Stephen A.: Kyrie Irving was tired of being treated like less than a superstar | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A.: Kyrie Irving was tired of being treated like less than a superstar | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith says Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving was tired of being treated like less than a superstar and wanted to prove his worth in Boston.

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76 Responses

  1. Tay Phresh says:

    Idk why people hate LeBron so much man…its sad.

  2. Colby B. says:

    its the NBA not your highschool senior class, kyrie wanted to have his own team he didnt wanna be looked at years from now as a pippen (no disrespect). KYRIE YRVING WAS JEALOUS AND BITTER THAT CLEVELAND DIDNT PRAISE HIM AS MUCH AS LEBRON, SO HE LEFT THE SAME WAY KOBE DROVE SHAQ OUT, AND TRIED TO PLAY KOBE BY SAYING YOU CANT WIN WITHOUT ME.

    • FreshNess says:

      Erdz H did you just say curry he’s on Curry’s level that dude don’t show up in big moments

    • FreshNess says:

      Angel Valle you sound dumb Boston or Cavs don’t need him you don’t know basketball chich

    • FreshNess says:

      Jonathan Marable not now maybe in year 6 or something he’s not ready yet

    • FreshNess says:

      lee Roy V you sound dumb he’s a top 10 player and defense was pretty good this year and he shows up in big moments Curry doesn’t tho but we not going to talk about that

    • FreshNess says:

      lee Roy V stop talking because you don’t know basketball you probably only see the highlights and don’t watch the full game

  3. Offload Media says:

    SAS got exposed now he acting like he knows how the conversation went between LeBron & Gilbert!!? Brother paaalease. SAS still in his feelings from when LeBron called him out for not knowing what’s it’s like to be the #ManInTheArena

  4. Veridian says:

    SAS must’ve done some acid before this

    • Byus says:

      Veridian why? Everything he said was spot on

    • Rogue Wookiee says:

      Marvin Santana Lol you’re spewing out hate at anyone with a different opinion than you. And you haven’t used a single fact to support what you’re saying. Useless cuck.

    • 2016__ 2016 says:

      Tf is bronsexual?

    • Tenacious Zen says:

      ethan24 –  FACTS.  I REALLY HOPE the NBA doesn’t rig this series in an effort to “balance out ” the east and the west…. another finals loss takes him out of the GOAT convo for the time being…the cavs honestly have ZERO chance to win this series. zero. I will be shocked if they win 2 games.  Gosh I hope the NBA doesn’t let me down…cuz lets face facts..the league does not want a sweep….they want this thing to go all 7 for the $.

    • Justin Martin says:

      Kyrie left because he wanted to be the main man on his own team instead of being LeBrons sidekick. He wanted to prove himself while he was still young enough and build his brand. There were never reported beefs ever between him and LeBron. It was a business decision. Kyrie won his ring in Cleveland and hit the clinching shot. Mission accomplished time to move on.

  5. kyrie juice says:

    At this point i hate hearing Stephen A smith talk like these sports analysts are more of critics than actual analysts they dont ever really analyze the games they just give one side opinions.. no shit 3-6 in the finals sounds terrible but u can’t put all that on lebron IN A TEAM SPORT and say it’s all his fault he has those losses

  6. Emperor Atheist says:

    SAS is really stupid. People give him too much credit…

  7. King James says:

    I don’t know if I’m watching SAS or skip bayless

  8. Junior pena says:

    SAS is a clown

  9. GunR says:

    Lol stephen u coon, lebron literally let kyrie do his thing in playoffs, finals. acting like Lebron treated kyrie like a role player

    • stedy 850404 says:

      GunR everybody dont love lebron not menas he is a coon or aunt tomy or uncle tom . You are so delusional bro🤣🤣

  10. David Yaks says:

    Steven a just salty lebron called out his fake ass “sources” n ever since then Steven a has been bitter and been a str8 hater

  11. 513OVA EVERYTHING says:

    Ok … Now Stephen a…. This shit is getting old

  12. Drago17 Productions says:

    SAS might just be the dumbest nba basketball commentator after skip bayless to be saying the warriors should’ve won in 2016 cuz draymond was out for 1 game 5, that is ridiculous the warriors had 2 chances after that to win and if the warriors should’ve won in 2016 just because they were missing their 3rd best player for 1 game then the Cavs should’ve won in 2015 after missing their second and 3rd best players for the whole series pretty much (plus even without kyrie and love the warriors still needed 6 games to win)

    • James Antonio says:

      Drago17 Productions 100%

    • ganninia says:

      hes getting paid to be dumb, and is prob making more money than you.

