Stephen A. reacts to Khabib Nurmagomedov attacking Conor McGregor’s team at UFC 229 | SportsCenter

Stephen A. reacts to Khabib Nurmagomedov attacking Conor McGregor’s team at UFC 229 | SportsCenter

Ariel Helwani, Chael Sonnen and Stephen A. Smith join SportsCenter after UFC 229 to react to Khabib Nurmagomedov beating Conor McGregor and jumping over the Octagon and into the crowd to attack members of McGregor’s team.

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62 Responses

  1. 3KBS Channel says:

    “You can hear the boos”

    They have been booing for days.

  2. Komainu says:

    McGregor throws dolly into a bus and injures other UFC fighters. What happens? He gets to fight in a mega fight for big $$$.

    The UFC just showed to all their fighters that they don’t give a crap about them. If you’re popular enough punishment will consist of slaps on the wrist.

    Dana White has no place to cry about the way Khabib acted. He essentially condoned it by not punishing McGregor bad enough.

    Congrats to Khabib- great fight. I just wish you could have had the discipline to control yourself. Imagine the satisfaction you could have taken in gloating to McGregor while being interviewed in the ring. Instead you somehow made it so people will probably feel sorry for him.

    • Daveyboy _ says:

      Cause that wasnt at the event that you were being paid for.

    • NATE DIAZ says:

      Connor got fucked over that bus incident and lost millions he droped all charges thats og

    • ZaheenX says:

      NATE DIAZ Watch the reply bro, he hit someone first and couldn’t press charges. Dana can and will fabricate and cover up this all he wants, Connor hit someone and then got slapped from the side. Yes it sounded bad, but Connor won that exchange and wasn’t hurt, he deserved so much more for all the stuff he’s done. Let him choke on humble pie now the racist and drunken Irish twat. It was pure entertainment, and Khabib will go down in history for it.

  3. 3KBS Channel says:

    The loving eye is blind from all the faults ( bus incident and insults )
    And the hating eye sees every fault

  4. fusilism says:

    mcchicken punched khabib’s teammates first. khabib just jumped out of the ring. these tools commenting. leave your mctapper tears in this comment section

  5. RefaNL says:

    omg … blow it all up a little more…. 27-0 for the Haters!!!

  6. efi13efi says:


  7. breakaway2x says:

    People need to finally wake up. Khabib is 100% truth. He’s right. MMA is supposed to be about RESPECT. Bruce Lee would not condone trash talking and cheap shots at religion or family. Chuck Norris would not condone trash talking. I mean, Conor definitely brought the glitz and glamour to this sport and turned it into an entertainment, a soap opera, and made it all about money. I’m glad that Khabib is showing the world that MMA is not about trash talking, bad mouthing your opponents, it’s about the art of fighting, the art of mixed martial arts and how it supposed to be used to teach respect, self-respect, self-discipline, honor, and protecting the peace, harmony, and lives of people. Instead, MMA/UFC has turned into this WWE bitch talking smack talking fiasco of egos and mindless chatter. It’s time to clean the sport up. Talent+Hard Work+Respect is greater than Trash/Smack talking+looking cool+being rich and famous. I respect Conor for putting it all on the line everytime he fights, but he has lost control and he has succumbed to his own doing with his big mouth, his cocky attitude, and reckless abandon lifestyle of rich, fame, hedonism with very little value to give back to the world/community other than being an “entertainer” for money. Time for this generation of people to WAKE UP and grow up. I predicted this victory for Khabib exactly the way it went down…, share, subscribe…and until next time 🙂

  8. Ahmad Jawid Sharifi says:

    When Cooner jumped in the ring and hit a ref, it was ok. When he jumped over the fence and tried to pick a fight with Aldo in front of his family, it was ok. When he threw a dolly at a bus cutting open and getting shards of glass in innocent fighters eyes and having their fights cancelled, criminality was not only ok, it was promoted. When he said unmentionable things about his Dad, religion and team including calling them terrorists, it was ok. When he made real threats and told him that the war would not be over after the fight, it was ok….. When Khabib responded to nip it on the bud, people go wild. Typical of people with a popularity complex, so conditioned to being right even when they are wrong. Unfortunately and truly sadly, bullies only understand one language. Well done Khabib!!!

    • willy Wowzers says:

      Pozzesed -Potato he let him get away with it because it’s a sham, to sell tickets

    • xlifewritex says:

      artwetrust actually i find the whole thing funny, including your haircut

    • xlifewritex says:

      pozzesed potato is salty

    • SLASHISMYHOMMIE 818 says:

      Nobody said it was OK what Connor had done in the past. That doesn’t justify Khabib and his brothers and cousins actions. They’ve done the same thing with the Diaz brothers crew in an arena and hotel. His crew corned one of Connor’s teammates in a hotel back before the Brooklyn event.

