Stephen A. Smith: LeBron James ‘demoralizes’ Raptors every time | SportsCenter | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith: LeBron James ‘demoralizes’ Raptors every time | SportsCenter | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith joins SportsCenter and says LeBron James ‘demoralizes’ the Toronto Raptors every time he faces them.

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87 Responses

  1. G Lee says:

    somehow ray Allen three had something to do with this.



    Stephen a smith tired go get some sleep dude

  3. KAXAR says:

    Lebron was like I’m too tired let’s end this shhhh now. Bank shot. ….That’s Game.

  4. tmack006 says:

    The looks on the Raptors faces after he hit the shot is priceless! I think they are now mentally done! Cavs in 4! I cant wait to watch Skip and Shannon go at it on this one! LMAOOOOOO

    • HyperTornadoHD says:

      tmack006 As a raptors fan, it’s just something I’ve learned to accept. Same shit happened with the leafs too. I’m just tired of our so called “all-stars” disappearing when it matters most. Pierce wasn’t joking when he said we lacked a killer years ago. Our team as constructed just isn’t enough

    • Tone B Nimble says:

      That floater slapped the whole city of Toronto in the face black hand side! Kyle looked like damn…i want my momma 😓

    • Rich8927 says:

      Tone B Nimble LeBron is gonna want his momma after the Finals if he makes it there.

  5. Alex James says:

    lebron james is the king. idgaf about mj, lebron came back to cleveland and has carried them to back to back to back finals appearances, and its looking like there will be a fourth. 4 mvps, 14 all star games, 2 playoff buzzer beaters, and ik mj accomplished these feats as well, but he has never fully carried a team the way lebron james has.

    • Brandon O'Neal says:

      Cade Pilling 1) Pippen lost with Jordan his first few years. Don’t act as if Pippen came in balling.

      2) LeBron was going against the Wizards with Gilbert Arenas, whereas Jordan was dropping 63 on the legendary Celtics in the first round. The Celtics and Pistons were the eventual champions the years Jordan lost in the first round.

      CONTEXT. MJ > LeBron

    • Adolph Dooley says:

      Fuddyduddie1 – The 2004 Detroit Pistons won it with no superstar, or anyone averaging 20 points. It’s a team sport, and if you are a superstar that makes the whole team better, and win championships, your name is Magic Johnson, or LeBron James.

    • Adolph Dooley says:

      Brandon O’Neal – If MJ was a team player, and help to make his team mates better he wouldn’t have had to wait until the Great teams got old to beat them. MJ was a great scorer who hope management could build a great team around him. MJ greatness was created by the NIKE HYPE MACHINE. I called it: “THE NIKE & MIKE GREAT HYPE”. Michael was nothing but a scorer, on a very good team, with a HOF coach, that was MJ’s recipe for his success.

    • sameerah williams says:


    • Сергей Яковлев says:

      Cade Pilling Lebron didnt make the playoffs in his first 2 years. So it is better to not make playoffs then losing in the first round without help to legendary Bird’s Celtics and unfair forgotten Bucks team?

  6. Ken Aguilara says:

    Dear Toronto Lebron is your Father

  7. Hendrix Pluto says:

    Best Basketball Player of All Time🐐👑

    • Joshua W says:

      DeWayne Phillips your trolling man can’t even take you seriously. lebron is about to sweep a 60 win squad with a bunch of bums lol. This cavs team is straight poop. He’s dropping 40 a night on everyone, super effecient, bigger faster stronger than Kobe and mj. Complete player man no weakness in his game. He’s just the best player of all time, pretty easy to see actually.

    • jaranarm says:

      Exactly. When people say Jordan went 6-0 in the Finals, the reality is that it’s Jordan and Pippen together that went 6-0. I’ve always labeled them as a duo like Stockton and Malone. LeBron by himself is 3-5, he didn’t have the same teammate, coach, and organization in every Finals.

