Stephen A. Smith Reveals Why He Avoided The Breakfast Club, Talks Antonio Brown, Melo + More

Stephen A. Smith Reveals Why He Avoided The Breakfast Club, Talks Antonio Brown, Melo + More

Stephen A Smith, host of ESPN’s ‘First Take’ drops by to talk the future of the Brooklyn Nets, Antonio Brown’s new move to the Patriots, and his relationship with the players he reports on.

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70 Responses

  1. Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie says:

    Stephen A carries ESPN more than Bron carried the ’16 Cavs…

  2. Corey Singletary says:

    Actually better than I expected. Respect to the whole interview.

  3. Bashenga.X says:

    Charla’s head almost exploded when he realized that SAS might have read his book…

  4. antwane claxton says:

    “I’m not selling out, I’m looking out.” I felt that on a spiritual level

  5. Mod Jay says:

    Stephen A. Smith is legendary 2 me like Stewart Scott.

  6. GHOSTDOG says:

    I have a new form of respect for u now Steven A Smith. I wish to hear u more in this light dawg!!

  7. Marcus Hart says:

    Probably the only time Breakfast Club had 100% of my attention ?

  8. Tris Matu says:

    He did first take then went to breakfast lol this guy is the MJ of reporters/journalist

  9. Aerus Ph.D. says:

    Is there a Hall of Fame for Sports Journalism? Cause Stephen A. Smith is a bonified first ballad inductee.

  10. quintandf72 says:

    These White dudes love analytics. SAS talking about Max Kellerman

  11. OneFoursEmperor says:

    Interview was 10/10
    Don’t think I’ve ever seen Stephen A on anything but ESPN
    Salute breakfast club on this one

  12. Dakota Shane Nunley says:

    My worlds are colliding and I couldn’t be happier ???

    • moneyman6791 says:

      Is that you Costanza..

    • Zenigundam says:

      Stephen A is a whole b-tch. ESPN was much better before he came along. All he does is talk sh-t, anybody can do that, his only TV show got canceled because he’s not a leader or an alpha male, just some role playing coward who gets encouraged to talk tough from the safe confines of a television studio. I’ll knock him out cold if I catch him on the street.

    • Miftachul Hadi says:

      @Zenigundam what is ur problem man ?

  13. Gerald Green says:

    I like how he broke down THE MONEY, never thought about it like that….like that point where he bought in Snoop Dawg, priceless!!!!

  14. Shivon Monique says:

    He’s a OG. He gonna shoot it straight no b.s. ??

  15. 101 STAMP says:

    Wish a lot more people carried themselves like him he’s a stand up guy ?

  16. T.E. V. says:

    “His very first move as executive was to sign Lamar Odom… *WHO WAS ON CRACK* !”

  17. PluxUltra says:

    I’m waiting for that Shannon sharpe interview

  18. Tha UndaDogg says:

    Skip Bayless started with Cold Pizza… First Take seems like it’s been on forever. Damn, I feel old lol

  19. Tre Gains Fitness says:

    If Stephen A Smith came out with a book I’d buy that mf

  20. kujo1999 says:

    Just when I thought I could not respect this man more. Humble. Intelligent. Hard working.

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