Stephen A. ‘snoring’ on 8-3 Texans’ AFC title hopes | First Take

Stephen A. ‘snoring’ on 8-3 Texans’ AFC title hopes | First Take

Stephen A. Smith has too many questions about Houston’s offense to consider the Texans as a sleeper pick to win the AFC.

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96 Responses

  1. B C says:

    H-Town. Always the underdog! Proud of how the guys are playing this season. 🤘🏽

  2. Legod is the best ever Some Legends gots no rings says:

    Molly talks to freaking much💀💀

  3. B C says:

    Shut up Stephen.

  4. Silenciador9 says:

    Stephen A does not like Texas

  5. Show Out says:

    Texans & Bears are both gonna knock one of the “top teams” out the playoffs

  6. OGMillyMillz says:

    Stevie A’s barber was snoring when he created his hairline.

  7. Angel HD says:

    Finally talking about the Texans about Time first take.

    • Midnight Blue says:

      They did before Texans vs Patriots week 3 in 2016. Jacoby Brissett’s first NFL start.

    • Please Misguideme says:

      To be fair this is Houston’s first impressive win. A win where they actually looked as good as their record indicates. Most football fans see the Texans the same outside of Texas. History will better put into context how impressive this win actually was. Remember the Colts throttled Titans 38-10 just a week ago so I think we’ve all learned that maybe that vaunted Titans D isn’t so vaunted. If Texans and Colts win next weekend (they should), then the following weeks matchup between the two should really separate who is the contender and who is the pretender of the two. From that aspect I agree with Stephen A. But unlike him I do respect that the Texans are capable of playing with anyone. As a Colts fan I am excited about the rekindling of the rivalry inter-division. The next few years in the AFC South should be very interesting.

      Go Colts!!!

  8. Jeremy James says:

    8 in a row is 8 in a row no matter who it is

  9. Trevor Morris says:

    So he’s not sold on the Texans yet he believes in the eagles? Lmao okay

  10. TheIVth says:

    Demaryius Thomas caught TWO TDs last night? Did Stephen A even watch the game?

    – the Texans beat a very good Bills and Broncos defense. A broncos defense that just beat the Steelers

    – they beat the cowboys in prime time

    – the beat a very elite Jaguars defense that gives the Steelers hell every time they play them

    The Texans will show folks better than anybody can tell them.

  11. Matt Menna says:

    Phony SAS nowhere to be found in the comment section recently

  12. Jacques Onu says:

    Agree with max, Deshaun is a lot like Brady in the clutch. He’s also a lot like Rodgers. Special dude and special player.

  13. Mike Jones says:

    Same thing they said about Deshaun in college.. Nobody respects this kid, it’s kinda crazy and delusional.

    • Kiwi Aka the only fruit John likes says:

      Mike Jones wtf are you talking about Clemson was the number 1 team and the number 2 team respectively and considered real title threat

    • Kiwi Aka the only fruit John likes says:

      Twoface 99 you say it like he shouldn’t be the third one drafted Patrick Mahomes and Mitch tribusky were better prospects and better players now

    • Kiwi Aka the only fruit John likes says:

      OD Boxing definitely not who would you pick Patrick Mahomes or deshaun Watson Mitch tribusky or deshaun Watson neither is deshaun Watson that’s not racism that’s just picking the better player

    • Kiwi Aka the only fruit John likes says:

      JUDALATION gamestrodamous I really hope your joking

    • Eder Pierre says:

      U stupid if u think Mitch better than deshawn

  14. Bearboy193 says:

    Texans are underrated, I feel like they’ll get past the 1st round.

  15. Geoff Thompson says:

    Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins, along with JJ Watt, and many other pieces, is why they are legit.
    Their defense is elite and their offense can ball.

  16. Rick Jaimes III says:

    Let’s go Texans!!! As a Texans fan, I highly believe they can beat any team out there!! Keep in mind all three of their defeats were by a very small margin, games they should’ve won and could’ve won!! They’re a legitimate threat!!

    • Matt B says:

      Let them sleep on us bro 😴

    • Dooo they tho says:

      Rick Jaimes III also remember we did it with a terrible o line and injured deshaun Watson (lungs & ribs).

      Now we are healthier and coming into form. If donte foreman can somehow start playing and gain last years momentum he had b4 his injury our running game would be pretty dangerous too.

  17. Alonzo Lopez says:

    Who have the chiefs beat?
    Jags (3-8)
    Raiders (2-9)
    Cardinals (2-9)
    Broncos (twice) (5-6)
    Chargers (3 major players out) (8-3)
    Steelers when they were 0-1-1 and tied with the browns
    Bengals (5-6)
    Browns (4-6)
    49ers (2-9)
    Doesn’t look to impressive to me Stephen A.

    • Mr. 215 says:

      Alonzo Lopez Can’t argue with facts bruh, get em!!!

    • Mr. 215 says:

      Packer FAN Coming from someone who religiously sucks the dick of Aaron Rogers that hasn’t done shit since winning the Super Bowl 8, 9 years ago, but everyone still says he is the most talented QB ever!! Whatever, his talent doesn’t translate into wins FOH!!

    • Daniel Maluenda says:

      Guys he’s trying to make a point, consistency is key, doesn’t matter who you beat. Both Chiefs and Texans are great.

    • Kevin P says:

      Their tight losses against the Rams and Patriots though in complete shootout games tells you that offense is for real. The losses tell you more than the wins surprisingly. Chiefs are in the #2 spot for a reason.

    • ufam biddness says:

      Chargers and Pitts on the road..jags when they were 3-1..broncos twice and broncos in mile high which is hard and beat frisco with jimmy g’s last game,and they beat browns after firing hue who look much better without hue and smacked a bengals team who was what 5-1 or 5-2 with aj green in it??? So please tell me who has the Texans really beat????? Texans should’ve lost to the colts but dumb head coach went for it on 4th down

  18. RichboyJhae says:

    Every week – Another Texans Win. Every week – More Houston hate

    • Jordan Hartman says:

      That’s not true.
      It’s Every week, Another win.
      Every Week, No one mentions the Texans.

    • Paul Agu says:

      For real bro they dont ever give us our respect

    • El guapo del feugo says:

      RichboyJhae that’s how chargers fans feel

    • Chase Davison says:

      jameel grant Barely lost to NE and LA on the road? We also get Eric Berry back and actually have one of the toughest schedules in the NFL bud. But why would I talk about our schedule? Take a look at your fuckin cake walk😂

    • Chase Davison says:

      Benjamin Wilkinson Literally last game … Mariota 22/23 2 tds 0 Ints….. We ShUt DoWn OfFenSeS? Lol that’s just the most feared titans offense also buddy! Now come try it against the chiefs who have a TOP 5 in nfl history rn wih YPG. Lol fuck outta here…….. btw.. 30-0 lol😂

  19. Bryan Johnson says:

    Under rated. Houston will knock somebody off if they’re not taken seriously

  20. Humphking says:

    Stephen A. doesn’t know football, D. Thomas is being used like an extra TE, if you look at their scheme, you’ll notice the Texans use K. Coutee as a deep threat, D. Hopkins basically everywhere, and D. Thomas disguised as a tight end and sometimes in the slot.

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