Stephen A. Smith goes off after Game 2: It’s time to bench JR Smith | SportsCenter | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith goes off after Game 2: It’s time to bench JR Smith | SportsCenter | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith goes off after Game 2 of the 2018 NBA Finals, saying it’s time for the Cleveland Cavaliers to bench JR Smith.

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82 Responses

  1. Chip Boot says:

    That shot against love was just ridiculous

    • Lionel Redd says:

      Chip Boot shit, WHICH ONE?! 😂😂😂😂

    • Jaquan Ford says:

      Lionel Redd 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Hooper Mix Productions says:

      Steve Ryan Loves always been a spot up shooter look up his timberwolve highloghts.

    • triggered ass niggas says:

      Hooper Mix Productions you can tell that man hatedlebron lmao. He’s complaining about Kevin love as if he’s trapped in Cleveland yet HE signed a 5 year 120 million dollar deal. All these haters complaining about Kevin and he’s fine lmao

    • Davicito says:

      Hooper Mix Productions
      Dude was a beast then, 25/15 on a nightly basis. He used to play under the basket back then, unlike now.

  2. Larry Williams says:

    J.R. needed to be benched a month ago. No idea why Lue keeps playing him over Korver.

  3. Henry Opico says:

    Yoooo this dude Steven A. said he gotta travel to Cleveland with connecting flights. Lmaooo That’s real!

  4. Black Biggot says:

    Keep jr on the court bench the henny

  5. Victor o says:

    Jr is like 🖕 this ,I’m out like Kyrie irving

  6. Philip Miller says:

    It’s a TEAM sport. You can’t win with one super star. The Warriors are the greatest TEAM ever.

  7. Killa City says:

    Omg I was saying the same thing…bench JR start Hood then bring in Korver off the bench… and by god run more then 2 plays… all u see is ISO Lebron or Flare screens for shooters like really 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Ron Angelo Peña says:

      Killa City I agree with you on all that bro. Start Hood again. Then play Calderon over Clarkson as backup to GHill. You’ll never know until you try.

  8. Rogelio Barraza says:

    First Iggy and now JR? Warriors depth lacking

  9. Sway Bay says:

    J. R Smith thinks the series is tied 1-1

  10. crocadile hunter says:

    Use rodney hood at least make it a fight,quit depending on who u know cant get it done i guess Isaiah,crowder,wade dont look that bad after all huh well guess he got what he wanted trash👊

  11. ballislife2351 says:

    Warriors gonna be mad when their secret weapon gets benched

  12. TheDangerbreed says:

    Ty Lue has no idea what to do as a coach. He never changes things up in games. Never runs any plays. Like if you have players plays bad, bench them. Let others play. Jose Calderon was big for the cavs early in the season, and they somehow forgot him. You have hood who could be a dominant force on your team, but he refuses to try, and get him on the floor. Korver not got a chance to do anything. Stop playing Clarkson. That’s one dude who should get zero minutes at this point. Play Cedi some minutes. This is a great chance to see what the kid has. Warriors are constantly moving. Something that the cavs should be doing.

    • eXampL says:

      TheDangerbreed this is the realest comment here…

    • Erik Lerström says:

      you wanna put a 36 year old jose calderon out against the best perimeter team in the league? yeah lue is trash, but its not like there are any obvious answers out there… its a lottery team in the finals basically…

    • Anthony Stroman says:

      They are playing the best team in the world. The Cavaliers got there. Let’s see who ain’t there.

    • Young Jinzo21 says:

      TheDangerbreed I agree with everything you just said except for giving Kyle korver more minutes. He’s doing even worse than jr

  13. David Baquerizo says:

    God bless you SAS, your a special, special guy!

  14. Jonathan Cosby says:

    Jr Smith gotta have something on Tyronn Lue for him to keep starting him after this terrible ass season

  15. Epic Shot says:


  16. JRockTV says:

    Lebron is playing with a whole bunch of default skin on his team

  17. Karnell OFFiCiAL says:

    I still don’t understand why Kyle Korver is playing less than 25 minutes a game 🤔 Ty Lue gotta fix that

    • Erik Lerström says:

      so instread of 1 point in 17m, he would have 2 in 25? like yeah Im all for korver more minutes and JR less, but lets face it; none of that shit is gonna change anything. warriors got 4 western all-stars, if cleveland was in the west they would have 1… its a lottery team dragged by lebron. it aint happening, especially after game 1

    • Polish Sausage says:

      Karnell OFFiCiAL cos he can’t play defence!

    • Rudy Cooper says:

      He is very old

    • Young Jinzo21 says:

      Karnell OFFiCiAL cuz he’s only scoring one point in 17 minutes and he can’t play defense

  18. YoursTruly TrulyYours says:

    LeBron is gonna bust a KD move….you can’t beat’em , join em ….doubt it but only imagine lol

    • Iced Milo says:

      YoursTruly TrulyYours that’s just lazy writing

    • YoursTruly TrulyYours says:

      Iced Milo Luck is not a super power !

    • Kai-Zer Inc. says:

      I belive you.You’re rocking the Mangekyo Sharingan with the ability to predict şhit.. 😂😂😂

    • Naruto Uzumaki says:

      YoursTruly TrulyYours Lol thing is lebron already won with that bum ass team and carried them to the finals each time to lose because their bad. He has every right to leave they sorry ass and play for a better team. KD cant hold a candle to lebron

  19. Carlos Rivera says:

    Why bench him? He is doing fantastic job for the warriors

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