    • EmmaWatsonIsThySenpai says:

      AbsolutelyAndre excuses? Hahahha whats ur excuses for Jordan not being able to pass the pistons before Pippen came huh? Whats ur excuse for Curry’s 3-1 lead? Draymond Green and Andrew Bogut injured? Yall gotaa fuck off…. Whats ur excuse for KOBE’S RAPE INCIDENT HUH?

    • Bruce Rivers says:

      Drago17 Productions Facts 💯

    • Johnathan Bravo says:

      Detroit was more physical and Jordan wasn’t strong enough and be honest green should’ve just gotten a tech and lebron should’ve gotten one for stepping all over him like that smh

  13. Storm says:

    ESPN Stephen A Smith is ruining your network. Kyrie never ever said none of that. If you keep this dummy on your network one day you’ll face a big lawsuit!!


    Love how screaming a Smith brings up 2016 finals but won’t bring up 2015 finals dude sounds like a bitter female

  15. Jrock420blam says:

    If Pippen left Jordan after they won their first ring. SAS would spend the next 20 years going after him for leaving his team and not being a team player. The guy is so up Jordan’s ass it is a very creepy obsession, Kyrie gets a pass because why?

  16. Toxic Melody says:

    The first go around Love and Irving were injured, but SAS conveniently brings up the “stimulus package” that was Donkey….yet if I recall didnt that same man play in the last game?!?!?

  17. BasedDK says:

    During the kyrie interview SAS called him a STAR right to his face

  18. DJB says:

    SAS *Excuse me* kills me every time😂

  19. SC00P2O8 says:


    • Abu Nation says:

      wwwhite18ify that’s because it was their firs time lol I been there every year since 2015 and I came prepared. They all told me bringing my shades was a great idea after they seen them bright ass studio lights

    • wwwhite18ify says:

      Abu Nation oh yea I’m sure you were the only one in the room that’s been there before 🤣 gtfo. You’re even wearing shades in your profile pic. Just stop bro lol

    • Abu Nation says:

      wwwhite18ify Lol you never been there so you can’t talk fam 😂 one day you’ll understand

    • David De Souza says:

      Abu Nation Am I mistaking or you are rocking a classic lakers jersey? And yeah I remember you from last year and the year before standing behind either skip or stephen A

    • Abu Nation says:

      David De Souza yessir! Been there the last 3 years 😂🤣

  20. james d says:

    Just look at these comment if you wanna know why kyrie left. Cavs fans never put any respek on the mans name. Even Klay had way more respect and he’s was the THIRD option (third time around). Come on guys if you have any self respect and there’s nothing keeping you there mentally then you gotta leave.

    • J Day says:

      Carmelo Anthony his first two years he did and never was in lottery so yea I expect kyrie the superstar to do something by his third year like most superstars do not be in lottery or every year what had kyrie done to be considered a superstar without bron I’ll wait

    • Carmelo Anthony says:

      Lbj missed the playoffs his first 2 yrs and Carmelo didn’t, is Carmelo better?? Obviously the the Cavs management are terrible which is the reason why many great young players have their first yrs wasted, more so during Kyrie’s time the fact that they drafted A. Bennet is good enough reason to believe that. Kyrie was a rising star the yr he won all star mvp and Lbj took notice, which was the reason he joined him. If Lbj stayed in Cleveland I guarantee he would never win a championship bc he would have no rep to be the GM and reconstruct the team he wants. If he didn’t join a champion in Wade and all star in Bosh in Miami would you consider him a superstar let alone an all time great if he reached 30 yrs old with no championship? AND I think your forgetting the fact that we’re talking about Kyrie just being a superstar instead of comparing him to Lbj. Lbj in discussion to be the GOAT I’m not saying Kyrie is better than Lbj, I’m saying he is a superstar which u refuse to believe even after fairly comparing their first yrs with an all time great in Lbj. Wathc the 2016 finals man, him and Lbj equally dragged the Cavs to a ship.

    • Kaleb Ward says:

      You’re talking to the wrong Cleveland fans

    • Bigalinbklyn83 says:

      Kyrie never took the Cavs to the playoffs when it was just him

    • Alexander Rosario says:

      Carmelo Anthony lebron took a trash cavs to the finals twice

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