      I get it, you don’t like Connor, and that is fine, he has done a lot of things to not be liked by you or anyone else. But I would suggest you keep things in perspective with Khabib and his crew and their past actions, this is just the first tine at a large event it’s happened at.

      Not to mention Khabib and his cousins like to demean homeless people holding ten dollars in front of them and yell at them to do push-ups. That video is out there as well, all the while Khabib and the rest of the crew making fun of the U.S. homeless people in Russian and laughing.

      So ya, to sum it all up, don’t be riding Khabibs dick just because you don’t like Connor, because if you really do some research on him and his Muslim family members from Dagestan, I wonder if your high horse arguments against Connor and his actions will actually be consistent in contrast with Khabib & Co.k

    • vas aslam says:

      xlifewritex your mum is a terrorist in the bed….motherfucker, I’d head stomp you….USA is the real terrorist. A Muslim fucked your boy in your back yard….a big fuck you from Muslims …empowered by this result. Fuck you. Fuck the Stars and Stripes and go back to Europe you invaders. Long live the native Americans …invaders …cancerous

  9. Global TV says:

    When Connor jumped in the ring and push a ref, it was ok. When he jumped over the fence and tried to pick a fight with Aldo in front of his family, it was ok. When he threw a dolly at a bus cutting open and getting shards of glass in innocent fighters eyes and having their fights cancelled, criminality was not only ok, it was promoted. When he said unmentionable things about his Dad, religion and team including calling them terrorists, it was ok. When he made real threats and told him that the war would not be over after the fight, it was ok….. When Khabib responded to nip it on the bud, people go wild, Khabib is a human being and there is a limit to what a man can take. Connor and his camp crossed every single line of decency and unfortunately Khabib blew up . Paul Aleksinko

    • Marcanthony Garcia says:

      Global TV did you seriously make 2 accounts to say this bullshit? Shut the fuck up. Or did you just copy and paste? You’re such a fucking idiot

  10. Force Alchemist says:


  11. SexyLamb says:

    Nick Diaz and Mayhem Miller brawl. Anyone remember that? Hypocrites.

    • ScorpionXII says:

      …that wasn’t a UFC fight, do some research. The UFC are not responsible for brawls happening in other promotions.

    • SexyLamb says:

      ScorpionXII I was referring to the fans and the commentators that are all of a sudden on a high horse. Not the ufc as a promotion. This is nothing compared to Conor’s bs.

    • SLASHISMYHOMMIE 818 says:

      Diaz boys crew and Khabibs crew have done the same thing twice before it you wanna be educated. But ya, Khabib and his crew are all pieces of shit. They have their own track record.

  12. Colormeimpressed3000 says:

    Khabib smashed your boy. Man of his word.

    • Colormeimpressed3000 says:

      Conner wanted to get in his head and he miscalculated. You make fun of a guys family, his religion, call him a terrorist rat and attack the guys bus and expect nothing in return? No respect was given and Khabib returned the favor. Not with a brash loud mouth but with solid action. Ya he shouldnt have. Ok. But I can understand why it happened. Anyone looking at the situation objectively would say the same.

    • Zain Razvi says:

      +Colormeimpressed3000 Conor McGregor didn’t call Khabib a terrorist, he called Ali Abdelaziz a terrorist

    • Zain Razvi says:

      +Abdillah mohamed It’s actually spelled Allahu Akbar.

    • Xerces says:

      Gent M your boy got outboxed , out grappled , and just plain out classed . Now go back into hiding

  13. Fred Led says:

    Conor is a piece of garbage who has crossed the line with families and countries and wives religion……? Conor is a scumbag, the things he said to Aldo???? Khabib had an adrenaline dump at the wrong time but I cant say McTapper didn’t have it coming, the verbal abuse that by the way, Danna totally promotes is why this happened!!!! Conor & Dana are the ones who have turned the UFC single handedly into a circus show & all these jackasses like Furguson are trying t ride that train now. Both Pettis and Ferguson sounded like low life jackasses post fight and even Lewis acted like a fool (to say that about his wife in the post show & talking about his balls post fight in the ring). You all can come at me but if you love this sport you better get off the fake wrestling train. So many like GSP & Anderson have worked tirelessly to elevate this sport to the highest level???? Come on!!!!!

  14. Tyler Toupin says:

    Words have meaning… Something that goes unchecked in society today. You can’t just call people ungodly shit and expect no backlash.

