Stephen A.: Kawhi’s Uncle Dennis’ alleged free-agency requests violated the CBA | First Take

Stephen A.: Kawhi’s Uncle Dennis’ alleged free-agency requests violated the CBA | First Take

Stephen A. Smith breaks down why the Los Angeles Lakers shouldn’t feel slighted by Kawhi Leonard’s decision to choose to sign with the LA Clippers in free agency. (5:19) Stephen A. reports that people in NBA circles are talking about the alleged requests Kawhi Leonard’s Uncle Dennis made of teams interested in signing Kawhi in free agency.
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48 Responses

  1. manlawlol says:

    Damn Max is right. Kawhi saved the NBA lol

  2. GAME_ THEORY says:

    The fact that Max can quote The Wire increases his likability by at least 10 points

    • Gettin It InCEO The Inner City Conceirge says:

      @Matt Beckstrom they’re both basketball experts, the only people with more expertise are players… go sitdown somewhere dumb ass

    • Gettin It InCEO The Inner City Conceirge says:

      @nono 222 gtfoh Skip Bayless left how long ago?
      Has he been replaced? Have their ratings dropped? Cut it the fuck out… People who weren’t born in the late nineties or early 2000’s are the only ones that feel that way… basically all you bitches still living in your mother’s basement and NEVER went to college or even graduated high school… fuckin dumb ass

    • Gettin It InCEO The Inner City Conceirge says:

      @Stephen Ahern you’r name and lack of profile pic is whats cringe… trolling bitch

    • Gettin It InCEO The Inner City Conceirge says:

      @Kenny Smith that comment makes you a WHOLE BITCH!!!

    • Gettin It InCEO The Inner City Conceirge says:

      @Matt Beckstrom thr fact that Max is Jewish means he’s Hebrew which is NEVER WHITE… dumb fuckin millennials

  3. MrShitfire says:

    For once Max’s analogy makes sense. Kawhi is the Marlo Stanfield of the NBA they literally have the same demeanor

  4. D. Coleman says:


  5. MrEazy7468 says:

    Rumor is Uncle Dennis wanted his 20 piece wings all flats, through out Toronto and they wasn’t having it. Meanwhile, Clips assured him, that he not only can have flats but any beverage of choice ??

  6. Rah Boogie says:

    Uncle Dennis out here moving like suge knight straight up punked them lmao ??left them like Ricky asking for they’re ball back ?

  7. Ronaldo Gilley says:

    Stephen A Snitch??‍♂️- remember what happened to Wallace? Since we talkin bout The Wire?

  8. Jesterrino says:

    “Yay Ryan is gone!”

    *Sees molly come back*

    “OH GOD NO”

  9. Aarick Hill says:

    Never clicked on something so damn fast… finally Stephen A and max again

  10. Dragonslaya96 says:

    Stephen A was ? on this segment… I been saying this the whole time lol. Now all of a sudden kawhi overrated and trash but when the lakers thought they was finna get him he was next up ??

  11. CSJiGSaW08 says:

    To Mr. Ryan Hollins and ESPN. Stay off the WEED! S.A.S, WELCOME BACK!!!!

  12. You are Beautiful says:

    Really good analysis from max with that wired reference

  13. kisstharing says:

    Max: welcome back friend
    SAS: the BLASPHEMY!!!!

  14. X Ray says:

    I’m siding with Whatever Ryan hollins says I heard he’s the best.

  15. Deon Brantley says:

    Proposition Joe:
    I treated you like a son.

    I wasn’t made to play the son.


  16. JAM says:

    I’m sure all the teams contacting kawhi and other free agents prior to free agency violated rules as well.

  17. Jereminium says:

    Judging by the comments ESPN accomplished their mission last week, re-direct all of the heat to Ryan Hollins so that everyone stops talking about Molly.

  18. Jean Gasinga says:

    For the first time Max said something that make sense, Kawhi and KD for instance saved the NBA!!

  19. KingHerm1t says:

    the lakers should have just signed butler and finito…..never made sense to get kawhi…it was clear he was playing them like fools because kawhi will never want to play with lebron, and he said so in the past….

  20. Aaron Marshall says:

    Max that was beautiful. Perfect analogy. He wasn’t made to play the son. He is his own man. Yes Uncle Dennis is advising him, but who doesn’t need that,and it’s family too perfect.

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