    • Jack Schwartz says:

      Danny Jones how is LeBron better? Is he better because he choked against the Mavericks in 2011? Or was it cuz he lost to Dwight Howard’s magic in the eastern conference finals that ruined the chances of a LeBron/Kobe finals. MJ never choked to a team worse than his own. Possibly the magic with penny and shaq but that was about it. MJ had these game winners in his sleep except a lot of them were in the finals when it mattered the most.
      6-0 > 3-5. 6 finals MvPs. MJ wouldn’t of needed 7 games against the pacers. Everyone says LeBron has no help compared to MJ but he has played with 6 HOF’ers on his teams compared to MJ’s 2. People act like kevin love and Chris bosh are trash. You must have just started watching basketball

    • Swagg_ Kidd says:

      Hendrix Pluto facts💯

    • Chance's Brother Opportunity:The Packaging says:

      Jayden Rankin nigga didn’t say goat best basketball player skill wise is Lebron

  8. sherm2211 says:

    Can’t wait to hear Skip Bayless on Monday give all the credit to the backboard.

  9. Jared Kent says:

    Max be like “even if raptors go down 4-0 to the Cavs i still have them coming out of the east 😭😭😭😭”

  10. Original One says:

    I always said MJ the goat but now I’m officially convinced.. Lebron James is the Goat man. Rings ain’t everything. Ask Bill. This dude is in his 15th year and still destroying smh. This guy is a dream crusher. U can’t hate this guy

  11. BrothasUpNorthGettinFullOfThatJackMac says:


  12. SON GOHAN says:

    yeah……he hits game winners all the time …and dominates entire teams by himself…
    so what….
    you know what
    i give up.
    yall right.
    lebron the goat.

    • Asmosis Jones says:

      fuck the kobetards mj tards the trolls the cavs haters the warrior fans right now …say what you will but this 4th was for the people who still say hes not clutch or nor the best one on earth..just stop

  13. VideoGameConnection says:

    My disdain for LeBron ended two seasons ago. It is a pleasure to watch him in his golden time.

  14. serialkiller77 says:

    Lebron aint clutch arguments officially stops NOW!!! Definitely MVP this season in my book

  15. YeeTV says:

    Jordan was back then…kobe was yesterday….Lebron James is today..enough said

    • cole alm says:

      Kobe was never the best player in the league imo and I’m a laker fan. It was already Tim Duncan shaq and then Lebron for such a long time. Kobe is really over rated :/ and it hurts to say that Bc I’m a huge laker fan but to have the most missed shots ever and be 3rd in points and then to loose in the first round in the playoffs 3 times in a row after shaq leaves , just shows he’s not capable of being “that guy” without help.

    • Young Cartel says:

      Kobe being compared to lebron should be considered as a sin in the bible … Lebron is HEAD and SHOULDER above kobe in EVERYTHING but rings … 5 rings with 2 pathetic finals mvp , hes the greatest robin in the nba thats for sure

    • Jake Russell says:

      And Jaylen Brown is tomorrow

    • YeeTV says:

      I never said kobe was better than Legoat

    • Antonio James says:

      Iverson > Kobe

  16. Kruppt808 says:

    Who cares about best player of all time, he’s the best player of this Era, at his age doing what he’s been doing……. when other HOF players been broken down by now, he’s still the best at such an advanced age in basketball years, so many playoff games, trips deep into may and June year after year.

  17. Eleptic V says:

    Defrozan on the bench…chilling..

    • Jewelz says:

      I like derozan a lot but I knew from day 1 that he isn’t the face of the franchise like they make him out to be. He is an incredible midrange shooter and great at going to the line, but games like this refs won’t favour to call a foul to help him out. So he needs to diversify and see he can help in other ways. That’s where he struggles. He has a very low iq in basketball. If he’s struggling shooting or getting open or not getting to the freethrow line, he doesn’t know how to contribute elsewhere. The rest of the players do. In all, unfortunately, he’s the one that has to be traded. But whose going to want such an expensive player who doesn’t show up all the time?

  18. DJ Skandalous says:

    I am about to head out to Walmart to get a broom, anyone need anything?

  19. Savage says:

    Turn the 0-2 into the 0- 3 😂😂

  20. CycleCruza says:

    Where is Max tho? lol Did he hand in his resignation yet?

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