    Connor was assaulting Khabib constantly: a man that isn’t fluent enough in English to fire back. Every time Conor talked that shit and the crowd went wild, it got to him. Not just because of what he was saying, but more so because he had no means to defend himself.

    These are fighters. You get assaulted, you fire back. Khabib let loose and fired back in the only way he could. It was inevitable.

    Don’t call yourself “The king of mental warfare” if you’re not ready this shit. We need people like Khabib to bring meaning back to word.

    Fuck your promotion tactics.

    • icass45 says:

      I almost completley agree. Khabib was disrespected and took it personally and put on a show and dominated connor a man who talked shit . Khabib does not take disrespect, he is standing up for himself and not taking shit.On the other hand connor is the king of trash talk, he just is. No need for bias. Also he did not make excuses for the loss and said it was a good fight and actually from what saw is not pressing charges. Glad he got beat the way he did. He has holes in his game and now hes forced to address them. Great fight for khabib.

    • Rikky Hernandez says:

      yeah, but theres actually one problem. humans are still apes with primitive instincts. and people like you and many softies in western society seem to think you can say whatever you want to bully someone with no repercussions. when someone finally makes shit real, all the blinders are off and its not just talk anymore, suddenly its “savagery” “black eye to the sport” “he should be stripped” “disturbing” “street mentality” You’re damn right its street mentality, because without all the popularity contests and money on the table and the talking heads its just 1 on 1, and you’ve gotta pay for what you’ve said. you can only push a man so far, and i fully support Khabib.

    • karloangelo reyes says:

      Tyler Toupin thank you so much

    • willy Wowzers says:

      What about when he says he wants to be a role model. This is isn’t how he should act. His words are wind to me

  15. Hotmail says:

    Hypocrites to the max. Connor got his ass kicked bottom line.

    • Apologia5 says:

      No one said or implied that Conor did not get his ass kicked.

    • Moon River says:

      Hotmail all “fights” are rigged. Wake tf up

    • Rouby Lamy says:

      Agreed! But push any man too far, and he will respond! Say what you say, Khabib is only human! I like connor, but when you’re trying to promote a fight, there’s a limit you don’t cross. Connor talks too much shit! Period! Everybody needs to understand that! And in a way, I am happy he got MAULED!!!! Hopefully the consequences won’t be too severe for Khabid… cuz Mc Gregor deserved it!!!!!!

    • Abdul Aburwein says:

      I agree. the grossest scene? I didn’t hear any of these hypocrites speaking when Connor attacked the bus with 20 of his people.. Now that was the grossest scene!!

  16. ABY G says:

    Always history take truth on top ,connor got what he deserved, humiliated cos he is a big mouth.

  17. Usman Alvi-Awan says:

    This is when a guy who talks GANGSTER, pisses off a guy who is a real GANGSTER.

    • Samuel L Jackson says:

      Cause it’s gangster to jump a guy who is exhausted, after a war, by 3 guys. Stfu. Dagestani dicksucking rat with no honour level.

    • BubbleTeaFob says:

      The greatest charity in Islam is forgiveness. As a Muslim, it was hard to watch seeing Khabib getting overtaken by anger and revenge. Not a good image for Islam.

      Real gangster, but a real Muslim.

    • fauzan fakir says:

      look back bro mctapper n umar climb together after khabib jump to dillon then mc tapper punch umar first when umar want to punch back other ufc crew hold his back then zubaira climb at fence to confront mctapper then mctapper swing a few shoot at zubaira after that khabib friend that ware red shirt enter octagon trew a few shoot to mctapper before policeman hold ask them get out from octagon that why connor dont press charge to them cause he know he cannot win that

  18. yevhen musayelyan says:

    Sonnen is piss of shit, he never been a good fighter, always talking shit about fighters and acts like he is legendary fighter….. can’t wait till FEDOR smash his face . Stephen A, knows what he talking about. Good sport reporter.

  19. dbrownhp says:

    Conor jumped into the ring after a fight and hit a ref. Conor jumped out of the Octagon and charged Jose Aldo. Conor flew from all the way from Ireland to the US & threw a steel dolly through a bus window at women and injured innocent fighters and got away with it all. Then the UFC used Conors attack to promote the fight! Now Stephen A Smith & Chael Sonnen are so “outraged” because Khabib acted on raw emotion in the spur of the moment & jumped out of the cage? GTFOH!!

  20. M' S says:

    2:34 Tony Ferguson also has 11 consecutive wins in the UFC right now. This fight has to happen!! Tony vs Khabib !

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