      Yes, in 1998. Nobody on that team except for Jordan made the all star team. In the Finals, Pippen could barely play because of a messed up back

  8. theking says:


  9. Storm says:

    This dude is worst than Skip Bayless when talking about the cavaliers but I’m glad he’s underestimating the Cavs.

  10. Br1n 25 says:

    Stephen A. Smith predicted again! And he picked the warriors. Noooooo!! 🙁

    The cavs will win the finals you heard it here first.

  11. MrCarl27 says:

    Get ready for some lebron stat padding.
    He will average a 40 point triple double and the media will say he had no help, and the loss wasnt his fault.

    • Chinlar says:

      its true tho

    • ID K says:

      Pacers and celtics had no help either compared to cavs.
      Do you hear them bitching and crying like cavs fans?

    • Warm Beverage says:

      Can tell you don’t watch basketball

    • boss100 says:

      Grimmjow JaggerJack y’all dumb fucks looks for anything to bitch about I swear y’all act like y’all are fucking retarted. If you really that this Cavs team at their best are better then a 3 superstar team then mf kill yourself. Because you don’t know shit about basketball just sit around and sat the same stupid shit because everyone else says it. Foh

    • ID K says:


      Cavs have 2 superstars whether you want to admit or not.

      & A better bench it’s nobody’s fault Wade, IT, Jr, Rodney hood & crowder can’t perform on cavs. Cavs have a top 5 team what is all the bitching for.

  12. james d says:

    bro I feel for you cavs fans I really do but y’all finna gets swept and its not gonna be pretty. This is lebrons last year in cleveland.

    • Jose Derado Martinez says:

      chris lima did u just day the Cleveland Cavaliers went to 4 straight finals…sound like u said Cleveland Brown’s went to 4 straight Superbowl because it’s equivalent so….Hail to the King #Weusetoyouhaters

    • Brain Blue says:

      But now he can join the Rockets 😉

    • J Swish says:

      therealist811 Jordan wanted multiple trades. He didn’t stay on his on will. Lebron created a superteam. Not join, there is a huge difference

    • Jimmy Galindo says:

      Nekaneka15 They had the best record in the league 2 years straight, and didn’t make the finals. They missed out when they lost to Orlando, that was their beat shot!

    • Jimmy Galindo says:

      Ryan Cafferkey That’s LeBron fault. His style of play has changed Kevin loves game. Turned him into Bosh

  13. james d says:

    Yo this is the first time I feel like the NBA championship doesn’t even mean a goddamn thing. We knew the warriors were going to win since day one. These conference finals are gonna be way more exciting because both the east and the west went to seven. We’d be lucking if the cavs took them to 5.

    • Kambui Bomani says:

      Lmao. LeBron fans retarded. Their guy is the modern day Jerry West

    • Luis Chauca says:

      Kambui Bomani. Lebron’s arguably the best basketball player of all-time. Difference is he is playing significantly better teams in the Finals. He had 0 chance in about 4 Finals.

    • Big Pimp says:

      Kambui Bomani what are you talking about lol who are you a fan of?

    • Kambui Bomani says:

      Luis Chauca that’s why he’s the modern day west. He gets to the finals and runs into elite comp he can’t overcome even with legends at his side. Whether guys like it or not your championship record is included in your legacy and while he’ll go down as the greatest player in the 21st century to date…. historically he’ll be remembered as a modern day Jerry West. A bevy of finals appearances with only a few titles to show for it

    • Song Hye Park says:

      james d o

  14. james d says:

    LeBrons gonna need the infinity gauntlet to win this finals.

    • The Rambler says:

      james d only problem is the Warriors are the infinity stone

    • Darryle Johnson says:

      Coaching staff: Uh does lebron always do that? “Uses time stone”
      Kevin Love: Lebron! you alright man??
      Lebron: Ah….. “Gasps for air”
      J.R Smith: What were you doing man?
      Lebron: I was using the time stone to look at alternate futures, looking at all the possible ways this finals could go.
      Kevin Love: How many did you see?
      Lebron: 14,000,605
      Rest of the Cavs: How many did we win?
      Lebron: 0

    • Daniel Perkins says:

      Back2Bible Vids 😂😂😂😂😂

    • csabb50 says:

      ohhh yeahhh You do know Magic wasn’t his real name right? They called him magic like they call Lebron king.

    • csabb50 says:

      dadarkknight36310 Same thing

  15. HAZZARD says:

    Typical Chris Paul always injured. Paper ankles.

  16. LoveSalsa says:

    This is the sad truth, 4-0 or 4-1…

  17. Pink Potato says:

    cavs team now is underrated..cavs have so much talended players.they only need a killer instinct like lebron james..

  18. Pink Potato says:

    its gonna be jordan clarkson vs curry showdown..

  19. Twimbo says:

    You said they won’t make it past Raptors – wrong. Then you said after being 2-0 down they risk getting swept by the Celtics Wrong again. Never underestimate that man Lebron’s ability to put up a struggle single handedly.


    Who gives A SHIT what SAS thinks at this point? This guy picked the 76ers,… Then the Celtics to go to the finals. 3rd time is a charm Mr forehead

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